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Golden Baccarat

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Fortune Baccarat

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Golden Wealth Baccarat

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Fortune 6 Baccarat

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Mega Baccarat

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No Comm Speed Baccarat A

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Why Should I Sign Up With Spinia to Play Baccarat?

Choosing an online casino to play at may seem like a simple task at the beginning for inexperienced people.

However, what they most likely find is that it’s definitely not as easy as they may have initially thought. The thing is, you may find a casino that may satisfy one of your requirements, like having a decent selection of games, but they may be very lackluster in the promotions department. Such a thing happens often because it is indeed very rare to find a casino that manages to adequately satisfy all the major requirements of the players.

It is in this regard that we think Spinia is different. Our aim as a casino is to not only provide the best baccara casino game selection to our players, but to make sure that they have the best website and platform possible to play them on. User experience is one of the biggest focuses for us as a casino, and we are always looking for newer and more original ways to improve it.

Games aside, we believe that promotions, which are one of the biggest things that people love in an online casino, should be something that every casino should excel at, and we are willing to lead by example on that point. Our promotions are great because they are beautifully balanced in a way that they are useful and helpful for any players, regardless of how long they have been playing with online baccarat Canada with us.

Last but not least, we are very dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. As a company, we grow based on your feedback, and not only welcome it but require it to grow! As such, any and all your questions, concerns, problems, or anything else, will be fully taken into account, and everything that is within our power will be done to help you out!

Why is Spinia a Good Option for Me?

Safety is one of the things that we attach the most importance to.

Our intent is to make it so that everyone who plays at Spinia can enjoy their favorite games without having to worry about safety even for a second. All of us are aware of how many scams and frauds are going on in the world of online casinos, so providing players with a safe space should be the priority of each and every legitimate casino. So, what is it exactly that would assure you of your safety when playing at Spinia?

Spinia is a Fully Licensed Casino

Before we discuss anything safety-related, we believe it’s appropriate to talk about legal licensing first. Spinia is owned and operated by N1 Interactive Ltd, which is a Malta-based company, licensed under the number of C 81457, with the registered address of 206, Wisely House, Old Bakery Street, Valletta VLT451, Malta.

For those of you who are not aware, Malta is one of the best regulatory environments in the world for online gambling. It is even referred to as the “iGaming capital of the world”. The reason Malta received this title is because of how amazing of a job they did in creating this perfect environment where not only are the casinos able to operate perfectly, but the players are given maximum protection and safety from any kind of possibly fraudulent activity or exploitation.

It’s a win-win situation for all parties! Besides Spinia, some of the best baccarat casinos in the world are licensed in Malta precisely because of this reason. As such, with MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) being our “supervisor”, you are in the best possible hands!

What Ensures Maximum Safety at Spinia?

Now that we have that boring licensing stuff out of the way, let’s talk about something more interesting. For example, the games that you play on this website, and the very website itself.

For starters, we would like you to know that one of the primary denominators of your safety on this website are the very games you play! Why? Because every game that you use on this website is of the absolute highest quality on the market. These games are provided to us from the industry’s leading developers, meaning that high-quality software that is built with safety and integrity in mind is something that is guaranteed to you when you play baccarat game at Spinia!

Games aside, the very website itself is built with a safety-first mindset. Every little thing that you do on this website has been tested multiple times to ensure that the full safety of the players is maintained. The information that you supply to us, whether that be your payment details such as card info, or your sensitive personal information that is stored on your account, is all handled with maximum security possible. We use top technologies such as SSL encryption to make sure that your information is kept safe all throughout your gameplay at Spinia.

We are also dedicated to creating a safe space for our customers by practicing responsible gambling. We believe that providing assistance to people who may require the help of these responsible gambling policies is absolutely vital for their safety, and that’s why we work in close cooperation with people who are in need of this.

To sum this up, we believe that maintaining the safety of all players is one of the casino’s most important obligations, and with this mindset, we are intent on making Spinia the safest baccarat casino in Canada!

