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I am a beginner, looking to play jackpot slots in Canada. What can I expect from Spinia?

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, Spinia has something for everyone. Here at this website, we are committed to providing service that is held up to an impeccable standard. It is our firm belief that online gambling games are much more than something to just try and win money with. For many, money is secondary, and it is the enjoyment of the actual gameplay that is paramount.

As such, we believe that it is our obligation to maintain the quality and service of the highest possible standard. If there is one thing that we can guarantee, it is that we will take your experience and enjoyment of your gameplay here very seriously. Whether you are looking for table games, live casino games or best gambling jackpot slots online, you can satisfy all of your requirements here at Spinia.

And, most importantly, you can do that with peace of mind. As a company that pays huge attention to safety and security, we take to heart all the international standards of what makes up a great online casino and are always looking for ways to further improve and polish our service.

When it comes to actual games themselves, we only choose to go with the best-of-the-best providers. The gameplay is a very huge factor of what constitutes an enjoyable casino experience and is always one of our priorities. It is precisely because of this reason, that as you will notice, all of the games that we house on our website are only from the best international developers.

Here at Spinia, we take each and every one of your concerns, wishes, and opinions close to heart, and are always looking for your feedback. Your opinion does matter to us, and you will see that we mean this after you experience our customer service. What is more, we believe that every loyal customer needs to be shown that they are valued and appreciated, and that is why we firmly believe that we have one of the best bonus systems on the market.

All in all, we fully believe in, and stand behind our products and services, and will do all it takes to continue delivering some of the best jackpot slots online!

What is the difference between regular and progressive jackpots on Spinia.com?

The word jackpot is a bit misunderstood nowadays. The thing is, when most people hear the word “jackpot”, they think of these gigantic, life-changing wins that completely change your life in a flash. Though this does not happen often, it is not necessarily the case with all jackpots.

What we mean, is that there are actually two types of jackpots, a “regular” jackpot, and a “progressive” jackpot, and when we are talking about those huge and mind-boggling wins, we are talking about some of those best progressive slots online.

The difference between the two is easy to understand. The regular jackpots are native and local to their own specific game, and they are fixed. When a game has a jackpot, it will always come with this predetermined jackpot amount, and anyone who wins a jackpot in this game will get this same amount. Pretty simple.

However, with progressive jackpots, it is completely different. If a game comes with a progressive jackpot, it will not only start out with the game’s native jackpot amount, but it will, as the name implies, keep progressing to a higher and higher amount. The idea is that each and every time a wheel is spun in the slot by any player, a small percentage of the bet will be going towards the jackpot, increasing it by a bit.

This means that every time someone places a bet, the jackpot’s amount increases. When the jackpot is won, it resets back to the game’s original jackpot amount, and so on and on. The more popular a slot, the higher the jackpot can go. For most popular slots, which are played by huge amounts of people, these jackpots can go to staggering numbers.

On Spinia.com, you have a very wide selection of some of the biggest classic and best new casino progressive slots online, where the possibilities of winning are endless!

How do you tell “progressive jackpot slot machines” apart from “online slot progressive jackpots”?

The debate of online vs offline has a very big history in the world of online gambling. Both sides of the argument have people who are staunch defenders of the one, while opposing the other. The point is, both of those definitely have their own advantages for their own specific cases, giving way to a lot of debate over which one is actually superior.

There is not a whole lot of difference between the two, at least in a sense of how they work. However, one very simple, yet at the same time often overlooked benefit that online slots have over playing progressive slots offline, at least in relation to their winnings, is the fact that they can sometimes go much higher.

Seeing as some of the online casinos, Spinia included, have thousands of players playing their games every single day, these progressive jackpots have the potential to go to really high amounts. This advantage of far wider outreach is one of the main reasons as to why online progressive slots are so beloved by most of the gamblers.

As such, the benefit of going online, in this particular case, does not just end at being able to play from the comfort of your home in privacy. Rather, it gives you a huge advantage of higher possible winnings, making progressive slots very attractive.

