As soon as you start playing for real money at  Spinia Casino, you automatically become a participant of the VIP program. The higher your VIP status - the more rewards and special privileges you get.
  • Rookie

    7.50 NZ$

  • Beginner

    30 NZ$

  • Skilled

    75 NZ$

  • Lodger

    150 NZ$

  • Gambler

    300 NZ$

  • Hero

    750 NZ$

  • Master

    1,500 NZ$

  • Gold VIP

    4,500 NZ$

  • Diamond VIP

    15,000 NZ$

  • Elite

    75,000 NZ$

Table of  Privileges

VIP level Points required Reward (NZ$) Point conversion rate
Rookie 50 7.50 NZ$ -
Beginner 500 30 NZ$ -
Skilled 1,250 75 NZ$ -
Lodger 2,500 150 NZ$ -
Gambler 6,250 300 NZ$ 1.25 NZ$ for 200 points
Hero 15,000 750 NZ$ 1.25 NZ$ for 200 points
Master 37,500 1,500 NZ$ 1.25 NZ$ for 200 points
Gold VIP 125,000 4,500 NZ$ 1.25 NZ$ for 200 points
Diamond VIP 500,000 15,000 NZ$ 1.25 NZ$ for 200 points
Elite 1,500,000 75,000 NZ$ 1.25 NZ$ for 200 points

Terms &   Conditions

  • You participate in the VIP program automatically after making your first deposit.
  • CPs are credited as 1 point for each 30 EUR, 30 USD, 40 CAD, 140 PLN, 40 NZD bets. Points are credited for placing bets in slots (table games and live dealer games do NOT count)
  • The more you play - the higher your VIP level.
  • All rewards are credited as a bonus with a wagering requirement of x3.
  • Bonuses resulting from exchanging CPs are credited with a wagering requirement of х1. Bonus should be wagered within 1 month.
  • Spinia Casino reserves the right to change the terms of the VIP program at any time.
  • All prizes and free spins will be made available within 24 hours from the moment the player achieves the VIP status.
  • General bonus terms and conditions must be observed.

Spinia is an online gambling platform, which offers many great opportunities to its users. We are a team of gamblers, who are working very hard to create a platform that will offer something new and unique to players all over the world!

When we started out in New Zealand, there were a lot of things that we had to consider. We had to learn about the market. We tried our best to make sure that gamblers in New Zealand can enjoy the great offerings or experience, which we offer elsewhere.

We always work very hard to provide the best possible experience for our users by developing new games and ideas, which work for everyone! As passionate gamblers ourselves, we have been continuously looking for a platform that can offer great games, in addition to some benefits that make gaming even more fun.

However, since we were unable to find the perfect fit, we have worked very hard to create one of our own. Have we succeeded? Because we have such a huge experience in gambling, we made sure that everything that we do is done with utmost care or responsibility. Everyone who visits our website can see the hard work that we have put in!

In addition to some great benefits or stunning games, we have also ensured that our website is very easy to understand or navigate. What we have done is created separate pages for different types of games, so that it is easier for everyone to enjoy every game that we offer. Looking for the newest online casino for VIP players? We have even created a special page, which is solely dedicated to these amazing bonuses. You can easily get all of the detailed information about every offer that we have in store for you. Straight away, with one or two clicks!

Are you browsing or looking for anything specific? For new games, we have created a special badge that says “NEW”, right in the left-hand side corner. Games, which are very popular among our users, have a separate “HOT” badge. You will be able to easily tell them apart. We believe that by working on so many different details, we can ensure that your experience is simply the best!

If you are looking for a New Zealand high roller casino online, we have many great offers or benefits for you, right here on Spinia.com! No need to look any further. We always try to do our best to “appreciate” every single player, who comes to our platform. We look forward to welcoming you on our great site!

There are numerous online casinos for VIP players 2021, available on the market right now. But they all are very different from one another. When we were working on our VIP bonuses, we wanted to create something that would be unique, not only in terms of rewards. We thought of every single feature, available on the platform.

We wanted to make sure that the VIP scheme would not hurt the platform, by making things unfair or unbalanced. For this reason, we made sure that everyone could enjoy everything that our platform has to offer! No matter how they like to play.

Our VIP works very differently: unlike many of our competitors, we do not demand any type of advance payments or commitments from you! All you need to do is to start having fun. You will be enrolled on the program automatically, right from the moment when you sign up to Spinia.

Once you have started playing with real money. and made your first round of bets, you will become part of our VIP club! It was important for us to create a place. where everyone could share the same benefits. We are very proud to be able to offer this amazing promotion to absolutely everyone, who uses our platform.

If you are one of those people who enjoys New Zealand high roller casino sites, we think that our platform is a perfect match for you! Why do we say this? We have created many different rewards or promotions for everyone, who shares our love for the online casino. We believe that no matter what you are looking for in an online casino, you can always find it on our platform.

In addition to our generous benefits, we also worked very hard to ensure that you could have access to the games, which will make your day a lot more fun. We have collaborated with some of the best developers on the market, just to make sure that the games we offer are a source of quality entertainment or joy. Let’s be honest here: this is really what you look for, in an online casino!

