As soon as you start playing for real money at  Spinia Casino, you automatically become a participant of the VIP program. The higher your VIP status - the more rewards and special privileges you get.
  • Rookie


  • Beginner


  • Skilled


  • Lodger


  • Gambler


  • Hero


  • Master


  • Gold VIP


  • Diamond VIP


  • Elite


Table of  Privileges

VIP level Points required Reward (EUR) Point conversion rate
Rookie 50 €5 -
Beginner 500 €20 -
Skilled 1,250 €50 -
Lodger 2,500 €100 -
Gambler 6,250 €200 €1 for 200 points
Hero 15,000 €500 €1 for 200 points
Master 37,500 €1,000 €1 for 200 points
Gold VIP 125,000 €3,000 €1 for 200 points
Diamond VIP 500,000 €10,000 €1 for 200 points
Elite 1,500,000 €50,000 €1 for 200 points

Terms &   Conditions

  • You participate in the VIP program automatically after making your first deposit.
  • CPs are credited as 1 point for each 30 EUR, 30 USD, 40 CAD, 140 PLN, 40 NZD bets. Points are credited for placing bets in slots (table games and live dealer games do NOT count)
  • The more you play - the higher your VIP level.
  • All rewards are credited as a bonus with a wagering requirement of x3.
  • Bonuses resulting from exchanging CPs are credited with a wagering requirement of х1. Bonus should be wagered within 1 month.
  • Spinia Casino reserves the right to change the terms of the VIP program at any time.
  • All prizes and free spins will be made available within 24 hours from the moment the player achieves the VIP status.
  • General bonus terms and conditions must be observed.

This is quite a tough question to answer, especially in one go!

We will try our best to give you a satisfactory reply, in one breath. First of all, Spinia.com is a unique platform, which is brimming with 2,000 premium online casino releases. Regardless of the type of games you normally like to play, you will find something to quench your thirst for online casino games. Spinia.com will definitely raise up to the occasion! Just give it a chance and check out the best VIP casino platform today.

What is waiting for you, as a “very important person”? If you head to Spinia.com and type in “VIP”, you will be taken to a special portal, exclusively reserved for registered players. What is behind the virtual gate, which you see on our website? Who are the mysterious characters, wearing feather boas or vintage trench coats? Well, that is part of the riddle. We are not here to give you any sneaky spoilers. One thing is certain: we promise you the best VIP gambling experience, available online today.

We will keep the gameplay for later: this is for you to discover, in your own time. You will have a chance to come across many other riddles. Solve them, as you advance through the gameplay. Are you a fan of puzzles? Then find out more about our online casino VIP program today and enjoy the whole range of premium online releases, hosted by Spinia.com. You will not regret your decision. You will be able to accrue or collect points, with each game that you play.

With each point, you get closer to the next level on the VIP casino bonus “ladder”. What do we mean? The mechanism is fairly simple. At the time of writing, you will be awarded one point for every 20 EUR (€) or 24 USD ($), spent on our online platform. The principle, behind Spinia’s loyalty program, is easy to understand: “the more you play, the higher your VIP level”. Just sit back and enjoy your favorite online casino game. We will explain the whole system in more detail, in the section down below.

This is one is quite easy to answer: we decided to make things simple for everyone. How? You automatically become part of Spinia.com’s casino VIP rewards program, when you register or sign up with the platform.
We must admit: we always like to give a little extra, to all of our users. Without exception. This is why we decided that everyone should be eligible for our casino rewards VIP bonus program. We know that it is quite an unusual step, but Spinia.com has always been a trailblazer, especially among other online casino platforms. The casino used to be associated with tuxedos, evening gowns, and high society. No longer! Online casinos have disrupted gambling, bring a new set of standards to the industry, both on- and offline

In other words, you do not need to lift a finger, to take that “extra” step. Enjoy your VIP casino rewards, straight away! Just remember to complete the registration process, when you sign up on our platform. You will also need to deposit or start playing with extra money, satisfying a certain wagering requirement. This means that your account might need to be verified, in line with our policy on under-aged gambling. We hope that none of these measures will put you off from playing in our online VIP casino!

There is nothing easier than registering on Spinia.com! You already learned that the process is the same for VIP or highroller casino players. We like to be open and transparent about every little thing that we do: this is why the ground rules are the same for everyone. No matter what their “status” is in real-life. The process of creating a user account on Spinia.com closely resembles setting up a personal profile on Social Media. Sounds pretty straight-forward, right?

Even though the verification might take some extra time, the whole process should not take more than five to ten minutes, maximum. Head to Spinia.com right now and register, to automatically join one of the best online casinos for VIP players today!

We are glad that you have raised this question. This is an important detail, which you should keep in mind. Spinia’s online casino for VIP players is stratified or divided into levels, set apart by the number of bonus points, accrued during the gameplay.

Are you slightly confused, at this point in time? We will delve into detail and explain what we mean. For each amount you spend or wager on our platform, you will be assigned a different level. They are divided into distinct “thresholds” if you like. Once you join Spinia, you will automatically start off as a “Rookie”. You should not take it personally! After all, we all need to start somewhere. But think positively: you can only go up, as you aspire towards that juicy online casino high roller bonus.

