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Aurora Blackjack Taurus

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Immersive Roulette

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XXXTreme Lightning Roulette

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Lightning Dice

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Classic Speed Blackjack 1

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What Are the Main Reasons to Sign-Up With Spinia?

That is a very good question, and we are glad you asked it. When we say that we are one of the best online casinos out there, there is something specific that we mean by this statement. We believe that objectively speaking, a great casino is the one that manages to completely satisfy all the major requirements of what constitutes a great online casino. Time and time again we see casinos that are great at one thing, like the selection of the games, but completely fail at other things like promotions.

The main reason why we believe that Spinia is the best candidate to be your new Canadian live casino,is that we, as a casino, managed to create a product that is great on all important fronts. When you choose to play with uks, not only do you get to play some of the best online casino games out there, but you have a variety that is unmatched by most other options on the market. On top of this, you will have access to some of the best promotions and bonuses, which are regularly updated and always renewed so you can enjoy a large variety of these bonuses.

Beyond that, you get unparalleled safety and peace of mind with Spinia. As a company that pays huge attention to safety, licensing and security aspects, you can enjoy Spinia as your new live casino with a peace of mind that you just cannot get with most other casinos.

This is greatly magnified by customer service, as we are always looking for ways to improve how we approach customer care and are always looking for new ways to improve our product. Your feedback is vitally important to us, and we are always happy to hear your thoughts so we can improve further.

Who Supplies the Best Live Casino Games to Spinia?

We are very glad you asked this question. The thing is when it comes to playing live casino games online, or pretty much any casino game online, safety is one of the most important things to consider. Think about it: if you were to look for an online payment service app, you would make sure that the app is coming from trustworthy sources, from the developers that you can rely on, and from the developers who know what they are doing.

When you think about it, is online casino gaming any different? Well, it shouldn’t be, as you are risking your time, money and energy playing these games! As such, it is in your very best interest to make sure that these games are coming from people who are following all the necessary safety protocols when it comes to live casino software.

It is precisely due to this reason that we made sure to only provide the games that are coming only from the best-of-the-best in the online live casino games industry. Our priority here is to make sure that the games you are playing satisfy all the necessary requirements not only in terms of their playability but safety as well. Let’s talk about some of the developers whose live casino games are available at Spinia:

1. Evolution GamingEvolution Gaming is one of the most, if not THE most successful live casino game providers in the world. It was founded back in 2006 and has since then managed to change the face of the industry and managed to stay on top for so many years. Their arsenal of games is very large and diverse, with games like poker, roulette, blackjack, and many more.

The company has many branches in the world, including the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Canada, the UK, and many more. It is estimated that they have over 5000 employees officially working for them as of today, and they are continually growing.

With such high numbers, Evolution Gaming manages to output some very impressive numbers. At one of their locations, they have over 100 live dealer casino games tables, which is absolutely huge. Evolution gaming has a self-declared goal of being the “leading live casino provider in the world”, and so far, they seem to be doing a fine job of achieving this goal. Needless to say, you will find a lot of live casino games here at Spinia!

2. Pragmatic PlayPragmatic play is also one of the best live casino providers in the world, and they have partnered with some of the best online casinos in the world to provide one of the best live casino games on the market.

Their approach to development, as well as their general business model, is to provide games that are immersive, entertaining and reliable, by focusing on the casinos’ individual needs and requirements. They have shown us that sticking to the basics, when done right, can be as successful as any super innovative and groundbreaking idea. This focused approach allowed Pragmatic Play to create some of the best live casino games in the world for many years now, and to continually evolve and advance.

Pragmatic Play offers a very large diversity of live casino game types, with all the great games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and many more. Most importantly, these games are built by some of the best professionals, so safety and reliability are guaranteed.

These were just two examples here. There are some other providers at Spinia whose games are available, and all of them are put to the same impeccable standard for providing top-of-the-line software for our website. The bottom line is, you can be 100% sure that we never compromise on the quality of the software that we have on the website, and that will never change!

What are Spinia Live Casino Online Games?