Our games are very diverse and include many different versions of the games, which you love and enjoy so much. By offering more than 2,000 unique games for our users, we really believe that we can give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

There are so many great opportunities, which come with the VIP status. Did we mention that it is absolutely free? What we offer you is a bunch of prizes, which you can enjoy very easily. No matter how often you play, you still can get some kind of a reward. One thing to always keep in mind: the more points you have, the better your rewards become! Expect them to grow progressively, as you wager and spend more time on our platform.

To understand the VIP scheme better, you should know that there are many different levels. This is a unique feature, associated with our platform.

You will start your VIP status with Rookie: this can be seen as your “first” level. At this moment in time, you will only need 50 points to advance to the next VIP level. The award, waiting for you is just €5. Rest assured: it will grow in no time. Are you ready to move on? Then comes the Beginner, with 500 points and €20, Skilled, with 1,250 points and €50, and so on. You get the gist! Gambler is the fifth level of our VIP program. You will be required to have at least 6,250 points, stacked up on your account. How much you can expect, in terms of cash incentives? The award is €200.

The top three levels of the VIP program are Gold VIP, Diamond VIP, and the highest level: Elite. The prize for Gold VIP is €3,000, while the required points amount to 125,500. When it comes to Diamond VIP, you will have to get at least half a million points. Trust us, it is worth it. You will be getting €10,000 from our team! And those who play the most on our platform, the so-called Elite will be receiving a further €50,000. The VIP points, which you will need to claim this prize amount to 1,500,000. Sounds like a lot? You will get through them, right away.

While working on our platform, we wanted to guarantee one thing: no matter what kind of a player you are, there will always be something, which you can actively enjoy! If you normally like your highroller casino bonus, the VIP scheme can give a lot of opportunities to have great fun. On more than one occasion.

As well-seasoned gamblers, we wanted to make sure that you can have as much fun as possible. Right here, on our platform!

To guarantee that our platform really stands out from the crowd, we have ensured that our games are simply some of the hottest releases on the market. In addition to great online casino high roller games, we have also worked very hard with our partners: all to give you exclusive access to some of the best in-play features, which you will not see anywhere else.

Now, let’s get down to details. We have worked with the top 20 names on the market and we were able to create more than 2,000 games, all of which will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. While working on our impressive catalog of online casino releases, we wanted to ensure something very diverse and interesting for our users. This is how you have fun with Spinia!

We created many different versions of already existing or popular games: slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, high roller casino games, and many, many more.

While working on these games, our biggest challenge was to stay true to their spirit. At the same time, we have worked very hard to offer something entirely new to our registered players. Gambling has a very long history and it is quite hard to create something from scratch. Something, which will have the “shock” value, particularly for gamblers who have been playing for many years.

As veteran gamblers, we knew exactly what we needed to do. This was to push towards diversity: we worked hard every day to ensure that we create a platform, which is full of options. No matter what you are looking for, we are sure that you will find something, which appeals to you.

Slots are some one of the online games, which we focused on in great detail. We wanted to create many different versions of different slot releases, just because they are so popular among gamblers! There are many people who enjoy great slot rewards: we simply fulfilled their expectations.

To make your experience more fun, we offer you tens of different versions of slots: jackpot slots, live slots, video slots, classic slots, and many, many more.

We made sure that every single one of our games has something different about it. Right from the start, we wanted to do it to stand out from the crowd. We believe that after putting in so much hard work, we were finally able to do so.

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible. This has been our guiding thought, right from the moment when we started working on the platform. Because of this, we have collaborated with our partners, coming up with many different or fresh ideas. One of them is the “Play For Fun” option, created for everyone, who visits our website. Regardless of their intentions.

We are all very proud to offer our users this great opportunity to enjoy most of the games on our platform for absolutely free! All you need to do is to go on our website and hit the Play for Fun button on any game, which has it. You are all set up and ready to go.

We believe that by offering this unique opportunity to our users, we can let them see what our platform really offers. We are not afraid to show everyone what our games look like. Why? Because we are immensely proud of them. Spinia has worked with the top 20 developers on the market to create all of these games. We are very happy that everyone has the ability to try them out!

What is more, we worked very hard to make sure that everything is available to everyone, who regularly chooses to log on our platform! Because of this conviction, we ensured that you can have the most fun possible, whatever device you normally use.

Our VIP casino mobile version was made in a way so that the experience you get on your smartphone is not any inferior to what you see on your PC. Our users are also able to enjoy everything that we offer on their tablets.

We made sure that every game is fully customized for mobile users, cooperating with some of the top software developers on the market. Our main priority, while working on our mobile version was to ensure that everyone can have the same experience. Again, no matter what device they are using right now!

For us, it is vital to offer our users as many options as possible. That is why we have worked so hard, in order to ensure that our platform is available on many different devices.

Since the very beginning, we wanted to make sure that we could offer accurate help to anyone, who uses our platform. For this reason, we have put together a team of professionals, who are always able to help and assist you. No matter what situation you find yourself in!