You can tell the “Rookie” apart, straight away. How? All levels have their own badges or symbols. The “Rookie” particularly sticks out from the rest: it is a cartoon giraffe, with a purple tongue. But jokes aside: advance 500 points and you will be classified as a “Beginner”. It might require a few spins but it is certainly worth it! The fastest way of advancing or moving up is through high roller gambling. Are you a player, who likes to play big? Here is why you should stick with Spinia. From the “Gambler” level onwards, you will be able to convert your points into real cash money.

Plus each time you advance a level, you will be granted a monetary reward. For “Rookie”, it is 5 EUR (€) or equivalent. For “Beginner”, it is 20 EUR (€). What are the next cash prizes, when we move up on the scale? 50, 100, 200, 500 EUR (€). You can cash them out in whatever currency you prefer, as long as it is on our list. You can consult the updated list on the page, dedicated to our terms and conditions. The top prize, worthy of the best high roller casino, comes to a whopping 50,000 EUR (€).

Remember, you will need to climb up from “Rookie”, passing through “Beginner”, “Skilled”, “Lodger”, “Gambler”, “Hero”, “Master”, “Gold VIP” and “Diamond VIP” first! Are you ready for your rites of passage, with Spinia.com?

Right, we already mentioned this one very briefly, in passing. Here are the five basic points, which you should know or get acquainted with.

As a VIP player, looking for that high roller bonus there are several things you should take into consideration. First, before you commit to playing with real money. You should be already familiar with the first point: you become a VIP player automatically, as soon as you register on our online platform. Your user account will need to go through verification. Why? Because your VIP membership becomes active with your first real money deposit. From that point onwards, you are free to put a spin on it!

Our high roller casino online is available to registered users, who live in different parts of the world. However, certain restrictions apply. You should see the full list of countries, stipulated in Spinia’s terms and conditions, in order to avoid disappointment. At this point, we would like to mention that you are able to deposit or cash in your prizes in different currencies. We have been referring to either American dollars or euros throughout, but Canadian and New Zealand dollars are also accepted. These are just examples.

When you combine our high roller casino games with our VIP loyalty program, you are automatically in for a win. How so? It is the best way of “pumping up” that wagering requirement. The more you play, the more points you accrue or collect. This is a great way of getting the most out of Spinia.com’s exclusive VIP features. Here you should remember that “all rewards are credited as a bonus with a wagering requirement of x3”, to quote directly from our terms and conditions. Is it more or less clear?

As a general reminder, this does not invalidate any of Spinia’s general T&C’s, which still apply to our premium online casino releases.

We already shared all of the information, linked to our VIP program. But this is not the only reason why you should consider joining Spinia.com today.

This is just an invitation, for anyone who is interested in a premium highroller casino online. Are you a registered player on Spinia.com? There are other valid reasons, which will tempt you to try the latest online casino releases. First of all, Spinia is an established provider, which has been operating on the market since 2018. Since then, we have been working hard to bring you the most exciting online casino games from the most famous developer studios, based in different corners of the world.

What is the outcome? Think of Spinia as a “final” product: we offer you an immersive casino experience and free access to 2,000 ultimate online casino games. You will find different slot, card and table games in our growing portfolio. Are you interested in spending your highroller casino bonus on classic slot games? Perhaps you would like to feel the real thrill of the game? Try a live dealer casino game, broadcasted from one of the premium casino venues around the world. Listen to the croupier, counting the chips.

Live blackjack, poker or roulette: the choice is yours to make. The truth is that all online casino games you will find on Spinia.com will take your breath away. There is no vested interest: we are saying this in the most objective way possible. Thanks to an active collaboration with top developer studios, our releases draw in hundreds of thousands of players online. Who do we work with, on a regular basis? You will see the logos or trademarks of premium providers, such as iSoftBet, Endorphina, Pragmatic Play or NetEnt.

What is more, most of the live dealer games are powered by Evolution Gaming. What else could you ask from the best VIP casino online?

This is something that our developers are particularly proud of. Spinia.com is completely functional on mobile devices. The good news is that your user experience will not be compromised in any way, particularly if you choose to switch to your smartphone or tablet.

Spinia.com is one of the best VIP casino mobile users can opt for today. Have you considered other options, which are available on the market right now? In most cases, the games are not fully integrated on the mobile platform. This causes glitches and lags, which interrupt the gameplay. Unfortunately, the quality of online casino games is often lost, in between these irregular breaks. Things look very different with Spinia! Just look at our stunning visuals, which will pop up on your screen. Turn up your volume to hear the original soundtrack.

Prepare yourself to be taken away to a fantasy kingdom, while playing your favorite game. This is a feature of a top quality game: it is fully adapted to different platforms. Opening up the online casino to a wider audience or a group of players depends on embracing diversity and variety. This is why we have adapted most, if not all our latest online casino releases to mobile: smartphones, tablets and other small or portable devices. Enjoy the excitement of the best VIP casino games, wherever you are right now!