Game availability is one of the things that we really pride ourselves on. We are firm in the belief that it is every online casino’s most basic obligation to offer up a great variety of the games. After all, details like money aside, games are a central part of this all, and enjoying them just for their own sake should be something that each one of us should practice.

When we say this, we really do mean this, and you can see it for yourself after you check out some of the best Canadian live dealer games that are available at Spinia. No matter what kind of a game is “your thing”, you can be sure that you will find it here.

Classic games like poker, blackjack, roulette and the like are presented here in all sorts of forms and versions, so you can be sure that you will have lots of variety if you do no’t like one particular game. We also have these games available from many different developers as well, which is very important, as different developers have different approaches towards how they create their live casino games. This can manifest in multiple ways, depending on the developer itself.

Table games aside, we have a huge selection of live casino slot games as well, which are also coming from the top developers like NetEnt and Microgaming. The selection is absolutely huge and can satisfy any taste.

The bottom line is, when it comes to the choice and availability of the games, there is absolutely no way you will be disappointed with us! Plus, we always make an effort to keep updating our games library, which is as important as it gets in this game. Nobody likes playing one and the same thing all the time, right?

Can I Pick a Casino Dealer for Me?

Details about the person who presents the game to you are more important than many people think. An individual with a pleasant demeanor can affect your gameplay on a much bigger level than you can imagine. After all, the main reason why we play the live casino games in the first place is because we want to experience that authentic feeling of playing in a real casino, in the presence of real casino people.

The answer to this question is yes and no. Basically, you cannot choose an exact specific dealer from a menu or anything like that, but the way it works is that whenever you go to a specific online casino Canada live dealer game, there will be several tables available that you can choose from. You can feel free to check out the tables, and choose whichever dealer and/or table you like the most.

In general, companies like Evolution Gaming make sure that they have a very large variety of dealers available. All of those dealers are very professional and conduct themselves in a manner befit to top live casino employees.

Are Live Casinos Available 24/7?

If you are a busy person and have time only at nights, when everybody else is asleep, that is not a problem at all! Here at Spinia, all the best games are available 24/7. Spinia is a casino that caters to international clients from all over the world. We do not just work in one timezone.

How are we able to provide live casino games 24/7? Well, you have to understand that these live casino games are provided to us by the international live casino providers like Evolution Gaming. These companies have thousands of employees working for them.

This means that they have more than enough “manpower” to be able to provide these live casino games online throughout the day. In fact, that is one of the main reasons as to why these companies have so many branches all around the world. Having access to employees in so many different time zones is a great advantage for being able to provide this service 24/7.

Basically, with most of the live casino companies, their game presenters work in different shifts, so you do not have to worry about not being able to play at nights or anything similar. Whatever time of the day it is that you would like to play, you can feel free to do so!

Why Are Live Casino Games More Expensive Than Others?

It is true that live casino games are a bit more expensive than “regular” types of casino games like software slots or software-based table games. There are several reasons for that, and they are all logical, if you think about it.

Software casino games are much cheaper to maintain. The bulk of the expense is in the beginning stages of their creation. After you invest a certain amount of money to create them and they are ready to go, that is mostly it. Beyond that, there are very minor expenses for the maintenance of the games, which, if the games were properly developed by decent developers, is a drop in the bucket compared to the initial expenses.

When it comes to real live online casino games, it is quite different. Even after you set up the environment in which the games will be presented, which can itself be quite expensive sometimes, developers have to deal with continual maintenance expenses. This can be in the form of payment for the presenters themselves, among many.

Also, the whole point of live casino games is to promote those feelings of high class casino spirit, which is in no way synonymous with the word cheap. Knowing this, it is easy to understand why software-based versions of casino games are, on average, cheaper than the live casino versions.

Can I Compete Against Other Players at

The world of online casino gaming can definitely be a lonely place sometimes. The thing is, when you are there playing all alone, by yourself, against a computer software or a roulette wheel, the lack of social interaction can indeed get to you sometimes. Humans are social creatures, and as such, any opportunity for social interaction is very much appreciated. This is exactly the reason why social casino games have been growing in popularity so much over the years.