What are Some of the Hottest Promotions at Spinia?

Promotions are one of the main things that players are looking for when deciding which online casino to go with. This is definitely understandable, as all players are accepting a substantial risk of losing their time and money when playing, so any kind of an extra bonus that can serve as an “insurance policy” is more than welcome.

Spinia understands this very well, and that’s why every player can find a lot of great promotions available all the time and Spinia. Whether you play baccarat online games, slot games, poker, and blackjack or anything else, you can be sure that you will never experience a shortage of great promotions and bonuses at Spinia! Let’s go over some examples of what you can expect as a player at Spinia.

1. Welcome bonusesAs a new player, you have some great opportunities for great bonuses. We appreciate how much it means for a player to choose our casino to start playing at, and are willing to show it!

For your first deposit as a new player, you will be getting a 100% matching bonus on top of your deposit, for the maximum amount of $150, along with 25 free spins that can be used in our slot games. After your first deposit bonus, you have your second deposit bonus waiting right after, which will be giving you a 50% matching bonus for the max amount of $200, with 25 free spins just like the first bonus.

As a casino that is dedicated to providing the best online baccarat experience, we made sure that these bonuses are accessible to as many people as possible. These welcome bonuses are available to all players, and the only requirement is for you to not have made any deposits in the past. When you make your very first deposit, simply enter the bonus code of the promotion whilst making the deposit, and the promotion will be automatically activated on your account.

You can view the relevant codes in the promotions section. The great thing about these welcome bonuses is that they can be very useful for all players, regardless of their skill level or experience. Beginners have a great extra credit that they can use to safely gain experience with, and possibly even win some decent amount of money when starting out.

Experienced players have it even better, as even a small bonus can be turned into a lot of profit in the right hands. Plus, if they want to test out the casino, they get to test-ride it for “free”, which is great.

2. Generous reload and returning bonusesNow, while these first and second deposit bonuses are great, it’s important for a casino to have some bonuses of a more “permanent” nature. Something that every live baccarat Canada player can look forward to every week.

Spinia has some great bonuses available for all returning players, which can be a great help to boost up your winnings throughout the week.

Every Sunday, when you make your first deposit for the day, you will be given a 50% matching bonus, for the maximum amount of $350, along with 25 free spins. As you can see, it works almost the exact same way as your first and second bonuses, but you have them every Sunday! On Wednesdays, you have the weekly promotion called “Wednesday Free Spins”, which lets you get 50 free spins as a bonus. All that’s required is to make your first deposit of $60.

By now, you may have gotten a question: as a player who may possibly be here at Spinia to play baccarat gambling game only, why should you care about these free spins from these promotions? Well, the question is definitely fair. We have a lot of free spins in our promotions because slots are by far the most popular types of games that people play here.

However, even if you aren’t one of those people, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy them anyways! These spins are provided to you absolutely for free, and they have the potential to bring you more free money, so why not use it? Simply sit down for a quick game of slots whenever you have an extra minute, and who knows, maybe you can win a lot of money with them!

There are tons of more promotions that are commonly held at Spinia. We are always looking for ways to make it all exciting and full of variety for our players. We want you to not only get some great promotions and make bigger wins but have fun in the process too!

Before you participate in any of these promotions and go ahead to play your favorite game baccarat online at Spinia, we humbly ask you to spend a few extra minutes at the promotion page and fully familiarize yourself with all the important terms and conditions of these promotions.

There will be all the relevant info like wagering requirements, which is very important to know in order to avoid any unpleasant misunderstandings.

How Do Wagering Requirements Work at Spinia?

Wagering requirements are indeed one of the most important things to understand for every casino player that is participating in any of the casino’s bonuses. Why?

Because pretty much 100% of all casino promotions will have some kind of terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled, and in almost all cases, a part of these terms and conditions will be wagering requirements. Understanding wagering requirements will help you out a great deal in preventing many unpleasant “surprises” that may stem from your failure in understanding them. So, what do these wagering requirements actually mean?

