The First Deposit Bonus can only be used when making your FIRST deposit ever.

* In case of unavailability – Four Lucky Diamonds





The Second Deposit Bonus can only be used when making your SECOND deposit ever.

* In case of unavailability – Mechanical Clover – Mechanical Clover


Spinia Wednesday's Slot Fiesta

Join Spinia's midweek party every Wednesday! Deposit at least C$60 and select a slot from our monthly updated list to receive your 50 free spins. The first 25 spins are yours instantly, with the next batch arriving 24 hours later. Celebrate every Wednesday with Spinia!





* In case of unavailability – Candy Monsta








C$350 + 50 FREE SPINS

What kind of promotional offers are available on Spinia’s premium platform?

As a generalization, one of the biggest deciding factors for new players choosing an online casino is bonuses and promotions.

Sure, fancy websites, cool new games and the like are all very appreciated, and we as a casino have made some large time and energy investments in those, but at the end of the day, what most players care about is which one is the best promo casino online, and which ones give them the most benefits. And who could possibly blame them?

As every player is investing their time, money and energy by playing, it is only natural that they would expect the biggest and best benefits. As a casino, we fully appreciate how much commitment players make by playing, and as such, we believe in rewarding them with the best online casino bonus Canada for playing with us.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran, here at Spinia you will always be able to find a promotion that can greatly aid you in playing and winning a lot of money! We provide bonuses that can fit all kinds of situations, for the new and returning players alike. Generally, all players registered on our platform can enjoy these bonuses, and they can all be viewed in the dedicated promotions section.

I am a beginner who just signed up to Spinia. What kind of a gambling welcome bonus can I expect?

If you are looking for a best welcome bonus casino, then you need not to look any further!

Here at Spinia, we appreciate each and every new player who gives us an opportunity to offer our platform to them. We are fully aware of how many options are available out there in the form of thousands of different online casinos out there, so players choosing our platform are very much appreciated. To show this appreciation, we have some amazing welcoming bonuses for all new players. These bonuses are available for anyone who joins the platform and makes the first deposit.

To give you an idea, with our new casino welcome bonus 2024 you can get a 100% matching bonus on your very first deposit for the maximum amount of up to $100, along with 25 free spins. Obviously, these are subject to change, as we are always looking for ways to improve bonus structures by making them not only more beneficial for the players, but relevant to their specific situations and conducive with the platform’s continuous development.

This is the best online casino welcome bonus for beginners, as it can prove to be vitally important in helping them be successful in their beginning stages. For beginners, it is easy to get discouraged when they have a run of bad luck at the beginning, which is rather unfortunate. With these bonuses, they can play around and experiment with more peace of mind, until they increase their skills and familiarity with the games.

Besides beginners, experienced players also love these bonuses, as it is quite common for players to test and look for newer and better platforms. These bonuses and welcome gifts can give them a great head-start, and in the right hands, they can be used to generate a lot of profits.

I already have an account at and have made some deposits in the past. Am I still eligible for any bonuses?

Of course! While our online casino Canada welcome bonus is the most popular it is far from being the only one! Spinia has some great recurring bonuses for all of its returning players. Having more new players join and increasing our Spinia family is very important to us, but it is equally as important to us to ensure that our existing players are treated fairly, and are given equally as many opportunities.

Firstly, if you claimed the bonus for your first deposit and are due to make a second one, you can enjoy the second-deposit bonus, which is a 50% matching bonus for the max amount of $150, along with 25 free spins. You can claim this particular bonus only if you made one single deposit in the past, the very first one.

If you are looking for a more permanent type of online casino bonus Canada, we got you covered! Spinia offers a great refill bonus for all players that make redeposits on Sundays. The promotion provides a matching bonus of 50% for the max amount of up to $350, along with 25 free spins. For those who are frequently playing throughout the month, this is a great bonus to give you a nice boost to start off your week.

Beyond this, you can enjoy the Free Spins Wednesday, which repeats on all Wednesdays and gives you 50 free spins for a minimum deposit of $45. The spins are given out in two installments, as you will be getting 25 of them right away, and 25 more after 24 hours.

Does Spinia have any VIP programs?

