The First Deposit Bonus can only be used when making your FIRST deposit ever.

* In case of unavailability – Four Lucky Diamonds





The Second Deposit Bonus can only be used when making your SECOND deposit ever.

* In case of unavailability – Mechanical Clover – Mechanical Clover


Spinia Wednesday's Slot Fiesta

Join Spinia's midweek party every Wednesday! Deposit at least NZ$65 and select a slot from our monthly updated list to receive your 50 free spins. The first 25 spins are yours instantly, with the next batch arriving 24 hours later. Celebrate every Wednesday with Spinia!





* In case of unavailability – Candy Monsta








NZ$350 + 50 FREE SPINS

What are promotions and bonuses?

There are many types of promotions or bonus systems, offered by different online casino providers. Today, there are tens of thousands of different New Zealand casino bonus codes that you might come across online: all while trying to find a gambling platform, which suits your liking! Remember, the ideas or intentions behind those promotions are often very different. Why should you keep this in mind?

Many online casinos “create” bonuses to make their platform more attractive for gamblers. This is undoubtedly a great way to bring attention. Coming up with different promotions is a very helpful strategy for both gamblers and the gambling platforms, themselves. Many online casinos are offering their users different types of promotions. Most of them are created especially for those who are just starting out or are new to the market.

Spinia is one of the online platforms, which is working very hard to deliver the best possible gambling experience. Because of this conviction, we have put all the efforts to create one of the greatest bonus systems on the market today. It is very important for us to create something that is equally rewarding and useful for our users.

Over time, we have worked with different developers and experts, just to come up with different ideas to “honor” our users. The bonus system is something that we are very proud of: we have worked on it for the years.

We believe that by creating different types of promotions or bonuses, we can show our users the respect that we have for them. We work very hard to show you how much we care about your experience. This is why we have created the best casino bonus in New Zealand! Trust us, we are gamblers ourselves: we know how much bonuses and promotions can mean to you. Especially when you are looking for an online gambling platform.

We are very proud of the promotions that we have for our users. We are working very hard to come up with different types of promotions, just so that you can have the most fun! Why? We want you to enjoy the full rewards, offered by our platform. We always make sure that everything on the platform is super easy to use: you have a lot of different options, right on the palm of your hand. You can access promotions, unlike no others anywhere else online. In addition, we are constantly developing: coming up with new ideas to make your experience even better, each and every single day.

What are the promotions offered by Spinia?

There are many different types of promotions, which we have created exclusively for our users. Sometimes, you will see multiple versions of the same promotion. But you should keep your eyes wide open: we are trying to come up with new ones every day! By partnering with the best developers on the market, we are able to create new promotions, which allow you to access the amazing opportunities offered by our platform.

When we were creating one of the best online casino bonuses in New Zealand, we made sure that they would work for every single one of our users. While working on them, we tried our best to offer every type of gambler something, which they would like to see as part of our bonus system.

For starters, we “created” first and second deposit bonuses, especially for those who have just joined our platform. With these types of promotions, our users are able to enjoy our rewards straight away. Make your first day one of the greatest experiences ever!

Now, with our “Wednesday Free Spins” promotion, we made sure that those who have been gambling with us for a long time could also find something they enjoy as well! This promotion is very popular on our platform and many people use it actively to pump up their returns.

Our team is working very hard to make your Sundays as fun as possible: look out for the best online casino bonus New Zealand. We have created a “Reload Bonus”, which you can use on Sundays, just to end the week with the most fun possible! Are you tempted?

In addition to all of these juicy bonuses, we have different types of daily races, offered to our registered users. We are also working very hard to further develop our VIP scheme, which makes our platform even more appealing, particularly among our well-seasoned players.

First deposit bonuses: am I eligible to get them, as a registered user?

As we said earlier, we have worked very hard to develop our online casino New Zealand welcome bonus. It is one of the most popular bonuses that we have, right now! As gamblers ourselves, we believe that every platform should have some kind of a welcome bonus pack, for their new users. Why? It will help them to better understand different rewards, which come with the platform. It will give them the ability to have the full premium casino experience.

We have worked very hard to develop these bonuses: today we proudly offer our users the first and second deposit bonus. They are exclusively available for players, who have just joined! Today, they are one of the most popular bonuses, offered on our platform. We are working to further develop them. Just login into your user account and see if we prepared any surprises.