What are some of the top developers, responsible for the best progressive jackpots on Spinia.com?

When it comes to Canadian casino jackpot slots, or any kind of an online casino game for that matter, one of the most important points is where the actual software of the game comes from. Sadly, this also happens to be one of the details that many of the beginners overlook, which is absolutely unacceptable.

Think about it: if you are going to use a payment-processing software, you are going to make absolutely sure that it is reliable. If you are going to use a movie-streaming application, you are going to make sure that it performs well. If you are going to play a video game, you are going to make sure that it is developed well-enough to provide an enjoyable experience. You see where we are going?

The point is, if you are going to risk your hard-earned money, your time and your energy playing an online casino game, it should be one of your biggest priorities to ensure that the software of these games is stable, trustworthy and reliable. We make sure that the games that we offer on our website are held to the highest imaginable standards.

We do this by offering the games only from the established and trustworthy developers, who have a proven track record of providing some of the best games out there. Let’s look at couple of them below:

NetEnt is one of the most successful casino game developers in the world. Having operated for almost three decades now, it has huge experience, and has developed some of the most well-performing and popular classic games on the market, including Starburst, Dead or Alive, the Book of Dead series, and many more.

NetEnt’s games are distinguished by their ability to provide great performance and software aspects like graphics, while maintaining fun aspects and playability. Here at Spinia, you will find some of NetEnt’s best progressive slot games.

Microgaming is regarded as the first-ever online casino developer in the world. Needless to say, their experience is unparalleled, and they are one of the most highly-respected developers in the world. They have developed dozens of classic games like the Thunderstruck and Tomb Raider series.

When it comes to jackpot slots, MicroGaming knows their game. In fact, Microgaming's Mega Moolah currently holds the Guinness world record for biggest-ever jackpot win in a slot game, undoubtedly making it one of the best online progressive slots ever. As such, we are very happy to say that we have some of Microgaming's most popular and beloved games here at Spinia, and you can feel free to enjoy them to your heart’s content!

I played a lot of online slots and I am now interested in new jackpot slots. Does Spinia have any?

In the world of online casinos, few things matter as much as variety. Do not get us wrong: we, as well as most other people who play online slots, love and appreciate classic games from experienced developers very deeply. Games like the Book series, Tomb Raider, etc are still loved and extensively played all around the world. These games have stood the test of time because of how well-made they are and how playable they are still to this day.

With that being said, playing the same old games for years on end can get really tedious. Especially for the new players who know many of these games inside-out, it is sometimes very necessary to spice it up a bit, by playing some new games.

Here at Spinia, from our huge list of Canadian jackpot slots, you can enjoy a very large selection of slot games which gets regularly updated. As of this writing, we have some great new games that we added just recently, including Sticky Bandits: Wild Return, Rainbow Jackpots Power Lines, Hypernova Megaways, Dragon Chase, and much more.

Are there any promotions for online casino progressive slots on Spinia.com?

Yes, there are! If there is one thing that we pride ourselves with, it is our bonus system, which we created and implemented through many hours of research and examination, with a goal of finding the best possible system so that our customers can get as much benefit as possible, while simultaneously making sure that they are conducive with security and safety concerns.

What Kind of bonuses are there available at Spinia? Well, that is the fun part, because there are so many different kinds of bonuses:

Welcome Bonuses
We have some great welcome bonuses available for all the new players that join the platform. The most common ones that we give out are the matching bonuses, which is going to be a percentage of your first deposit, sometimes even a 100% matching bonus!

Beyond that, you will be getting free spins as well, which you can use to play progressive slots online at Spinia! These are great boosts for all new players, and gives them a decent head start that they can use to potentially win a lot of money.

Redeposit Bonuses
These bonuses are given out to the returning players as a reward for continuously playing. They are given out after continuous deposits, and in different amounts, depending on the frequency of the redeposits. There can be daily, weekly, or monthly re-deposit bonuses. Rarer the bonus, higher the reward. These kinds of bonuses are usually the favorite type for the veteran players, as it lets them get a lot of benefit due to the frequency at which they play.