We are fully aware of how precious a loyal customer is to an online casino, especially these days. Because of this, we believe that it is our job to demonstrate this appreciation by appropriately rewarding our loyal players with best online casino promotions. That’s the least we can do as a company that cares about their clients and wants them to enjoy our platform to its biggest potential.

Each and every returning player at Spinia can qualify for our amazing VIP program, which gives special bonuses and benefits to the most loyal of the players. After registering and starting playing on our website, all players automatically qualify for these programs, and they can keep advancing through continuous gameplay. The participation is automatic, meaning you do not have to sign up for these programs.

The benefits of these bonuses are all different and various. With the frequency of the gameplay, your benefits will keep increasing. The way it is structured is that there are ranks for achieving different milestones of gameplay. There are many different rankings, all with their specific rewards, like “Rookie”, “VIP Gold”, or “Elite”. The progression through these ranks is structured in a way to make it a more fun and enjoyable experience, and not feel like something that you are going for on an autopilot.

The main advantage of these bonuses is that they encourage you to not only look forward to the bonus itself but have fun in the process. The best part is that there is no barrier for entry, as anyone is given an opportunity to participate, but the best of the best rewards are only reserved for the most loyal of the clients.

How do Spinia casino bonus codes work and where can I get them?

Spinia’s bonus codes work very simply, and there is not really much into it. You can use these codes whenever you are making a deposit into your account, by typing them in the redeem box. After this, the promotion will be applied to your account, and you may use it.

Based on the fact that we constantly update and refresh our promotions to make them better for everybody, we will not list any of the codes here, as many of them are of a temporary nature. Therefore, you should be checking out the ongoing promotions on their separate section on our website. You can see some of our best casino promo codes in our promotions section, where each individual promotion will have its own code written below.

I am currently unable to play. Can I save one of the limited Spinia bonus codes for later use?

While we completely understand that you may be eager to play and use our new online casino promotions 2024 but may be unable to do so because of personal reasons, or even circumstances that are outside your control, we are unfortunately not able to extend the bonus durations based on specific requests.

You can always be sure that there will be permanent ongoing bonuses on our website like the Wednesday free spins and welcome bonuses that are usually staying around for longer, but for the limited-time promotions that are seasonal and limited in time, they will most likely come with an expiry time frame, past which they cannot be used.

However, do nott be sad: here at Spinia we are always dedicated to providing better and better bonuses, as often as possible. While some bonuses may be limited and available only at specific times, we provide different types of bonuses very frequently and are always looking for ways to improve them and optimize them so they provide maximum benefit to our players.

Therefore, do not have that fear of missing out, as there will always be plenty of promotional offers on our website to go around!

What do “wagering requirements” actually mean? Does every gambling bonus have them?

Wagering requirements are a very important aspect of pretty much all the bonuses and promotions given out by the casinos.

Additionally, they are one of the most misunderstood parts as well, which is rather unfortunate. If you are planning to use and enjoy any kind of a bonus from any kind of a casino, it is very important for you to fully understand what wagering requirements mean and how they work; as well as fully familiarise yourself with the specific wagering requirements of your casino’s respective bonus.

Explained in simple terms, wagering requirements are what casino determines to be the minimum required amount of playthrough that the players need to conduct before they are able to withdraw the bonus from the promotion. As an example, if wagering requirements of promotion are set to 30x, you will be required to play 25 times as much as the amount of the bonus you are getting. Until you reach that point, you will only be able to withdraw your own money, separate from the bonus itself.

Wagering requirements are important to ensure that the bonus system is not exploited, and allows us to be able to provide new casino bonuses without the risk of some players fraudulently abusing them.

One of our biggest priorities is to have a system of bonuses and promotions which manages to provide the biggest benefit to the players, while simultaneously ensuring that they are not misused or exploited. Finding that perfect balance is what we are always striving for, hence why there are so many different kinds of bonuses that are constantly changed and improved on our website.

Due to the frequency of these requirements on the best casino promotions on our website, we will list the specific details here on this page. Rather, we encourage you to check the wagering requirements of your respective bonus by clicking “Terms and Conditions” right below the bonus on the promotions page. We kindly ask you to invest the necessary time to familiarize yourself with all the important details, terms and conditions of the bonus that you are planning to use.