Suppose you sign up at a casino and play baccarat online real money and you are given the opportunity to participate in a promotion. The promotion gives you a matching bonus of 50% for your first deposit for the day, and it also states that the wagering requirement for the bonus is 30x. What this would mean is that you would have to pay 30 times as much as the amount of the bonus that you are awarded, before you are able to withdraw the bonus from your account.

In other words, wagering requirements are what the casino demands to be the minimum conducted playthrough before the players are able to take out the bonus. The main purpose of wagering requirements is to maintain safety. They allow casinos to sustainably give out bonuses from their promotions without putting themselves at possible risk of fraud or unethical exploitation of bonuses.

Our goal with wagering requirements is to always be in the perfect middle spot, where we are giving our players maximum possible benefit, while simultaneously ensuring that we are protected from the danger of exploitation. We are always making small adjustments to these wagering requirements as time goes on and we learn better about what is the perfect balance there. What you need to know is that our wagering requirements are, always were, and always will be, very reasonable!

Who are Providers of Online Baccarat Gambling Games?

When it comes to the games, our standards are very high. The bar for the games that are added to Spinia is set extremely high. We are very, very selective as to which games get a pass. Why? Because with standards like these, when all is said and done, you are left with a library of the games that are truly amazing!

Think about it - games are something that you have direct interaction with all throughout your activity on an online casino website. Wouldn’t it make sense to make sure that these very baccarat real money games where you suspend so much time with are the highest possible quality?

Quality and playability aside, what about security? When you are putting your hard-earned money on the line, wouldn’t you want to make sure that these games are trustworthy, reliable, and stable? You would probably make sure that this is the case if you were using an online banking software, so why would an online casino software be any different, when you are putting your money there too?

Making sure that the games are high quality is extremely important for providing the best baccarat online Canada experience, and if you are on the same page with us on that, then we are both going to have a great time together! With that being said, how are Spinia’s games any different from tons of low-quality games out there? Where do the games actually come from, and who are the developers?

1. Evolution GamingIf you are here on this website to play online baccarat live dealer games, then Evolution Gaming is a name that you will come to recognize and love deeply! The reason is that Evolution Gaming is the main supplier of the live baccarat games of Spinia.

Evolution Gaming specializes in live casino games, and besides baccarat, they offer a wide range of games such as live blackjack, live poker, live roulette, and more. The way they work is that they arrange the gameplay of these live casino games, and supply them to the casinos where players can go and play.

Evolution Gaming is wildly successful. Throughout the years, they have secured themselves a spot as the king of the live casino games. They have over 5,000 employees working for them worldwide, and in one of their main locations, they have over 100 tables playing all the time. Needless to say, a company that operates with such high numbers is someone that really deserves appreciation.

The main characteristic of Evolution’s games and all of their other games is their quality, as this is that they mainly focus on the quality of their games. Their aim is to provide an experience that closely resembles the experience of an actual casino as possible, at which they are quite successful.

When playing any live casino game with them, you really get that feeling of an actual casino, thanks to their very high quality presenting equipment and actual dealers that present the game. If live baccarat games live dealer baccarat online casino games are your thing, then get ready to see Evolution Gaming a lot at Spinia!

2. MicrogamingMicrogaming specializes in software/computer-based, animated casino games. They are regarded as the very first online casino developer in the world, having created the very first online casino software back in 1994. Needless to say, they are the absolute pioneers in the industry and are exemplary in what every casino developer should be.

They have released some truly groundbreaking games, especially slot games, some of which have been released decades ago but are still among the top-played games. You can enjoy many games from our Microgaming’s baccarat card game collection, like “3D Baccarat”, “High Limit Baccarat”, and more.