With that being said, what about our competitive side? This can be equally as important, especially for the people who really enjoy competitive aspects of games, whether that be live slots real money or anything else.

If you are one of those people who would appreciate a friendly competitive spirit, you will be glad to enjoy our great tournaments system, which is a great way to compete against other players and earn some rewards in the process. This is actually one of the features of our website that we are especially proud of. So, how does the tournament system actually work?

Well, it is quite simple, really. Tournaments are available to every single player on our website. In fact, tournaments are held automatically, and all players are automatically participating in every tournament.

All that is required of you is to just play live casino games on our website, and as you win them, you will gain points. With each and every point, you will advance further in the leaderboards, and naturally, the ones with the biggest number of wins and the biggest amount of points will be the leaders.

These tournaments, specifically in the case of table games and live casino games, are held every four days, and, again, participation is automatic, as long as you keep playing the games. Throughout the tournament, you can monitor the leaderboards, to check where you stand in the competition.

As for the prizes, it depends on the individual competition, so always make sure to check that on the tournaments page. Speaking of which, please make sure to fully acquaint yourself with all the relevant rules, terms and conditions of the tournament, to make sure that you are fully informed of all the important details and are better-geared to participate in these tournaments.

How Can I Play Casino Games at Spinia?

Payment is quite possibly one of the most important things when it comes to online casinos. The thing is, it is quite common for an online casino to have almost seemingly perfect: great bonuses, an amazing selection of games, fanciest-looking website, etc, but they may be absolutely awful when it comes to providing a decent deposit/withdrawal system. If you ask many experienced players who have seen a lot of online casinos, they will definitely attest to that.

This is rather unfortunate, as convenient payment is really one of those things that is a must-have for any good online casino. We are fully aware of this, and that is why we made sure that our payment system is as accessible, convenient, fast and effective as possible.

Whether you are paying for live slot machines or any other service on our website, you can be sure that you will not be met with any hassle when it comes to payment. What are some of the most common ways that people prefer to pay on our website, and why?

Card payments
Online casinos aside, cards are universally the most popular payment method for pretty much anything these days. Due to the benefits like their speed, convenience, and accessibility, they remain the absolute king of payment methods. For the reasons mentioned, cards are the most popular payment method on our website too.

You can use your Visa, Mastercard and Discovery card to make easy, fast and safe payments to deposit on, or withdraw from, your Spinia account.

Skrill is an internet payment service that is used by millions of people around the world. Especially within the last few years, it has become extremely popular and has secured itself as one of the preferred payment methods for pretty much any purpose, whether that be paying bills, sending money to friends and family, and many more. Tons of players at Spinia use Skrill to play live casino for real money with Skrill precisely because it is so convenient, fast and cheap to use.

Many of the experienced players really like Skrill, as it allows them to use one same account with multiple different websites. Benefits like these that give players a lot of room for flexibility are really appreciated and is exactly what made Skrill as popular as it is today.

Neteller is very similar to Skrill. They work the almost exact same way, so we will not go into too much detail here. All that you need to know is that they both share the very same qualities of speed, convenience, and accessibility.

Many people also like Neteller because of their great prepaid card option, which is used by many casino players who like to top up their account with quick transactions. In any case, Neteller and Skrill are a really great way to deposit and withdraw if you are looking for an experience similar to using your card.

There are, of course, many other payment methods here at Spinia. All of them are similar to the ones just described, and all of them work great, depending on our specific requirements. You can feel free to check out all of the available payment methods at the deposit/withdrawal pages.

Why are Real Live Online Casino Games so Popular?

It is no secret that live casino games are very popular right now. Thousands upon thousands of people get on their computers every single day to play these live casino games. How did it come to that, and what are its main reasons?

Well, most people would probably agree, that going to an actual physical casino is the best experience for gaming. While that is true, we need to understand that the reason that people think this way is because of the aura itself that emanates from real casinos.