Wednesday Free Spins
For the lovers of online casino jackpot slots, this one is probably gonna be a favorite! Every Wednesday, Spinia will give you 50 free spins for the Lost Relics slot, for making a deposit of at least $45.

These were all just quick examples. There are many other types of bonuses, and they all have their advantages for their own specific cases. Also, we constantly add new ones to introduce variety in this, so always make sure to keep an eye out for the new bonuses and promotions that you can enjoy at Spinia!

Are there any competitions for those of us playing progressive jackpot slots online on Spinia.com?

Here at Spinia, we believe that gambling is more than just trying out your luck at winning money, but rather, it is something that can, and should, be enjoyed as a process itself. As such, we always look for new ways to make the whole process more fun, engaging and enjoyable. That is why we came up with our wonderful tournaments and competition system, in which all players can participate to make this more fun and interesting.

After playing their first hand, each and every player at Spinia is automatically participating in tournaments, where they compete against other players for prizes. These tournaments are various and different. As an example, for those who play top progressive slots on our website, a competition may be for who places the biggest winning bet in a certain slot game. For blackjack players, those winning the most rounds can go on the first place, and so on. With the number of games on our website, the possibilities are endless!

We are always looking for newer and more unique ways to implement these competitions for those playing jackpot slot online at our website to greatly increase their winnings! It is our priority to ensure that not only are you rewarded, but you are having a lot of fun in the process with the help of the competition aspect!

As for the rewards, they, also, depending on the competition itself. Harder the challenge, the higher the reward. All the current tournaments are listed in the tournaments section, so make sure to keep checking out all of them.

Will I be eligible for any VIP benefits, while playing casino progressive slots on Spinia.com?

Spinia is fully aware of how precious and valuable a loyal customer is for a casino, and that’s why we have an amazing VIP program for our customers who play jackpot slots Canada at our website. However, our VIP program is different from all the rest. On our website, every user can participate in the VIP program! How does this work?

In a nutshell, players can automatically participate in the program by making the first deposit and playing the first game. After this, the more you return to play, the more benefits you can get. The system is very fun and challenging, as there are ranks that you can reach for milestones, and the higher you go, higher the rewards.

Is it legal to play jackpot slot games at Spinia?

Proper licensing is one of the most important parts of any online casino. As a player, it should be your number one priority to ensure that the casino that you are going with is licensed and regulated by the proper legal authorities.

Any time you are making a deposit or playing at an online casino, you are betting on their trustworthiness and reliability, so you better be sure that your casino can be trusted. As such, making sure that the casino is licensed should be the very first thing you look for.

Spinia is owned and operated by N1 Interactive LTD, which is a company that is a Malta-based company, licensed under the number of C 81457, with the registered address of 206, Wisely House, Old Bakery Street, La Valletta VLT451, Malta.

Spinia is licensed and regulated by Malta, which is regarded as the iGaming capital of the world. Malta has achieved this title by creating one of the best legal environments for the online casinos to prosper while maintaining the absolute highest security standards for the players.

Each and every online casino that is licensed by Malta, ours included, is subject to the highest possible standards of scrutiny when it comes to compliance and adherence to the legal practices. Therefore, the next time you are playing the best casino jackpot slots online at Spinia, make sure to remember this.

Does Spinia have a proper customer support team?

You may find a casino with the biggest selection of games, fanciest website, or with the biggest bonuses, but it all means nothing unless you are given adequate customer service. Think about it: by playing at an online casino, you are investing your time, money and energy, all of which are the most important resources for us humans. Therefore, decent customer service is the absolute bare minimum that you are 100% owed. As such, it should be one of your biggest deciding points for which casino to go with.