To all registered users, who to make use of our first deposit bonus: we have amazing prizes, waiting for you! If you are just about to get started and make your first deposit, do not forget to use the Spinia casino bonus code: “PINACOLADA”. It will allow you to enjoy our first deposit bonus. With this, you will be able to receive 100% of your payment. Remember, it goes up to NZ$150, on top of what you put in. Additionally, you will also receive an amazing 25 free spins for Hotline, a popular slot game release.

After you have enjoyed the benefits of your first deposit gambling bonus, it is time to take advantage of the second deposit bonus. Here we give you the opportunity to get 50% of your payments, all the way up to NZ$200! To enjoy this bonus, all you need to do is to use a promo code: “MOJITO”, just before making your second deposit. You will receive your award, in addition to 25 free spins for Turn Your Fortune.

These bonuses were especially created for you. Those who have just started gambling should have the ability to enjoy all of the “offerings” on our platform. Without exceptions! We are working very hard to create something different from what is offered by our rivals. We think that by creating bonus systems like these, we are actually able to give our registered users something exciting and new.

Our new casino welcome bonus 2024 is one of the most well-developed and rewarding promotions in the gambling world today. We are very proud to be offering it to our customers. We believe that everyone, especially those who choose to gamble with us deserve to enjoy this amazing opportunity!

Are there any bonuses for loyal customers?

We are trying our best to create amazing New Zealand online casino bonuses, which will be useful for everyone. Our team has recently partnered up with some of the greatest developers on the market. Together, we were able to come up with new ideas and promotions. Today, we offer everyone something that they could both use and actively enjoy, during their time on our online casino platform. What about bonuses for loyal players? We made sure that we could “honor” them by coming up with a bonus system, which works perfectly for anyone.

In addition to the first deposit bonus, created for beginners, we came up with the Wednesday Free Spins. It works perfectly for those who have been gambling with us for some time now.

This bonus is a weekly promotion. You can enjoy it every Wednesday, as long as you deposit at least NZ$65. This is one of the most popular bonuses among our users. Why? They are able to receive up to 50 free spins every Wednesday, automatically applied to their account. There are no Spinia bonus codes for this popular bonus. The system will recognize the promo, as long as you put in the money. You will first receive 25 free spins, right when you make your deposit. The other 25 free spins will also be credited on your user account, in the next 24 hours.

Another bonus that can be enjoyed by everyone is the “Reload Bonus”. This one is offered to everyone on Sundays: if you want to enjoy this promo, make a deposit of up to NZ$350, every Sunday. Now, be sure to use the right promo code: “AFTERPARTY”. With this bonus, you will be able to get 50% of your payment, in addition to what you put in on your account.

We believe that by creating all of these different opportunities for our users, we can show how much we truly care about their experience on our platform. We are working very hard to come up with the best casino promo codes for our users. We think that by doing so, we ensure that the platform can develop further, in the future. Hopefully, it can offer something that is unique or absent from other online casinos.

Spinia was created by gamblers who know exactly what you are looking for. We are making sure that we provide you with one of the greatest gambling experiences on the market. Spinia is here for everyone, who is looking for a place where they can have a lot of fun. All without worrying too much!

Our platform offers many great promotions to our registered users. What is more, we have created a place that is very easy to use. It gives you access to some of the greatest games and the best new online casino promotions 2024 has seen so far! We are always actively working with our partners, in order to come up with new ideas. Why? We want to make our platform even more useful and diverse to players from all around the world, including New Zealand.

Spinia’s games: what should I know about your online casino releases?

Spinia was created by gamblers: we know exactly what is needed from a great gambling platform. We are continuously trying our best to come up with ideas that will work for everyone. Right now, we are sure that we are in the process of creating the best online casino welcome bonus. We already mentioned its details elsewhere. At the same time, we know that is not enough to be the best online casino in New Zealand. That is why we want to ensure that our games are something special, which will make you come back to our platform.

Our team worked very hard, reaching out to the 20 top developers active in the industry. All to make sure that our users can have access to some of the greatest online games, available on the market! We have created games that are unique in their own ways and are capable of offering gamblers various opportunities to land a win. Spinia is quite unlike anything else, you might have seen online!