No kind of a casino game feels quite like sitting down at a fancy wooden table at the casino and serving high-quality, well-made cards and chips that you can touch with your hands. Add in all the sensory input and “ambience” of the casinos like sounds, smell and lighting, and you have something special.

Now, when you switch to the online versions, you have a completely different thing. While still fun and enjoyable, software-based games really cannot hold the candle to actual casinos. This is where casino online live games come in. The main thing that people are looking for in them is the experience that is closer to the “original”, the more authentic version for a physical casino.

These live casino games allow players to enjoy gaming from the comfort of their homes, in full privacy and convenience, all the while having an experience that is much closer to the “real” casino.

Knowing this, it really is not hard to understand why live casino games are so popular nowadays. As we, the humans, become more and more dependent on the internet and migrate all of our favorite hobbies and activities to the online world, solutions like live online casino real money is what the majority of true lovers of casino gaming will go for.

How Can I Make a Deposit at Spinia?

Considering how much fraud happens online on a daily basis and the number of people that are affected, it is very common that a lot of people may feel a bit apprehensive about providing card details. It happens to the best of us, so it is completely understandable.

However, we would like you to know that Spinia is one of the most safe websites where you can use your card to play live casino for real money. Now, any casino could say that, including the non-trustworthy ones. However, we put our money where our mouth is. We have already talked about how seriously we take the licensing issues, and that we are licensed by the Maltese government, which has one of the strictest and most effective regulatory environments in the world.

Beyond that, we want to stress the point that we take the international standards of security measures extremely seriously. All payment information provided to us by the customers is subject to extremely tight levels of security and top-level encryption like SSL.

You can rest assured that your information is completely safe with us, and has no chance of going to the wrong hands. Your safety is extremely important to us, and we will go to all the lengths necessary to maintain it.

With that being said, if you still would like to refrain from using your card due to personal reasons, that is completely understandable. There are tons of ways you can deposit on your account to play live casino online at Spinia.

Whether it is the security concerns of losing your card details that concerns you, or if you would like to use a more private payment method, you have the full freedom to choose from one of the many payment options that Spinia has. Payment options like Neosurf, Webmoney, Neteller, Skrill and many similar ones are all available here. All of them are great payment options, and are used by hundreds of our clients every single day.

Is Spinia a Licensed Casino?

We are very glad that you asked this question, because as a casino that invests a huge amount of time, energy and money into all the relevant security measures, we are happy to hear when players are actually concerned about this. Sadly, this is not a very common occurrence, as many players criminally underrated the importance of security and safety when choosing their new online casino to play at.

This, of course, makes no sense, as I’m sure many of you would agree, that if you were looking for some kind of online service, you would first make sure that they are legitimate and that you are safe from possible fraud. Needless to say, the casinos are no different, and should not be exempt from such scrutiny.

With all this being said, we want you to know that Spinia is one of the top live casinos in the world that provide you with exceptional safety. What allows us to make this statement?

First, let’s discuss licensing. Spinia is owned and operated by N1 Interactive Ltd, which is a Malta-based company, licensed under the number of C 81457, with the registered address of 206, Wisely House, Old Bakery Street, Valletta VLT451, Malta.

As a company that is regulated and supervised by the Maltese government, you can be sure that you are guaranteed the absolute highest standards of security. Why would this be the case? Well, because, for those who are uninitiated, Malta is hailed as the “iGaming capital of the world”, and some of the best live online casinos are directly in their regulatory grasp.

The reason Malta got this title is because of how terrific of a job they did with creating the best possible regulatory environment to ensure that not only are these companies and casinos prospering but that the players themselves are provided with an impeccable standard of security.

This all means that when it comes to supervision and oversight, you have the absolute biggest, the most trusted and most reliable authority on the global market watching over us. Objectively speaking, your safety is in the best hands!

Licensing and legal matters aside, your safety is also increased by the mere fact that the real live casino slots games themselves, or all the other games that are on our website, are of the absolute highest quality, coming from some of the best developers in the world. To make the long story short here, your bases are covered on all fronts, and if there is any website where you can feel safe, it is Spinia!