We have baccarat from other developers such as Playtech and iSoftbet, but the ones mentioned above will be predominantly more common. With that being said, we would like to mention that each and every developer whose games you see at Spinia are of the highest caliber. As we mentioned before, the standard for accepting games on our website is really high, and we are dedicated to maintaining that standard at all costs, so you can get the games of only the highest quality.

The great thing is that despite this high standard for acceptance of new games, you still have unparalleled variety at Spinia! Whether it is baccarat banque baccarat or banker player card game, chemin le fer, or anything else, you can be sure that you will find it at Spinia!

Spinia currently has over 2,000 games available in the lobby, so this should give you an idea of what to expect!

Is Spinia Live Baccarat Really Much Better Than Virtual Baccarat?

We actually get this question a lot, but there is no definite answer that we can give to this question. The thing is, it all depends on you, the player. What do you prefer, and what are you looking for in your gameplay?

Some people are of the opinion that casino games are best enjoyed in their original form, namely in brick and mortar casinos. They do have a point, as most of us will probably agree that nothing compares to the feeling of going to an actual casino. The surroundings, the smell, lighting and all of the ambience of the casino like satisfying slot machine sounds are things that really cannot be replicated unless you are at an actual casino.

Because of this, many people who are looking for this “vintage” feeling are choosing to go with live online baccarat real money games. This can give them at least somewhat of a close and similar experience. If you fall under this category, then live games from developers like Evolution Gaming are probably what you should go for.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have people who don't really care all that much about the live casinos and their benefits that we just mentioned. Those people would rather enjoy their game alone, in privacy, against a computer.

Or, perhaps, they are happy to enjoy some of the benefits that software-based gameplay would bring, such as performance and precision of a computer, which removes any possibility of any mistakes. Playing a computer-based version of online casino baccarat also allows you to play the game at somewhat of your own pace, which is also a great benefit.

So, the answer to your question regarding which one is better is that you should know the answer! What are you looking for? Are you in favor of a more “authentic” experience that a live baccarat game provides you with, or are you willing to let the technology do its magic and go with the sophisticated and modern software of companies like Microgaming? Give it a thought, make a choice, and Spinia will be waiting for you to make your move!

Are Classic Baccarat Versions Available at Spinia?

As we have already mentioned, variety is one of our most important focuses.

Nobody likes playing the same games over and over again. With casino gambling being as repetitive as it is sometimes, you have to make sure that you are introducing some variety every now and then, otherwise you might be getting really bored over time.

With that being said, we are happy to say that you can play all the major versions of baccarat like baccarat punto banco and all other versions, along with some great software/computer-based baccarat games.

Moreover, we made sure that all of these games are coming from various developers, and not just one. Each developer has their own approach to developing these games, and to some degree, all of them will have their own distinct “flavor”. So, making sure that you have a lot of options in that regard is something that we deliberately planned!

Which specific game type do you prefer? Have you tried out all of them, or only one version so far? With our great welcome bonuses and weekly promotions, you can feel free to confidently try out all the major versions like banque baccarat and choose your favorite one!

Can I Play Baccarat for Free at Spinia?

Playing online casino games, including baccarat, is very commonly demanded, which comes as a surprise for a lot of people. In reality, being able to play these games for free can prove quite useful. For one, if the game is skill-based, you get to practice for free. For games like poker or blackjack, this can prove to be very useful!

In games like baccarat, this is much less pronounced, as baccarat is almost fully luck-based. With that being said, simply getting used to playing in the very same environment where you would play baccarat online for money can definitely get you more comfortable with playing in the future, so it’s always a benefit.

Some people choose to play for free due to personal reasons, such as religion. Playing for no money would be great for them, as they would still be able to enjoy the games, but money wouldn’t be a factor. Other people do it due to financial reasons, which can be obvious. If you want to enjoy your favorite games without being at the risk of losing money, being able to play these games for free is absolutely great.

Whatever reasons are for you to want to play baccarat for free, the answer is yes, you can play baccarat for free at Spinia! However, you can only play computer-based baccarat games for free, such as the ones from Microgaming. The live versions of baccarat can not be played for free.