That would aid us greatly in preventing any possible misunderstandings about the nature of the bonus.

I have trouble claiming my bonus on What can I do in this case?

Whether you are unable to redeem one of our online casino promo codes, haven’t received your free spins or are having any other issue with bonuses, please reach out to our customer service department.

We pay a great deal of attention to making sure that our customers get the best possible service and assistance with any issue that they may have. We are always open to recommendations, and appreciate any and all feedback that we get from our customers.

You can feel free to reach them regarding any issue 24/7, via our website’s live chat function or by sending them an email.

I do not want to hear about the best online casino promotions on What steps can I take?

Due to its very nature, sometimes it is very important to take a break from gambling.

You may have some financial issues that would prompt you to save money, or you may just be mentally exhausted from the thrill of gambling. Whatever the case may be, if you are looking to take a break, it only makes sense to avoid tempting yourself by hearing about promotional offers and other benefits that would prompt you to keep playing until you are ready to go again.

If that is your case, be sure that we are glad to help! You can opt-in for a cool-off period, which is an innate function of our website that allows you to temporarily deactivate your account, which means you will not be able to make any deposits in this period, and will not be notified about even the best casino bonus Canada deals that are run at the website.

Taking a break is completely fine, and sometimes even very necessary. Tons of our players do this, and it works great. By taking a much-needed break, you may even come back more rejuvenated and ready to make even bigger profits.

How do I know if one of your casino promos is actually available in my country?

As you may already know, Spinia is not available in some countries. This is due to international laws and regulations, and unfortunately, as much as we’d love to be able to accept everyone on our platform, we simply cannot, due to reasons outside our control.

As a general rule, if you are from one of the countries that are eligible to play at Spinia, you should be able to participate in all the promotions as well. This is unless there is a certain kind of an exceptional condition that would prevent this, but these are very rare. In case of having any doubts, please make sure to reach out to our customer service via our website’s online chat.

I got free spins as a bonus form Spinia but they are not showing in the game. What is happening?

If you redeemed one of our Canadian casino bonus codes but it is not showing up, what is most likely the case is that you got these bonus spins for a specific slot game, as many of the bonus spins are for only a limited amount of games. Please check if there is any mention of a specific game in the bonus’ terms and conditions.

Alternatively, make sure that you are not playing the free versions of the games. For those who do not know, Spinia allows you to play all the games that are listed on the website for free, by clicking “Play for Fun” in the game’s lobby section. This is a great way to get familiar with the games, and become more comfortable with them before you actually play for real money. Promotions and bonuses will not be applying to these free versions, so it may be the reason why they are not showing up.

If it says that the bonus is global, meaning that it can be used for any game, and if some other issue may seem to be the case, please contact our customer service department, and they will be glad to assist you.

Why does Spinia have the best online casino bonuses in Canada?

There are thousands of online casinos out there, and seeing as bonuses are such an important part of any online casino, there are thousands of more bonuses.

Considering this, what would allow us to say that it is exactly our website where you can get the best casino bonus 2024? The reasons are numerous! First off, we make sure that whatever promotion it is that we are running at the time, is geared towards providing the maximum benefit to the player, while simultaneously making sure that they are fair and sustainable, allowing for us to implement them in the future as well.

We do this by putting an emphasis on effective wagering requirements, which are very reasonable and in line with the industry standards, and often even more accommodating than these standards.

We also make sure that whatever terms and conditions come with our bonuses are transparent and readily available for you to fully inform yourself of necessary details. It is very common for a casino to be providing a bonus that is absolutely amazing on paper but then turns out to be completely useless due to some hidden terms and rules.

With us, you will be met with this problem, as we make sure to do everything necessary from our side to inform you well regarding our bonuses.

What are some of the other ways to obtain the best casino bonuses on Spinia?

Welcome bonuses, re-deposit bonuses and promotions like Wednesday free spins are always a great way to secure yourself a bonus.

Are there more ways, however, of getting additional bonuses, or at least additional ways to earn more money at Spinia? The answer is yes, there definitely are! If you are looking for ways to earn more bonus money, as well as spice up your gameplay significantly and have more fun, then you will be delighted to enjoy our tournaments system, which is one of the features of our website that we are very proud of!