We encourage you to give our website a try; with the great bonuses and other perks that you can find here, there is absolutely no reason for you not to try!

Can I Play Online Live Games for Free at Spinia?

When people hear that there are actually a lot of people playing casino games for free, they instantly show a confused face. Sure, it is understandable that many of the people are there to play casino games exclusively for the money. Or, at the very least, enjoy playing because of the fact that there is something at stake, and that usually is money for most people.

However, there are actually a lot of legitimate reasons why someone would want to play casino games for free. They may want to first check how the software works if they have been playing with a different provider in the past. Or, one may want to hone their skills before they commit to playing with actual money.

Whatever the reasons may be, playing online casino games for free is very common, and yes, you can play live slots other games available at Spinia for free! All that is required is to go to the lobby, hover over a game, and press “Play for Fun”.

Does Spinia Have Any VIP Programs?

In this day and age, with so many online casinos out there, and with players having so many of these options at their disposal, having a loyal returning customer is absolutely priceless. We as a casino that appreciates their players are fully aware of this, and that is why we have a great VIP system available for all of our players.

Now, you may wonder, when we say that the VIP program is available for ALL players, then what is the point of the word VIP? Well, the answer to that question is very easy. The word VIP really solidifies its meaning here when you see the different rewards for different levels and ranks.

Basically, the more live Canadian casino online games you play, the more VIP points you get, and further along with the ranks, you climb with your account. The ranks are different for their respective amount of points. You start off with “Rookie”, then advance through many ranks like “Gold”, eventually leading up to “Elite”, which is reserved only for the most dedicated of the players.

Though each and every player gets to participate in this VIP program even if they have a really low amount of games, the rewards are appropriate to the ranks. This system is built in a way that everyone gets a fair chance to participate, but gives out the best rewards to only the most dedicated, as befits a true VIP program.

We encourage you to go ahead and check out in detail our whole VIP section. You will find all the necessary info there like how many points correspond to each rank, what kind of rewards you can get, and many more.

Are There Any Canadian Live Casino Promotions at Spinia?

Of course! Promotions are one of the most important things that people are looking for in an online casino. Everybody loves them, and who could blame them? With so much time, money and energy that people are investing when playing online casino games, it is only fair that they would expect some decent promotions from the casino.

This is exactly why we worked very hard to come up with a great promotion system for all our players. Our promotions are great, because not only do they provide some amazing bonuses, but they have a lot of variety too, meaning they can fit all kinds of players, whether they are beginners or returning players.

Let’s look at some of the most commonly-available promotions on our website, examine how they work, and compare their benefits.

1. Welcome promotions
Welcome promotions are one of the most common ones on our website, and also one of the most beloved ones. Our live casino welcome bonus is given out to all the new players who join us and make their first deposit. Generally, every new player who joins the platform is eligible for them. Only one welcome bonus is allowed for each individual player, and any attempts at circumventing this rule by creating a new account from a different IP or doing anything similar will result in the suspension of one’s account.

The exact amount of bonuses are often changed so we can always improve the promotions, but as an example, right now you can get a 100% matching bonus for your very first deposit of a maximum amount of $150, as well as free spins that you can use in our live casino slots online. Everyone is eligible for the bonus, as long as they meet the only requirement, which is for them to be a new player who hasn’t had an account with us in the past.

These bonuses are very popular among new players, as these kinds of welcome bonuses can be a great aid to anyone looking to get started with our games. Having that extra bonus in your account can definitely make a lot of things easier, as it allows you to try out a lot of different things without having to worry about losing too much of your own money, which can be very important for beginners, as it teaches them a lot of things that they would have otherwise missed.

Likewise, for the experienced players, these bonuses are equally great, if not even better. In the hands of an experienced player, even a small additional bonus has the potential to be turned into a lot of money. Plus, it is very common for these experienced players to be playing at multiple different websites at the same time, and be constantly looking for the next better casino to play at. Having these kinds of welcome bonuses waiting for them is always a great thing.