In order to play computer-based baccarat games for free, or any other game that can be played free for that matter, all you have to do is press “Play for fun” when you hover over a game in the lobby.

Why Can’t I Play Live Dealer Baccarat for Free?

Spinia is dedicated to providing as many options to the players as possible, whether that be options for free gameplay, paid gameplay, options in regards to the promotions and bonuses, and everything else. Whatever is possible to be provided to the players, we make sure to provide. As such, there is a reason as to why we can not provide free live baccarat games.

The thing is, these live baccarat online Canada games are provided to us by companies such as Evolution Gaming. They are not hosted by Spinia, but by companies such as Evolution. All the expenses when it comes to facilitating these games are paid by Evolution Gaming.

As we mentioned before, Evolution Gaming focuses mainly on the quality of their games. As such, you can probably imagine that their expenses should be quite high! They have to pay for the rent of their space, pay off all the expenses for the equipment that they have purchased for these games, pay for the salaries of the live baccarat dealer and their training, and much more.

With so many different types of expenses, you can probably imagine that it can pile up a lot! The computer-based games are free because the software is already there and the primary bulk of expenses have already been carried out during its creation. Additionally, the game itself is being served to you by a computer, not an actual human being that needs to be paid, in an environment that needs to be paid for. This is why these games are not available to be played for free.

How Can I Join the VIP Club?

Having a loyal customer is something that is priceless for an online casino. Especially these days, when there are so many options with so many online casinos out there. As such, when we have a loyal customer that is returning to us regularly, we want to make sure that we show our appreciation in the form of generous bonuses for playing with us!

This is why we came up with our amazing VIP program, which is a bit different and unique as compared to most VIP programs. How? Well, our VIP program works in a way that everybody can participate. No matter what games you are playing, whether that be poker, blackjack, a baccarat punto banco game or anything else, and no matter how long you have been playing with us, you can still participate in the VIP program and get rewards.

Now, before we dive into the details on how it all works, you may have asked yourself - if everybody can participate in it, what’s the point of calling it a VIP program? Well, the answer is that you will see the meaning of “VIP” when you see the rewards!

The way it all works is that when you start playing games on our website, you will be automatically enrolled in our VIP program, and start off at the lowest rank, called “Rookie”. As you keep playing more games, you will be given points, which, when added up to certain amounts, let you advance through higher levels, such as “Beginner”, “Skilled”, “Lodger”, “Gambler”, “Hero”, “Master”, “Gold VIP”, “Diamond VIP”.

Upon reaching each new level, you gain bonus money as a reward. As an example, “Rookie” starts off with €5 or equivalent, “Beginner” gets you €20, and the highest possible level, which is “Elite”, gets you €50,000. As you can see, the most loyal and dedicated of the players are able to earn the biggest rewards, hence the name “VIP”!

If you want to participate in our VIP program, no extra action is required. Simply keep playing your favorite games like chemin de fer game, poker, blackjack or slots, and as you keep playing more, you will automatically advance. You can see all the important details like the ranks and their corresponding points in the VIP section of our website.

We wish you good luck, and a steady climb through the ranks!

What are the Different Ways to Make Payment at Spinia?

As a casino that pays huge attention to user experience, and wants to make sure that every player has a pleasant and hassle-free experience, payment is one of the things that we have spent the most time and energy on.

We have made sure that all the regular problems, issues and hassle that people associate with playing at a baccarat casino for real money, are taken down as low as possible at Spinia. It’s very often that we see a casino that does everything very well, and it almost seems like it’s a perfect casino, but when it comes to payment, it may be one of the worst hassles you have ever experienced!

Payment is a very large part of what constitutes one’s overall experience at an online casino, and we believe that the way it’s handled at Spinia is one of the main reasons as to why we are one of the best baccarat live casino websites casinos on the market.

