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Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by all of this choice? Our dear user, look no further: Spinia gives you a real chance to play the best blackjack 21 online.

Let’s be clear, right from the start: Spinia is different from everything you might have seen online. We have put the player, just like you in the driver’s seat. We are the first online casino platform, which has really listened to the wider community. What are some of the practical steps, which we took to address your concerns? We have not stopped at poker. We continue to expand our range of baccarat, roulette and other table or card releases. Are you interested in blackjack online gambling?

OK, so did we get that right? Luckily, blackjack card game is one of the “highlights” of our impressive catalog. It comes up to almost 2,000 online casino games. The total number is growing daily, with new games or features “popping” up on our platform on a regular basis. Let’s put it this way: we like to surprise our registered users. This is why we have invested in a state-of-the-art live casino interface, together with our partners: Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play Live.

Prepare yourself for the audio-visual “sensation”, which comes from playing in a real-life casino. Compete against other players, as the dealer shuffles the deck of cards. Right in front of you! Exchange your funds for those iconic casino chips, found in physical venues. Take our word for it: there is nothing quite like it. If you play online casino blackjack, you will be blown away by the interactive experience. Have you ever played against other gamblers in a brick-and-mortar casino? This might be your chance.

Give it a go: you will not be disappointed! This is your unique opportunity to land a big win, thanks to our generous cash prizes. Hold on tight, as this is just the beginning. We have prepared many incentives, which will keep you right on the edge of your seat. Keep on reading, just to find out how to qualify for some of the best promotions, offered by our platform.

There are many components, which contribute to Spinia’s success. We put all the effort to make you feel at home, right from day one.

Over the last few years, our platform has really succeeded in building a whole community around it. We are regularly visited by online casino players from every corner of the world. For example? We have a mass following from Canada to New Zealand, from Norway to the most southernmost tip of the Americas. Right now, everyone is looking for that premium game of online casino blackjack. Welcome, you have come to the right place.

Just remember to select one of the live games, brought to you by one of our partners. To get you started, we prepared a juicy starter bonus. Will give you 100% extra, on top of your first deposit. We will enroll you in our exclusive VIP program, just so you can have the “taste” of online casino blackjack. The more you play, the more you will get in cash rewards! And they only get bigger with time. This is really blackjack at its best. Spinia will give you an unparalleled experience, which you will not get from any other provider, active on the market today.

You might say that the secret to the best live blackjack online is in the quality and variety. As far as Spinia is concerned, our platform has really excelled on both fronts. We have been actively working with some of the top developer studios, across the entire world. Just to bring you a premium game of blackjack, you will not see on any other platform! Have you ever heard of BetSoft, Evolution Gaming or Pragmatic Play Live? It will take you one click to enter the universe of real casino games. Are you a registered player, with a verified account?

This is all you need, in order to join live video blackjack. You will be asked to wager with real money, as free play is not available in live broadcast online casino games. But this is just a small detail. You do not have to blow it all in one go. And thanks to Spinia’s premium VIP loyalty scheme, you will accrue extra points just by playing. Get a tiny bit closer to those 50,000 EUR (€), available for all the high rollers on the platform!

Did we manage to convince you? We have already “spilled the beans” on some of the promotions, available on our award-winning platform. If you want to know a little bit more, just keep on scrolling through the different sections. We will get there eventually, point by point.

We already mentioned that one of our strengths is the diversity, range or variety of different live casino blackjack games. You can choose from dozens of different options, exclusively available for you, our dear player. Remember, Spinia will never bore you: there is always something new and exciting on our premium online casino platform. Are you looking for that new release, which came out last week?

We like to think of Spinia as the “candy shop”: there is just so much on display that you will need to take a good couple of minutes, just to make your decision. Select a game that appeals to you, personally. This is the best way of ensuring a win: finding live blackjack online which is compatible with your own expectations. What do we mean exactly? There are many different variants of blackjack card games online. While most users prefer the classic options, you might come across other releases that incorporate new features or regional variants of the game.