2. Re-deposit Bonuses
First-time bonuses are hardly the only bonuses available here at Spinia. It is not like we only care about the new players here. Nothing could be further from the truth. Having returning customers is something that every casino should appreciate, and we are willing to show that by an example.

For all the returning players here at Spinia, they can enjoy some of our very frequent and beneficial promotions to help them increase their winnings! Let’s look at some of these recurring bonuses as an example:

3. Second deposit bonus
If you already claimed your welcome bonus and are looking for more, you are in luck - Spinia offers a great promotion for the players’ second deposits. All the second deposits with a maximum amount of $200 will be eligible for a 50% matching bonus, as well as 25 free spins for slots.

4. Sunday redeposit bonuses
If you are looking for a promotion of a more permanent nature, then you will love our Refill promotion which is held every Sunday, and provides a 50% matching bonus and 25 slot spins for the maximum deposit of $350.

Our players are particularly fond of this bonus, as it is always nice to have a bonus of permanent nature that you can always look forward to every week. If you get lucky, this bonus can give you a very nice boost for the week, and put you on a very good upward spiral!

5. Wednesday free spins
Although this particular bonus may not be all that relevant for live table games, and is geared towards the slot players, there is no harm in partaking in it, as some of them can actually be used in our live slot games, and even when they cannot, you can always make use of the bonus and in case of winning, use it on whichever live table game you want!

The way this promotion works is that if you make a minimum deposit off $60, you will be instantly eligible for 50 free spins. 25 of them will be credited to you immediately, and the rest after 24 hours. As mentioned, even if you are not playing slot games at all, you can definitely still partake in the promotion, and try to put the bonus to use. Who knows, maybe you can win a decent amount that you can then use in other games!

This was only a sneak peek into our best live casino bonus system. There is a lot, lot more where it came from! One of our priorities is to ensure that we always keep up the variety of these bonuses as much as possible, so that not only are you getting some amazing benefits from these bonuses but that it is more fun and varied, so that you do not get bored with one and the same thing all the time.

Because of this, we encourage you to go ahead and check out all of the current bonuses available at Spinia in the “Promotions” tab. Make sure to always keep an eye out for that page, as we always update our bonuses, so there will always be new ones there.

What are the Key Differences Between Live Casino and Software-Based Games?

Although both allow you to play the exact same games that follow the exact same rules, there can be quite a lot of differences! For one, obviously, one is performed in “real-life”, while the other is “orchestrated” by computer software.

Now, one of the main reasons why people prefer to live casino games over the software-based ones is because of the fact that it offers more “real”, authentic experience. Sure, nothing will be more real and authentic than going to an actual brick and mortar casino, sitting down at the table and playing it there. However, these games have really come far in the last few years.

The quality at which these games are presented is really high, and for many people, it is enough to be at least comparable to an actual casino experience. Companies like Evolution Gaming have really set the bar high, with their strengths like great casino presenters, the closely-replicated atmosphere of the casino, and many more.

We are in no means saying that software-based casino games do not have any merit. Far from the truth. However, this feeling of getting something much closer to the original is the very reason why live casino games are becoming, and have already become, so popular.

Is There Anyone to Help Me Out at Spinia?

There are probably very few people who would argue against the fact that customer service is one of the most important things for the customer in any kind of business. The comfort of having someone there to assist you in case of having an issue is really reassuring, but even more reassuring is knowing that the said customer service is reliable, and actually cares about your well-being.

Curiously, customer service is one of the things that people really underestimate when it comes to choosing their best live dealer online casino Canada. Which is rather unfortunate, because as a player, you owe it to yourself to go with the company that is willing to provide the best customer service to you.

Customer service, for us as a casino and as a company, is one of the most crucially important things. Ensuring that our customers are adequately cared for and given assistance when needed is our utmost priority. Your feedback, and knowing how satisfied or dissatisfied you are with our service, is the very compass that we use to guide our product towards betterment.

If you at any point feel that you need any assistance with any kind of an issue, whether that be related to the games themselves or anything else on our website, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service department, and they will be glad to assist you. You can reach them either via the online chat function or by sending an email.

Can I Play Spinia Games With My Mobile Device?