When we were deciding how to structure our payment system, we wanted to make sure to focus on basic, yet essential aspects like accessibility, convenience, and safety. As such, we have a set of great payment methods that can fit almost anyone’s requirements. Let’s go over some of the most commonly-used payment methods at Spinia

1. Card paymentsAs you may have probably expected, cards are the most popular payment methods at Spinia, as is the case with pretty much every other online service. Cards are very accessible because almost everyone has them. Plus, they are very fast and convenient, making for some very easy payments, so it’s easy to see why cards would be the payment method of choice for the majority of the people who play baccarat for real money at Spinia. The specific types of cards that you can use at Spinia are Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

2. SkrillSkrill is an online payment service that is very popular right now, and used by thousands of people every single day. The way it works is very simple - you just register for an account, which is a very easy and fast process, after which, you make a deposit on your account via a card, and then use your Skrill account to pay for services that support Skrill.

Basically, it’s an e-wallet type of payment service, and is mainly used for internet services. However, people use it to pay for stuff like bills too, and to send money to their friends and family.

3. NetellerNeteller is also an e-wallet based payment system, and is very similar to Skrill. They actually work almost the same way. It allows you to deposit money on your account and use it for various services on the internet.

A great benefit of Neteller is that it rewards its loyal users with bonuses and other types of benefits that you can accumulate over time, simply for using Neteller.

Neteller and Skrill are both great payment methods that offer a payment system for a very wide range of services online. If you want to pay without using your card, these two are ideal, as they provide the closest experience.

There are many more payment options available, such as Ecopayz, Neosurf, Idebit, and more. As we said, we wanted to make sure that there are as many options as possible for our players, as versatility is very important. Make sure to check out all the available payment options at Spinia by going to the payments section.

Does Spinia Offer Customer Service?

Of course! Customer service is one of the most crucially-important things for us as a company. We want every customer of ours to be always sure, that no matter what questions, concerns or issues they may have, it will all be taken into account, and we will be doing everything in our power to help them!

If you need assistance with anything, no matter what it is, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service department either via the website’s online chat function, or by sending an email.

“Responsible Gambling”: What Does It Actually Mean?

Responsible gambling is indeed very important. One of the most important things for the players actually, and especially for the type of players who are having trouble with moderating the amount of their gameplay.

It is one of the main things that are created with safety in mind, and is actively used by casinos and players on a daily basis to maintain safety and security of the casino players. What does it actually look like, and what does it mean for Spinia and players at Spinia?

In a nutshell, responsible gambling as a whole, can be a set of practices and policies that a casino can make, with an aim to let the players moderate how much casino games they play.

Suppose you sign up at a casino to play live dealer baccarat Canada. Over time, you notice that you are actually playing too much. You decide to tone it down, because it’s distracting from your work and other obligations, but you just aren’t able to. This is where the casino can step in and assist you with the help of various responsible gambling practices. What can these responsible gambling practices look like?

The answer is that it depends, because each and every casino has their own specific approach to responsible gambling. There are some universal standard approaches that every casino uses though, such as imposing limits on the players’ accounts.

As an example, if you see that you play baccarat online live too much, and it’s getting out of control, Spinia can help you by setting up a limit on how many hours you can play daily, weekly or monthly.

Alternatively, if your problem is that you are depositing too much money, you can place a limit on how much money you can deposit on your account. In case you try to exceed this amount, the system simply will not allow you to, and your deposit will be rejected.

Another thing you can do is to impose a limit on how much money you can lose. If losing money is the problem itself, then this more of a specific approach towards the problem may prove to be more useful to you.

Aside from this, there can be a lot of different ways a casino can help the players to tackle this problem. Usually, casinos will have their own ways of how they approach issues like responsible gambling. This is definitely the case with Spinia, because we believe that the most effective approach is always the individual approach, based on the specific context and situation that the player has.

If you feel that you are facing problems with moderation and control of how much Canada baccarat casino online games you are playing, please do not hesitate to send us a message, and we will be happy to help you with playing responsibly and moderating your gameplay.


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