Just look through the list to find out what is on offer, right now. Remember, live broadcasts will not go forever: they might be available for a certain time, just before they go offline. When you head to, you will see several different games of real money black jack. In big part, they offer classic blackjack, you will know from any casino venue, movie or video game. But there is some “novelty” involved as well: try playing the “Perfect Pairs”, a European version of the game that is quite popular with some of the more well-seasoned players.

If you are ever stuck for options, try one of the “new” or “hot” versions of the online blackjack dealer games. When you load our online library of live casino releases, you will see different markings on the edge of each game. Now, turn your eyes to the right-hand side corner of any given game. You might see a bright circle, which will indicate whether the game has been recently put on the market. If that is really the case, you should see some markings in minty, turquoise green: it will spell out “NEW” in big capital letters.

If you have been paying attention, then you might have caught some of them already! We are not good at keeping secrets: quite the opposite. We firmly believe that the live blackjack online casino should be open to a wider audience. In the name of accessibility, transparency and ensuring that everyone has a go at some of the best online casino releases, available on the market today. Is that really such a radical statement to make?

In any case, here are some of the big names: BetSoft, Evolution Gaming, and Pragmatic Play Live. When you head to and load its main page, look out for these brand names. They will guide you straight to some of the best live blackjack online! They have really pulled all of their resources together, in order to give you a one-of-a-kind premium casino experience. Most of them specialize in classic blackjack, typical of any real-life casino venue. But they all have their quirks or traces of character.

This is why we usually recommend trying live dealer blackjack online from all three providers, one by one! This way, you can make up your mind: you will know, which game you should stick to in the long term. Use some of that online casino bonus to “power” your trial and error approach to different games. Are scratching your head at our advice? The fact is that landing a big win suddenly becomes much easier, once you find “your” game of blackjack. After all, it is all about feeling comfortable: see what appeals to you, right now.

You might have gathered that we are always in motion. We never keep still: all the money put into Spinia goes into new releases, which “enrich” our outstanding catalog of online casino games. Right now, we are happy with the fruitful collaboration between our three key partners. But we are always looking to expand our horizons. This is why you should log in regularly, to keep track of everything that is new on our award-winning platform. Play live blackjack online, knowing that you are on the top of the game!

We always attract the best of the best, knowing who to approach in the industry. With Spinia, satisfaction is guaranteed: there is is no space for doubt or any reason to feel under-valued. We are here to change and disrupt the market, in offering the best live blackjack online.

Is your first time on our premium online casino platform, You will be pleasantly surprised that there is a whole number of options, available to anyone who wants to play casino black jack. We have already made it clear elsewhere: we are really committed to giving you the widest range of blackjack games, on the market today.

In order to see the full extent of your options, you should head to our dedicated page, where you can play black jack online. You will be able to choose by one of the studios, which supply us with their live releases: BetSoft, Evolution Gaming or Pragmatic Play Live. You also have the chance to filter through the search results. Are you interested in classic blackjack or something more up-to-date? You will come across different live games, which are more sophisticated by design. Make no mistake: the last word is always with you, our dear user.

You can easily get there from our homepage, by typing “black jack casino” in the search bar. You will see all of the available ways of playing the game, straight away. We have really put everything to work, in order to give you the best user experience online. Are you looking for a particular game? Just enter its full name into the empty search field, which will come up half-way through the page. Now, press enter. You should see your full results, appear in front of you. All in a nick of time!

If you want to play online black jack, you should know two things. First of all, our vast catalog of online casino games is always expanding. There is no “end” to the best casino releases. Why? Because our library is growing each and every day, with new additions practically streaming in. This is why you should always stay on top of it: log in regularly, to check the latest games, which might appeal to you. Secondly, you should know our platform is designed with the user in mind. If you are lost, why not reach out to our customer support team?