For the players who have been gambling for many years now, just sitting down and keep playing the same old games can get really boring sometimes. In these cases, it is very important to throw in some variety and make it a bit more interesting, otherwise, you may risk getting very bored and fed up with gaming itself.

The tournament system is an amazing feature that lets you enjoy gaming on our website that much more, by letting you compete against other players on who wins the biggest amount of objectives. As an example, there may be a competition for slot games, on who wins the biggest amount of games in a week. Or, you may compete against players in a table game of poker or blackjack. As you win more games, you will be moving up the ladder of scorecards, and if you finish in the first place, you will win the tournament. Very simple.

The next logical question would be what are the prizes for these tournaments. The answer is that it depends. To keep up the variety, we are always switching up these competitions and making sure that you always have something new to try out. All these tournaments have different types of rewards, so make sure to individually check them before playing!

The great thing about these tournaments is that it introduces the social aspect to gambling. Gambling itself can definitely be a very solitary experience, especially for people who are playing online from their homes. While this works just fine for most people, it can definitely feel a bit lonely sometimes, so having someone to compete against is something that adds a totally new flavor to the experience.

How can I withdraw the money that I win from all the competitions?

In order to withdraw your bonus Canada online casino bonus money, you have to first meet all the necessary wagering requirements and satisfy all the terms and conditions of the promotion. After you do so, you can feel free to use any one of the many great banking options that we offer. Let’s quickly overview some of the most popular and commonly-used payment options that our clients use:

Cards: This one probably needs no explanations. Everyone has a card, and due to how fast, convenient and easy-to-use they are, cards are the most widely-used withdrawal options on our website. Whether you have a Visa, Mastercard or Discover, you can feel free to use any one of those to deposit and withdraw on our website.

Skrill: Skrill is an internet payment service that has significantly grown in popularity over the last few years. Millions of people around the world use Skrill for all sorts of different purposes, whether that be paying bills, sending money to friends, or depositing money in their online casino account. Skrill is distinguished by how convenient, easy and fast it is, and it is one of the most popular payment methods on our platform.

Neteller: Neteller is very similar to Skrill, and there is not much difference between the two. One great benefit that Neteller offers is the ability to use its prepaid Neteller card for very quick micropayments. This is great for casino players, as they may use their Neteller cards for quick top-ups, by attaching Neteller to their bank accounts.

There are tons of other payment options available on our website, and all of them can be beneficial depending on your own specific conditions and requirements. You can feel free to check them all out on the withdrawal page.

How many promotions can I use at the same time on

Well, that completely depends on the bonus itself. As an example, if you are a complete beginner who hasn’t made any deposits yet, naturally, you wouldn’t be able to use the welcome bonus and the redeposit bonus at the same time. Additionally, while holding any other bonus, you wouldn’t be able to use the welcome bonus, as you are not a new player at that time.

Other than that, you should be able to stack multiple promotions without a problem. You can feel free to enjoy the Sunday redeposit bonus while simultaneously getting your VIP bonuses or bonuses from slot races.

Again, these all depend on specific bonuses and their specific terms and conditions, and, as already said, we encourage you to get familiar with these terms and conditions individually before you claim the bonuses.

I only play table games. Are Spinia’s promotions and bonuses only for slots?

Absolutely not! Whether you are interested in slot games, table games or live casino games, some of the best Canadian casino bonus deals are available for all types of games. Sure, there may be certain promotions only for certain types of games, but you will be able to find a lot of other types of promotions for other types of games.

One of our top priorities is to make sure that we have a huge variety of games on our site, and that we try to pay equally as much attention to each as possible. Despite our name being Spinia, we are definitely not looking to be branded as an exclusively slot games website. You can see this for yourself after you check out our large selection of table games and live casino games that are coming from the best developers in the world.

A great thing is that these promotions are actually custom-built for their respective games, not only in terms of how they are achieved, but the rewards as well. For winning slot races, you are given free spins. For winning table games, you are given a monetary reward.

We are spending a lot of time and energy on making sure that these bonuses are always on point in terms of their variety, and take your feedback close to heart, so expect them to always be improved upon!


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