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Bonus package

€/$250 + 50 free spins

First deposit

100% bonus
up to €/$100
on your first deposit

Second deposit

50% bonus
up to €/$150
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Slot competitions

Daily slot races

Play at Spinia for money,
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  • 7 races take place weekly
  • Cash prizes paid out once daily
  • Over 300 winners and thousands of prizes daily

How To Play Blackjack Online At Spinia

New users need a registered account and real cash in their wallet to play games on the official Spinia casino website. For lovers of blackjack, accessing the game on Spinia is pretty simple.

First, locate game options on the Spinia virtual homepage and click on the ‘blackjack’ icon.

There are varieties of blackjack games provided by top gaming technologies.

Scroll down and choose the blackjack game you intend to play.

The live dealer in charge of your table will instruct you on the rules of the game.

Blackjack games happen in real-time and have no pre-recorded sessions. The live dealer shuffles all the cards in the presence of players.

Select a preferred position from any of the empty seat slots shown on your screen. To secure your seat at the blackjack table, place a bet. Otherwise, you will lose your seat due to inactivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is blackjack fair?

Yes. Blackjack games are very fair, as opposed to the popular misconception by most players. Due to this misconception, players would rather play live blackjack games than RNG-determined blackjack games.

However, no form of blackjack game is unfair. RNG-determined blackjack games by trustworthy technologies like Microgaming, Playtech, BetSoft. have been tested and trusted.

Games provided by these technologies have been tested by top auditors to confirm that they are not a scam.

Players have nothing to worry about in a licensed online casino. Both RNG-determined and live blackjack games are tested to be fair for all players.

However, players need to understand how the game is played, so they don’t blame their losses on the game’s fairness.

What are the payouts in blackjack?

For blackjack games, there are several payouts at regular rates. The standard payouts peculiar to every casino are:

- 3:2: This payout ratio is applicable when the player beats the live dealer’s card and obtains a blackjack. For a $10 bet, you can receive a payout of $15.

- For a push where you and the live dealer gets the same value, there is no payout ratio.

- 1:1 – This payout ratio is applicable when the player beats the live dealer’s card but gets no blackjack. For a $10 bet, you receive an extra $10 as a payout.

Can you count cards in online blackjack?

Yes! You can count cards in online blackjack. Most casinos shuffle cards using the software after every touch. This technique makes counting quite tricky. Counting cards through software is considered illegal. However, in the comfort of your home, you can count cards online without stress.

An easy method for counting cards in online blackjack is the Hi-lo method. The technique is ideal for amateurs and beginners:

  • Give a number to all the cards (0-1)
  • Ensure you remember the value allotted to each card.
  • Sum the number of cards to know the total number of cards on the table
  • Play in line with the card value (move higher if the number is negative, and a bit lower if it is positive.

Why Do People Like Playing Blackjack?

  • Available worldwide: The blackjack game is present in any part of the world. It isn't region restrictive. Lovers of the game can always access blackjack games wherever they are.
  • A fair chance of winning: Blackjack has a low house edge, which triggers a player's frequent win. The game has been tested and trusted by various auditors to ensure it is not rigged. Every player has a fair chance of winning at any kind of Blackjack game as long as the player understands the intricacies of the game.
  • Access to tables: Unlike other table casino games, blackjack always has available seats for interested players. This access eliminates the extended wait time for a free table.
  • Standard payout: Blackjack games have a standard 3 to 2 payout. Although few games by some providers might have a higher or lower payout, the 3 to 2 payout is more dominant in the industry.
  • A game of strategy: People love blackjack because it doesn't toss you luck. Strategies rule the game!
  • Social game: Blackjack is a social game that strengthens the bond between people. There is no intense competition among players in the game. Every player can relate with ease.
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First deposit bonus
100% up to €/$100
+25 free spins

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