We know that premium features are not everything, not when it comes to black jack game! When you put a bet with Spinia, we will not leave you “hanging”: you can expect the best quality and service, anywhere on the world wide web. This is the pledge we make to you, our dear player.

Do you usually log in from your smartphone or tablet? Or maybe you have a different mobile device, which uses your home Wifi or 4G network? There is no need to worry: play black jack 21, whenever and wherever you are. If you choose to play with Spinia, you do not need to turn on your bulky laptop or PC. We are set on eliminating each and every physical barrier, which might stand on the way of you enjoying your favorite game online.

Are you looking for the best live blackjack online casino, adapted to mobile devices? There is no need to search very far. We have adapted Spinia to any major smartphone brand or operating system. The same goes for tablets: you are not losing out, by logging in through our mobile platform. After months of testing, we came to the conclusion that the service matches what you might expect from the desktop version. You will not be penalized by playing on a smaller screen.

Just turn up the volume and brightness of your screen. Sit back and enjoy the game, in the comfort of your own home. This is what we have strived to deliver, to the entire gambling community online: a premium experience, available at one click or a single finger tap. Have we succeeded? We would love to listen to any feedback, you might have for our developer team. Fully synced, mobile adapted live dealer blackjack online is a relatively new addition to our award-winning platform. At least in this format!

One thing is certain. The fact that the online live blackjack casino is a later addition to our offer did not inhibit its popularity. In fact, we see quite the contrary: live blackjack has really managed to attract a mass following, among loyal players worldwide. Spinia, as a platform, has really managed to capitalize on this trend. We see it develop, as the game becomes more interactive. How? Just consider what it can become, with all this modern technology.

This is why we urge you to pay us a visit from time to time. You should look at the latest online casino releases, which come under the Spinia logo. Our mobile casino games, especially the ones that involve the online blackjack dealer deserve all your attention!

Right, prepare yourself for quite a ride.

We have already “dropped” a few hints about our welcome bonus package.

We also have different challenges, tournaments or races, all happening simultaneously on There is really a lot to choose from! The biggest cash prize is probably our jackpot pool. But if you are a real money black jack player, you should really keep an eye on the real start of the show” our VIP loyalty scheme. The top cash prize, available as part of the program amounts to a whopping 50,000 EUR (€).

Have you thought of what you might do with that sort of money? When you play live blackjack online for money, you expect a little extra from your provider. This is really what separates a premium online casino platform from any other operator, which offers different gambling releases. We got the message: you want to be rewarded for your efforts. And this is not just a simple question of money. At the same time, it is about recognition: showing that we value your achievements, efforts or skill.

For some of you, this might be old news. What do you know about our VIP program? You gain points, as you play blackjack for real money! With those points, you “climb” up different levels. From “Rookie”, right up to “Elite”. Each level will “greet” you with a real money cash prize, which will be transferred to your user account. There are literally thousands of euros or American dollars, to be claimed in the process of “climbing” the ladder. Did we mention that you automatically become a member of our VIP loyalty program, when you sign up on

Become a verified player and start placing money on your account. Once you use your deposit to place bets on different games, you will start gaining these sweet VIP points. Watch them pile up and get progressively bigger, all courtesy of! This is our special way of showing our appreciation. Realistically speaking, how much can you expect from the platform? We already told you about the top VIP cash prize, available right at the top. But you can get much more, especially if you participate in time-sensitive challenges or tournaments.

They rarely involve online blackjack real money live dealers, but you can easily bag up to 60,000 EUR (€) in some of the races or money drops. It pays to be attentive! If you need something to get you started, claim the welcome bonus package, available to every new player. Have you just registered on Do not forget that we will automatically “top up” your first deposit by 100%. Remember, the total amount is capped at either 100 EUR (€) or USD ($), depending on the currency you use.