What is our key to success? We created different versions of already popular and existing games. These include all-time favorites, such as blackjack, slots, baccarat, roulette, and many others. We make sure that those who come to our platform will not have the time to get bored. We are working very hard that every single one of our registered users can have the same experience. What do we mean by this? The experience, we would have loved to receive, as gamblers!

For a long time, we have been looking for a platform that would be able to offer us premium online casino games. All, in addition to the best casino bonuses. A platform, which fits this bill has turned out to be impossible to find! That is why we have created our own platform. We ensure that there is something on our platform, which is interesting or intriguing to everyone who comes here to play. Are we right, in making that assumption?

By working with the 20 best developers on the market, we were able to create more than 2,000 incredibly diverse and unique games. They will not only give you an amazing experience but quench your thirst for online casino games.

We made sure that we are creating something for every single user, who comes to our platform. For this reason, we have uploaded many games and paired them up with rewards, which are very tempting. What makes us stay on top of the game? We are actively listening to the needs of our users. We are trying to do our best to make sure that we understand everything that they are saying.

The needs of our users and the experience, which they receive are our top priorities. We are working very hard, with each and every day to develop different types and versions of popular games. The same applies to promotions: very often, they change the way we know gambling today. We think that promotions are one of the biggest components of the online casino experience. They can make a platform stand out from all of the others.

We are creating new casino bonuses every day. Why? We want to make sure that there is always something new for our customers to enjoy. All these things make our platform one of the fastest-growing or well-developed providers on the market. We make hard work and dedication into a trademark or a badge of honor: after all, we are here for you.

Can the games be played for free?

We are very proud to offer some of the best casino promotions online, in addition to the greatest games in the world of gambling. You might have gathered that already. To make sure that you can check all of the games that we offer, we have come up with a simple but genius idea: we offer everyone a chance to play our games for free.

Right now, we are offering you a free version of the games, which we worked so hard on to develop. We did this because we wanted you to have the most fun while playing. If you want to test out, which games work the best for you, you can easily do so without paying a single cent or nickel!

You do not even need to be a registered player. You can access all of our free games, directly on the website. We believe that this is a great way for everyone to trial out the games, which we offer. It is your chance to gain a better understanding of what the platform is really about. We made sure that every single one of our visitors can have access to premium online casino games. In other words, you are able to have a sneak peek and have a look for your favorite releases. There are no time restrictions and this is not a promotion, play them whenever you want to!

There is a list of games, which are being developed every day. We want all of our players to be able to play them soon. Having the ability to play games for free is a great opportunity for anyone to familiarize themselves with the platform. You can also test out your skills, try to learn more about the game itself, come up with different strategies or ideas that you will be able to use in the future. What is your motivation?

Right now, we are offering some of the best online casino promotions, available on the market. We want to make sure that you can enjoy them anytime! These promotions make your gaming experience something special and enjoyable, at any given time of the day. We are working very hard with our partners to come up with new casino promos: there will always be something that you will be able to enjoy, no matter what your preferences are.

Where can I play games on

What is the great thing about our games? We came up with many different versions of popular games, accessible from many different devices. What is more, we created a version of our platform, which is 100% mobile-friendly and synched for tablet users.

Why are we doing all of this? We want everyone to have access to the great promo casino online, which we put together with our partners. We are very proud of our platform: everyone can have fun on our platform, no matter what they like.

As gamblers, we know how to create a platform, which is user-friendly. This is why we are creating many different versions of our website, tailored for many different devices. We wanted to make sure that gamblers can access our stunning games on any device, which they happen to be using right now. We worked with the world’s best developers, just to come up with some of the greatest games on the market. It would be a shame if they were inaccessible to some of our players.

We ensured that online casino bonus codes 2024 can be used and appreciated by all types of gamblers. It is very important for us that everyone has as much fun as possible, on our online platform. Regardless of their own, personal preferences! Every day, we further develop our platform: just so that you can have fun, with minimal restrictions or interruptions.

In principle, the games which we have developed are easy to access. Once again, this goes on to show how much we really care about our ordinary user, someone just like you.

Why are promotions so important?