Of course! While using a computer is probably the best option due to the benefits like a large screen and more convenient gameplay due to the usage of mouse and keyboard, every single game on our website can be played on your mobile devices.

As we mentioned many times by now, all the games that are hosted on Spinia are coming to form the top developers in the world. The developers like Evolution Gaming, Microgaming and NetEnt make a lot of effort to create games on mobile devices that are pretty much on the same level as the computer ones.

In fact, you could argue that with how well many of the mobile live casino game versions are optimized, they can sometimes run even better than they run on the computers! Mobile devices are quite powerful today, so when competing against a computer’s browser which has limited functionality and capabilities, they can sometimes even be a better choice for gaming!

All in all, one of our main priorities here is to make everything more accessible, easy and convenient for you, so if you are looking to play our games on your mobile devices or tablets, feel free to play away!

How to Win Online Live Casino Games on

When it comes to gambling, winning is a huge part of it. And it is not even about money in many cases. The moment when you win after lots of ups and downs is a feeling like no other. That is the main reason why most of us play in the first place, money aside. While playing itself is really fun, and you can definitely enjoy gaming for its own sake, winning is the central part that puts it all together.

We all know that you cannot always win. Losing is a part of the game. However, there are definitely things that you can do to greatly improve your chances of winning games.

Know your games
The beauty of live casino games is that they are the type of games where you can significantly affect the outcome based on your skills. When it comes to live slots online, there is not all that much that you can do to win. All that is required of you is to select the bet amount, press a button, and see what happens. It is all luck-based, meaning that your input is minimal there.

Now, in the case of live casino games, which are mostly played for the classic table games like poker, blackjack and roulette, your skill takes a huge role. A good poker player can change the whole course of the game with a single good bluff.

Same goes for blackjack. Player’s skill can really be the biggest determining factor on how much they win. Roulette, while also luck-based, still, to a degree, can be played “correctly” and “incorrectly”, as there are tons of combinations of numbers you can place the bets on.

The point is, Canada live casino games real money offer a lot of opportunities for the players to affect how their winnings go, unlike slot games, where you are fully at the mercy of your luck.

Have a budget and know your limits in advance
One of the things that is criminally underrated when it comes to casinos is setting up your budget and your limits in advance. The point is, when you have a certain predetermined amount that you are willing to work with, you are automatically more in control. This way you can also control how much you lose, in case you do lose.

It is about how much you win in total, like the idea of losing the battle but winning the war. You may have a bad day today, but if you control how much money you lose, you can come back stronger tomorrow, and win an amount that is way more.

This also helps you prevent impulsive decisions that may be a result of losing a few games. In those moments, we think without heart, not our brain, and are much more prone to making bad calls. By having a budget past which you physically cannot go, you are automatically in a much safer spot.

Last but not least: have fun!
Last but not least, make sure to have fun. You may think that this has nothing to do with winning, and we would tell you that you are severely underestimating how important having fun is when it comes to boosting your chances of winning.

When you are playing at best live casinos and are having fun in the process, everything becomes just naturally more easy. You are less stressed and less likely to make any rash decisions, and at the same time, you are more appreciative of the game itself, and are able to learn much more by being able to enjoy the game for its gameplay aspects.

What are Wagering Requirements at Spinia?

Wagering requirements are probably one of the most important details to be aware of for all the players who are interested in partaking in the casinos’ bonuses. Yet, unfortunately, they are also one of the most misunderstood and underappreciated subjects. This causes a lot of misunderstandings among players, and the truth is, if more players took their time in understanding what they are and how it affects them, everything would be much easier for them. So, what do wagering requirements actually mean, and how do they work?

Generally speaking, wagering requirements are basically the terms and conditions that come with casino promotions, and they dictate how much playthrough is required to withdraw the bonus of the promotion. As an example, if a live dealer casino bonus has a wagering requirement of 25x, you are required to conduct 25 times the amount of the bonus that you receive to be able to withdraw the bonus amount.