But none of these incentives come anywhere close to our dazzling jackpot! The total pool is now steadily approaching 4,000,000 EUR (€). Yes, you read those zeros correctly: that is almost four million euros. Which is even more in American dollars, once you work out the conversion rates.

Terms and conditions are an essential part of any platform, which you will come across online. They determine the ground rules, which apply to online live blackjack real money options.

First up: we have a set of “general” terms and conditions, which apply across the board. What do we mean exactly? To put it bluntly, they govern the entire platform. You might see them listed as “T&Cs”, in a couple of places. They are a few exceptions to this rule. Some live online blackjack real money games that might come with their own set of restrictions. Why? Providers like BetSoft, Evolution Gaming or Pragmatic Play Live have the right to impose their own guidelines. This one area, where we have very little to say.

This means that we expect all of our players to respect these rules. After all, this is the basis for our cooperation: mutual trust and understanding, regardless of the circumstances. You will also see that some of our promotions have their own regulations. Especially if they are not part of the “fixed” or regular offer, provided by our online casino platform. This is not unusual or live blackjack sites: think of it as an appendix to the existing rules that govern gambling on the platform.

We already said that the wide range of live releases and tempting cash incentives are not enough to attract online players, particularly in this day and age. What made Spinia into one of the best live blackjack sites? Our heartfelt commitment to improving the conditions for those who choose to gamble online. The first step we took was to radically cut the rate of under-aged gambling. This is why you might come across a few stringent age and identity verification questions, specifically when you set up your user account.

We operate a zero-tolerance policy on under-aged gambling. Any attempts to walk around or “circumvent” this rule will result in your account being permanently deleted from the platform. Once we find out that you are under 18 or the legal age in your home country, we will bar you from accessing and our premium range of blackjack casino games. You should also mind your own local or national legislation, which might restrict online gambling activities.

While we aspire to become a global live blackjack casino, online gambling is still severely restricted in many parts of the world.

This is a question, which we get all of the time. Why? Many players online are definitely deeply concerned about their safety and security. No one wants to have their personal details exposed to strangers. At Spinia, we put all of the efforts to safeguard your real-life and virtual identity from potential hackers. Play real blackjack, knowing that you are safe. We are a fully licensed and accredited online casino, which comes under some of the strictest gambling legislation in the entire European Union.

We are proud to be a regulated online casino operator. We received our first license in 2018: we have been trading without any major incidents ever since. Spinia is an online blackjack live casino, which you can trust. Do you need to see some proof or extra evidence? When you scroll right at the bottom of our website, you will see a footer. This is basically the disclaimer, which gives you all the necessary information. This is where you can see our license number. You can always check it against the register, run by the Malta Gambling Authority.

Who is the MGA? This is the national regulator, based in Malta. It is responsible for overseeing some of the leading online casinos, which operate on the global market today. The island state is the home of many operators. Why? As an EU member state, it provides much-needed security and stability for growth, without stifling local regulation. Over the years, it has really emerged as a hub for creativity and innovation. Let’s be perfectly honest: this is what allowed us to give you the best live blackjack online.

Do you want to know more about our operations? You will find all the relevant information on our website, without any problem whatsoever. We started out with a clear sense of mission: we wanted to make live blackjack online real money more transparent. Spinia makes it all more accessible and user friendly, in each and every way.

Are you looking for live blackjack online real money options? We know that safety and security can be a real “deal-breaker” for many people online. Especially when it comes down to payment. This is why we equipped Spinia with multiple ways of setting your transactions. What are the different options, readily available for blackjack players?

You will be glad to know that they are the same for all live cards, table or slot games. After all, you only have one user account on All your funds go to the same “pot”: there is no distinction between individual games or releases. Were you particularly lucky in this round of blackjack 21 online? Your win is safe and sound on your user account. Now, you have two options. First, you can use these funds to play more. Alternatively, you can choose to withdraw money. Are you willing to make a transfer to your bank account or e-wallet?