There is nothing quite like playing your favorite game, within a matter of seconds. Thanks to 5G and other mobile technologies, you are able to get your hands on a sizable win in a nick of time. Have you ever played high roller gambling games, which give you instant rewards? Online casino high roller slots are a good example. Watch those reels spin very carefully: you might nano-seconds away from landing a fortune. This is a secret to any reputable online casino: seamless integration and accessibility.

Luckily, our online casino is fully available from any mobile device, without detriment to your player experience.

Are you already familiar with our exclusive VIP program, opened to all of the registered players on the platform? Spinia.com is unique in many different ways: this is why we prepared a number of different cash incentives, which will appeal to a wide range of users online.

If you read skimmed through the other section, you will know that you are eligible for up to 50,000 EUR (€). This is the top cash prize, available through our casino VIP program. Just keep on playing and advance through different levels! What is more, you will be able to trade in your VIP points for real cash money, as soon as you reach the “Gambler” level. However, you are probably better off keeping them close to you. Why? Collect and accrue them to go higher up in the ladder, getting closer to five-digit figures.

First of all, there is the welcome bonus package. We understand that you are primarily interested in a high roller bonus. But why would you refuse a little extra, on top of what you already put in? We will top up your first and second bonus, up until 250 EUR (€) combined. Terms and conditions apply. Treat it as a “test run”: use to play a game, which sparks off your interest or curiosity. If you win, the money is yours to keep. Why would you say no?

And if we are talking about real cash money incentives, you should take a look at those daily, weekly and monthly challenges. We think a little competition makes things exciting, especially from time to time. This is why we allow our players to compete against each other live, in different online casino games. A big part of our tournaments involve slot machines, but there are no limits to our imagination! If you are looking for a high roller casino online, maybe we can tempt you with our growing jackpot?

Right now, the total figure will soon reach 4,000,000 EUR (€), growing each and every minute. You read those zeros correctly: that is four millions euros. Which is even more in American dollars, if you consider today’s exchange rates.

If high roller gambling is your thing, then no wonder why you expect maximum security. But the truth is that no one would want their account hacked or emptied of any remaining funds. This is why we put all the extra effort, in ensuring that you are safe and secure.

Even if you put in a nickel. Anyone who plays with real money online deserves premium protection. This is one of the many reasons why we are only working with reputable developers and providers of online casino games. We want to make sure that the software, which is used to power online casino games will not put you at risk. As the best VIP casino, this is the last thing we want to see. We are well-aware that total satisfaction and peace of mind go hand in hand. What are we trying to say?

As a VIP online casino player, you should concentrate on the game. Certainly not on the issues, which might put your virtual identity in danger! This is why we decided to dish out thousands on a new security protocol, which keeps our online casino platform water-tight. We have worked with some of the brightest minds in the IT industry, just to make sure that you are in a safe place to gamble. This is the driving idea or force, behind Spinia.com: to become a user-oriented online casino hub, where we are all able to play our favorite games.

Without the fear that our personal information is compromised, in our online casino for VIP players. We perfectly comprehend why you might want to preserve your privacy. Information travels very fast in this day and age: any breach or leak might put your family life, finances or professional career in jeopardy. This is why we introduced different settling transactions, which are more discreet than traditional credit or debit card payments. Of course, you can still use your bank-issued VISA, MasterCard or Maestro, without any worries.

But why not try one of our e-wallets? In all likelihood, Skrill or Neteller might also give you better options. Especially if you want to cash out on that high roller bonus! Another advantage of e-wallets is that they usually come with a higher spending threshold. Head to Spinia.com to know more: just load the page, which deals with our general terms and conditions.

In these last eight points, we summarized what makes our platform such an attractive place for gamblers online.

Are you someone who likes to go big? Then look no further. You have come to the right place: Spinia.com will welcome you with open arms. There are a number of cash incentives, which are specifically targeted at VIP players, from all over the world. We are an aspiring online casino high roller platform, defining the online gaming industry right now. If you need any further proof or evidence, you just have to look at our trusted partners. Playing with high stakes makes the game come alive.

With our top or premium casino releases, you will be kept in suspense. Expect a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which will feed your imagination for days to come! Thanks to our collaboration with leading developer studios, such as NetEnt or iSoftBet, you will not get bored. What is more, you are eligible for our stunning VIP casino bonus, right from day one. Just put a spin on it and make your first few deposits. You are off to a flying start! There are “no strings attached”: the main five terms and conditions are clearly spelled out on the website.

What is the best thing about our casino rewards VIP bonus? The fact that you automatically become part of the VIP loyalty program, especially devised for Spinia.com. You will become greeted with all the attention and respect you deserve, as an online casino player. Join the ranks of the best, with Spinia.com! We always said that we like to treat our users. This is the ultimate proof that we really live up to our words. This is not a drill: we would like to have you among our VIP players, starting from today.

We do not believe that it is right to discriminate: we all should get a chance to play premium casino games online. This is a big part of our philosophy. In fact, we have been “opening up” the world of online VIP gambling since 2018, the year when we started our operations. We have not given ourselves a break ever since! Take our word for it: register your account today and get on that VIP ladder, straight away.

See how far you can get, while playing your favorite high roller casino games!

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First deposit bonus
100% up to €/$100
+25 free spins

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