Now, what purpose do these requirements serve? Many purposes, actually. The main one is to ensure that these bonuses are not used in a fraudulent and abusive manner. This is in place to ensure that the casino is protected from people that would attempt to abuse these bonuses. It also makes it possible to give out these bonuses in a sustainable manner. Giving out these bonuses wouldn't be possible if there weren’t some measures in place to ensure safety.

When it comes to wagering requirements, our goal was to come up with a system that will allow us to hold the middle ground between being able to provide the players with the absolute best possible bonuses for playing games on our website, while at the same time maintaining all the necessary standards to ensure the casino’s safety. Always looking for this sweet spot is what allows us to continually satisfy our players with the best live casino online bonuses, while keeping reasonable standards of safety and sustainability.

It is also our goal to always review these standards. We always examine each and every small aspect of our product, to make sure that every opportunity to improve it, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, is used to its fullest potential, aiding us greatly in our goal of being the best live casino Canada.

How Can I Take a Break from Gambling at

While gambling is a lot of fun and it can be a really positive experience for many people, sometimes, taking a break is definitely a must-do. It is really one of the things that is required for you to keep this as an enjoyable activity, as opposed to keep playing compulsively, to the point where the enjoyment is completely taken out of the picture.

Often, a well-timed small break can be very beneficial, and help you come back very rejuvenized. It is all about balance, and we are more than glad to help you achieve that balance.

If you at any point feel that you need a break from Canadian live casino online real money gaming, especially because of the fact that you think you are harming yourself from playing too much, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service department, and they will be glad to help. We have an extensive set of responsible gaming policies, which are specifically designed for this purpose.

How Does Spinia Practice Responsible Gaming?

We all know how fun gambling can be. For those of us who really enjoy it, hours can pass like seconds. You sit down for a quick game, and the next thing you know, you have been playing for hours. In some cases though, this can be a huge problem.

Unfortunately, many people have problems with controlling how much of Canadian live casino real money games they are playing, and they may be prone to playing in amounts that would be detrimental to their financial and mental well-being. For people like this, it is very important to receive assistance. It is in situations like these that responsible gaming practices can be a godsend. SO, what do they mean, and how do they actually work?

Responsible gaming is a concept that can be best-described as a set of practices and rules that a casino can implement to help the players that need assistance with controlling the amount of gaming.

There are tons of ways a casino can do this, and it all varies depending on the individual casino itself, and, of course, the individual player. What exactly do casinos normally do to help players out?

To give you the most common example, which also happens to be the most effective approach in the majority of the cases, is that casinos can impose different limits on what a player can do. This is one of the most effective steps that your average Canadian live casino online can take. Let’s examine how.

A player can limit how much money they may be able to deposit to play games. This is a great solution for players who are anxious because they are gambling with too high amounts of money. Alternatively, they can set a limit on how much they can lose per week. For the players who are facing financial problems due to the amount that they are losing, they can limit the damage this way.

If money is not the issue here, and it is that you are simply spending too much time playing, then you can also set up time limits as well. Here at Spinia, you can put limits on how much time you can spend playing monthly, weekly, or daily. After exceeding your allowed time, you simply will not be able to keep playing.

While all these measures are very effective and are helpful for thousands of players, for some people it is not as easy, and quitting “cold turkey” is the only option. This is common not only with people who have a problem with gambling problem, but with people who have problems with too much alcohol, smoking, and more.

If a player falls under this category, they have a great option at Spinia that they can utilize. The “cool-off period”, which is a feature at Spinia, lets you temporarily suspend your account. During the cool-off period, you will be unable to make any deposits and play any games with your account, and also will be unsubscribed from any newsletters about promotions and other benefits that may entice you to come back.

This is an extremely effective way to give you some much needed time and space in case you find yourself playing way more than you are comfortable with. These were just a few examples of what a casino can do to help the players who need this kind of assistance. The most effective of these types of practices is to come up with an individual solution for the individual player.

If you feel that you need this assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service department, and they will be glad to assist you. We are firmly dedicated to our mission of being the best online live casino Canada, and your feedback is a vital and crucial part that can help us achieve that goal.


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