These are the two major forms of transferring funds, available on our online casino platform. All that being said, we are always on the lookout for new ways of settling payments. This is why our range of e-wallets and digital payments has been steadily growing, right from the moment when we started trading in 2018. What is the most popular, secure way of depositing money on your user account? is a recognized merchant by VISA, MasterCard, and Maestro. You can easily use one of their cards, as long as it has a CVV number at the back.

For those who “favor” anonymity, confidentiality or high-level security, we recommend that you switch to an e-wallet. You do not need to be a whizz-kid to make an account with an e-wallet provider, such as Skrill or Neteller! Not any longer. They have really worked hard at improving their service, in attracting more old-school users. Are you still using your high street bank for your online transactions? It is time to reconsider. Why not give one of the suggested e-wallets a chance, once playing your blackjack game online?

Why did we go into great lengths in trying to provide you with the best payment methods, available on the market today? We believe that you should be able to get maximum security, especially when you are enjoying live casino blackjack. We would never want to compromise on your well-being! Not for a quick gain or profit. Concentrate on the game. Play in total peace of mind, knowing that your identity is safe from any unwarranted intrusions.

Earlier on, some of you were asking if Spinia is a trustworthy online casino platform. Our commitment to responsible gambling is genuine: you will see a few other providers that took real steps in recognizing the problem, right from the start. We understand that blackjack online gambling can be addictive, especially if there are large sums of money involved. But our award-winning customer support is here to help: let them know that you are facing difficulties and they will surely point you in the right direction.

One of our main goals is to create an inviting, safe betting environment. Where every type of gambler feels comfortable. Regardless of where they come from or what is their actual experience, in playing online casino games. This is the key thing about responsible gambling: it is about ensuring your well-being, both in the short and long term. If you feel like you have crossed the line, all while playing live blackjack online, take a moment to reflect and relax. Do you want to talk about it?

One thing is certain: our customer support team is at your disposal, seven days a week. 24 hours a day! We realize that many of our loyal players come from all over the world. This is why we remain open at all times, to answer inquiries from every time-zone. Why is our customer service the place to seek help or support? As a real blackjack online casino, Spinia has joined a number of grassroots responsible gambling initiatives. We have been working closely with groups and organizations, such as Gamblers Anonymous, GamCare or Gambling Therapy.

Our customer support representatives have all received appropriate training, relevant to responsible gambling. Your involvement in the blackjack casino live does not stop with the moment when you put on the bet! Your player experience starts when you enter our website and load the homepage. It ends when you log out. What are we trying to say? We are here to guide you, from the beginning until the very end. We will not leave you in the lurch: this is why Spinia’s approach to customer service is slightly different.

Remember, there are a number of self-imposed measures, which you can take. All in order to limit your spending or time on the platform. But this is something that needs to come from you: no one else can take that decision for you! These self-imposed restrictions are a surprisingly effective way of controlling your gambling habits. Do you want to see the whole range of options, available on our online blackjack real money platform? Just log in and go to your user account.

We have already talked about our prize-winning customer support team. They are available 24/7, ready to take your inquiry.

How do you reach them, in case you have a problem? Remember, you can come to us with any trouble, related to our online casino platform. You will not be turned down. In fact, we will take all the time in the world to solve your issue. We will do our absolute best to make sure that you are receiving premium service. Why? We just want you to enjoy online blackjack with real dealers, with minimal disruption.

We really put all the effort into making our layout user-friendly and easy to navigate. There are a couple of ways, in which you can get in touch with our customer support team. We recommend that you scroll far down, right until you reach the footer. At the very bottom of the page, you will see a range of more “technical” options. None of them relate to live online blackjack or any other casino releases. You should see our terms and conditions or a heading, which will guide you to our privacy policy.