Promotions and bonuses can make a platform very popular, particularly among different groups of gamblers. This is one of the most important parts of the online casino platform: it is what sets the tone and its reputation.

There are surprisingly many people who decide on which platform to use, according to the bonuses or promotions on offer. The best New Zealand casino bonus is not necessarily that obvious: we made your job slightly easier, by making things transparent or simple to understand, regardless of what you normally go for!

While developing our bonuses, we have tried to make them available to every single user of our online casino platform. No matter if you are just starting or if you have been here for some time now, you can easily find a bonus system, which works perfectly for you.

We believe that promotions are very important: they are a way for online casinos to show their support for their loyal users. This is precisely why we aim to give you the best casino bonus 2024.

How do I become part of the VIP scheme?

We have worked hard with our partners, just to ensure that everyone can have access to the same benefits. If you look through different New Zealand casino bonus systems, the opportunities are often uneven or simply unfair to certain players.

This is one of the reasons why we have worked so hard on the VIP scheme, which we proudly offer to our users today. We ensured that everyone can become part of it, without any additional commitments or payments.

What does it mean? When you make your first bet, you will automatically become part of our VIP club. From this moment, you will be able to access some of the greatest benefits on our entire platform! Again, we have worked very hard to make these promotions relevant or rewarding, to any player who normally plays with Spinia. By working on them in unison with our expert partners, we actually managed to create something that will be appreciated by any gambler.

Our VIP club stands out from the rest, simply because we managed to create something that works for everyone! No matter what their gambling skills are like. We have worked with some of the greatest developers in the industry, coming up with juicy benefits that will make your gaming experience even more fun.

Once you make your first bet and become a VIP user, you will have access to dozens of different prizes, which you can enjoy right away. Keep in mind that the higher your VIP status gets, the better your prizes are!

There are many different VIP levels and they include: “Rookie”, “Beginner”, “Skilled”, “Lodger”, “Gambler”, “Hero”, “Master”, “Gold VIP”, “Diamond VIP”, and “Elite”. Each and every one of them requires different amounts of points. What is more, the awards are also very different. As a “Rookie”, you need to have 50 points, in order to advance to the next level. If you manage, you will officially become a “Beginner”. At the start, your first prize is just €5.

As a “Gambler”, you will need to accrue at least 6,250 points and the prize will be €100. For “Gold VIP”, the required points amount to 125,000, while the prize is €3,000. And as for the highest level, “Elite” you will need to have 1,500,000 points, gathered on your account. Only then will you be able to receive the ultimate reward: €50,000. If we factor in the conversion rate to New Zealand dollars, the figures are even bigger! Are you ready for this kind of money?

While working on our promotions, we honestly wanted to create something that everyone can enjoy! This is one of the reasons why we worked so hard on the VIP loyalty scheme. We believe that every single one of our users deserves to have the same opportunities. Every day, we are coming up with new ideas, just to make gambling more fun.

How can you process the payments?

To enjoy the best bonus casino online to its fullest, you will need some funds on your account. There are several ways in which you can make a deposit on your Spinia account. Once more, we have worked hard to make them as diverse as possible!

To make your life easier, we have come up with different payment methods, frequently used in the context of online transactions. There are many different ways to deposit money on your user account: Visa, Mastercard, Paysafecard, EcoPayz, Neosurf, Maestro, Skrill, and Neteller. We made sure that there are no extra fees, applied to the payments on your account. At least on our end! As far as deposits are concerned, there is no processing time and the money, which you put in will be credited to your Spinia account, with immediate effect.

However, there still are some differences, especially when it comes to limits, minimum or maximum payments. For example, if you choose to pay with Visa, you will be able to pay anything between NZ$10 and NZ$6,000. Now, the same rule applies to Mastercard or Maestro. For Paysafecard, however, the amount ranges between €20 and €1,000.

Once you have enjoyed every online casino promo code and it is time to collect your well-deserved winnings, there are also different ways to withdraw your funds. For withdrawals, you can use Visa, Paysafecard, EcoPayz, Skrill, Neteller, and traditional bank transfers. No matter which method you choose, there are no fees applied to your withdrawal.

However, you might see some differences in processing time. For example, Visa users will need to wait for anything from one to three banking days. For those who wish to get their funds using bank transfers, the waiting time can vary between one to five banking days.


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