You can contact our support team very easily. Regardless on which page you are on right now! Just scroll right down and click on the “Support” button. You will be redirected to a special page, where you will need to provide all of the details. This will include your contact information: write about your problem, explaining the background or context. Whenever you are ready, hit the send button.

After you have sent in your inquiry, one of our customer support representatives will contact you, usually as soon as an appropriate answer or explanation is found. In most cases, it happens almost immediately!

We believe that the best New Zealand online casino VIP program is simply not enough. There is a lot more to it, to become the best online casino. This is why we are working very hard to develop different types of opportunities or promotions for our users so that they can have as much fun as possible.

In addition to all of these options, we have created many other promotions or bonuses, which will come in handy, while playing some of the greatest games here at Spinia!

In addition to one of the greatest VIP programs on the market, we have ensured that we can offer a whole lot more to our regular users! We have come up with many different types of promotions or bonuses that work perfectly for everyone, registered on our platform.

No matter what type of gambler you are: the one, who enjoys the highroller casino online, or someone who is just looking for quick fun, there is a lot to be enjoyed on our platform.

Did you hear about our first and the second deposit bonus, available for new users? They are part of our welcome promotion, which is open to newly-registered players. They were created mostly for those, who have just started gambling on our platform. They are a great way to better understand the platform, while learning more about gambling in general.

While working on these promotions, we made sure that they could be easily applied to most of our games. So if you want to enjoy the first deposit bonus, there are some things that you might want to keep in mind. For example, you should not go over NZ$150 on your first deposit: this is the maximum amount, which applies to Spinia’s first deposit bonus. While depositing your money, be sure to use a special bonus code: “PINACOLADA” to activate the promotion.

Once you are done with your payment, you will be able to receive 100% of your deposit, in addition to the money that you have paid in. But this is not all, our team will also reward you with an additional 25 free spins for Hotline, a popular slot machine release!

If you love online casino high rollers, then you will enjoy our platform a lot! We think that the second deposit bonus can be very helpful for everyone. This bonus can be enjoyed by anyone, who makes their second deposit under NZ$200. Remember to use a promo code: “MOJITO”. After you have used this code, 50% of your payment will be credited, straight to your account. Think of it as a gift from our team. In addition, you will also receive 25 free spins for Turn Your Fortune, another slot game!

When working on our casino rewards VIP bonus, we wanted to be sure that we could offer our users something else to enjoy. This is why we created so many different types of promotions and bonuses. One of them is the very popular “Wednesday Free Spins” promotion. This promo is for everyone: it can be a lot of fun!

To enjoy this bonus, all you need is to make a deposit of at least NZ$65 on any Wednesday. This promotion works automatically: your first 25 free spins will be credited directly to your account, once the payment is made. The remaining spins will be given to you in 24 hours. You can use these spins for a slot called Lost Clerics. Are you in?

We also have a great offer for those, who love high roller gambling. The “Reload Bonus” is very popular among many gamblers on our platform. This one was created to make your weekends even more fun. Here is a hint: it can only be enjoyed on Sundays. To use this amazing bonus, all you need to do is to use the right bonus code, while making a deposit. The code is: “AFTERPARTY”. Now, be sure that you are making a deposit of up to NZ$350. The prize is 50% extra, on top of your payment. As a gift, you will also get 25 additional spins for Cazino Zeppelin!

There are also some other types of bonuses, available on our platform. We are working very hard to make sure that these “offerings” increase or get bigger with time. In line with our mission, we want to give you a diverse range of choices. To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy everything on our platform, we are continuously implementing new ideas.

Spinia offers many different payment methods, designed specifically for those who love high roller bonus casinos. In other words, players like you! We made sure that is a lot of options, when it comes to payment. Our users have the ability to choose between many payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Paysafecard, EcoPayz, Neosurft, Maestro, Skrill, and Neteller.

We wanted to eradicate any kinds of additional fees, normally applied to what you pay on your account. There is no processing time, no matter which method you choose. The payments are made instantly. However, there are some differences, when it comes to individual limits. For example, you can not pay more than €1,000 with EcoPayz, while the limit for Visa users is €4,000.

When it comes to withdrawing your funds, you can use Visa, Paysafecard, EcoPayz, Skrill, Neteller, or traditional bank transfers. What is the main difference between these payment methods? If we are talking about your Visa credit card, you will have to wait for up to one to three banking days. The waiting time for bank transfers goes up to five days. All that being said, you can withdraw the biggest amount of money with this method. Remember, it is up to you, to make that choice. Weigh out your options carefully.

We believe that we have created a platform, which can be enjoyed by gamblers of any persuasion. We made sure that our website is very easy to use, complete with 2,000 games that offer unforgettable fun. They are here for everyone, who decides to gamble with us. Most importantly, we have a whole string of different promotions and rewards. Do not deny yourself the fun, join our online casino platform right now!

Our platform is changing and developing each and every day: we believe that by doing so, we are creating something special. It is different from anything else that you are going to stumble across online. So if you are looking for the perfect place to start gambling and enjoy New Zealand VIP casino best rewards, then Spinia is the right place for you!

  • Alexandra

  • Elgin Hero

First deposit bonus
100% up to 150 NZD
+25 free spins

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