One of the options is “customer support”. Do you see it written out, in grey letters in bold? Click on the heading: it is a hyperlink, which will take you straight to the contact form. Fill out the empty text field, giving as much detail as possible. Once we receive your inquiry, we process it immediately. Expect an answer in no time! As a registered player, you might also be contacted via live chat. Just keep an eye on your user area. The feature is still in test mode: having said that, it might be already available in your country.

Thanks to our seamless service, we are now ranked as one of the best live blackjack sites. Try it out for yourself! Drop us a message: we are always grateful for receiving feedback.

Over the last few years, we have really managed to put together a real community of players, who are primarily interested in live blackjack games. Spinia continues to attract registered users from all over the globe: Australasia, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa or the Americas. They are some of our key markets, where we see healthy demand for online casino games, which naturally include blackjack. In order to make things easier for you, our global player, we introduced a number of regional features.

They will help you to get the most out of our online casino platform. They will help you to adjust faster, in a more convenient or comfortable way. Take our currency options, for example. We usually give our cash prizes in either euros or American dollars. This is why you will see figures, quoted in either EUR (€) or USD ($), all over our website. But we are expanding the range of currencies, which we accept on our platform. We want you to face minimal fuss when you play blackjack online for real money.

Currency exchange can be a painful thing, especially if there is a commission involved! Luckily, you can now pay or receive your funds in Canadian or New Zealand dollars, Norwegian krone or zloty, the currency issued by the National Bank of Poland. This is just one small step, which will improve general useability for our die-hard fans, who come from different corners of the world. Remember, we want you to enjoy blackjack casino games. Getting stuck in small print or minute details is no fun.

This is why we are working on multiple language versions of! Access online blackjack with real dealers in your native tongue. We have started with Europe first: you can already access the site in German, Polish, Russian and a number of Nordic or Scandinavian languages. Find your favorite game of blackjack faster: save yourself any embarrassment or misunderstanding, especially further down the line! You can easily find the different language options in the roll-down, accessible on the top left-hand side.

If you are a player from either Canada or New Zealand, you can also switch to your local site. Just look out for that Union Jack icon or symbol, found together with the language options. Now, choose your own national flag to get to the right place. This way, you will know that all the promotions, which you see right in front of you actually apply to your country.

Hands down, we saved the best piece of news until the last moment. Have you heard about our exclusive VIP program?
This is your chance to make a little extra, on top of what you wager. Are you keen to play live blackjack online for money? You should know that every time you bet with your own cash money, you accumulate VIP points. When you join Spinia, you will be automatically enrolled in our VIP program. Do not get excited just yet: you start off as a “Rookie”. This is not meant to be an insult. You just have to advance through different levels, in order to reach high esteem. The principle is relatively simple: the more you play, the more you get.

What are the different levels? “Rookie”, “Beginner”, “Skilled”, “Lodger”, “Gambler”, “Hero”, “Master”, “Gold VIP”, “Diamond VIP” and finally, “Elite”. Admittedly, it is quite a long way up. But here is the “golden nugget”: each time you advance or climb a level, you will be eligible for a cash reward. At first, it is a meager 5 EUR (€). This is what you get when you jump from being a “Rookie” to “Beginner”. But play blackjack for real money and you will get into thousands in no time!

What is waiting for you, on the other side? Let’s start at the other end: you will qualify for 50,000 EUR (€), especially if you play long enough. The follow-up real money cash prizes are not bad either: you will get 10,000 EUR (€) as a “Diamond VIP” and 3,000 EUR (€) as a “Gold VIP”. This is a status, everyone aspires to Start playing online blackjack with real dealers and you will get slightly closer to your goal. The rules are fairly simple and transparent: you just need to “up” your stakes!

At some point, you will also be able to trade in your VIP points for real money. This is a special “privilege”, which will apply as soon as you become a “Gambler”. Remember, the exchange rate is variable: it will get better with time. What are we trying to say? Advance through the different levels to trade them in for more. We are entirely serious, particularly when we say that we strive to give you a little extra!

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