Here at Spinia, we take customer service extremely seriously. Our approach is that if the customer is happy, everything else will simply fall into place, and that is why you will find that we are willing to accommodate everything to your needs as much as possible.

It's one of our biggest goals to ensure that our customer service is as helpful in every regard as possible. We highly appreciate any and all information that is given to us from our customers in the form of feedback, and always encourage open communication regarding any and all issues. Whatever you may need help with, you can feel free to reach out to our customer service department, which is available 24/7 for you. You may reach them either via online chat function on the website or by sending us an email.

I want to take a bit of a break from gaming. How can Spinia help me?

We all know how fun playing the best jackpot slots online can be. For those who have been playing for a long time and love it so much, not many things can compare to it. However, for some of us, there comes a certain point when it can be very counterproductive. Some people love gambling so much, and they get so carried away by playing so much, that it can be detrimental to their well-being.

We at Spinia fully acknowledge that this is a real problem that needs to be discussed and that we can only help fight it via direct approach like bringing awareness to the issue and taking direct action via responsible gaming policies.

For those uninitiated, responsible gaming policies are a set of practices and actions that can be implemented by a casino to help their customers who are having gambling issues. Customers who are prone to great harms from overt gambling can, as per casino’s responsible gaming policies, get help from the casino. What specific actions, in line with our responsible gaming guidelines, can Spinia take to assist those in need of intervention?

The most effective and common measures are the various limits that you can impose on your account. As an example, you can set a limit on how many hours per day, week, or even a month you can spend playing.

Alternatively, you can put a limit on how much money you can deposit. For people who are looking into these limits due to money issues, this will probably be more effective, as you will have a specific figure that you will be keeping track of. Should you exceed this amount, you will know that you cannot play anymore.

Another limit in the form of money amounts can be limits on losses. If you are fine with playing a lot and depositing a lot but have a certain amount that you will not be willing to tolerate losing, then you can set up a loss limit, and ensure that you will not be reaching that point.

Effective as these measures may be, for some people, they may still not be a viable solution. For some people, going “cold turkey” and cutting out all forms of gaming for an extended period of time may be the only thing that works. We see this not only with gambling, but dieting, smoking, and many more forms of abstinence. If you are one of those people, then you can opt-in for a cool-off period, which is a special feature that we have on our website. During this period, you will be deactivating your account, which means you will not be able to make any deposits and will be opting out of all the ongoing promotions and events.

As the old saying goes, too much of a good thing is a bad thing, and this is true for everything in life. If you at any point feel that you need a break, you can feel free to ask for our assistance!

How can I pay to play jackpot slots on Spinia.com?

There are tons of ways that you can deposit on our website to play the best online jackpot slots at Spinia. One of the main types of complaints that we commonly see from people who play at many different online casinos is the fact that most of the time, payment is a big hassle. Unfortunately, this is quite common, as many online casinos cannot, or do not, take necessary steps to make the payment process as accessible and convenient as possible.

We fully understand the importance of this point for the players, and that is why we went to great lengths to ensure that it is as easy, convenient and flexible as possible for our clients to make deposits. Here are some of the most popular deposit methods among our clients:

Credit/Debit Cards:
Cards are the most popular method of payment for anything, anywhere in the world, and our website is no exception. Due to their simplicity, convenience, and speed, cards are what most of our clients use to make their deposits and take their money out. You can use your Visa, MasterCard and Discover to deposit and withdraw your money at Spinia.

Neteller is an internet-based payment service that is used by millions of people around the world. It has been around for quite a while but has been significantly gaining popularity in the last few years due to how much they improved their service. They are distinguished by their ease-of-use, speed, convenience, and affordability. If you go for their prepaid Neteller card, you can make it even easier to top-up your account with very fast microtransactions, making it one of the best payment methods available.

Skrill is very similar to Neteller. It is also one of the most popular payment methods in the world for pretty much any purpose. For small transactions and transfers, it is absolutely ideal, with its low fees and fast response time. Skrill, along with Neteller, are excellent options if you’d like to pay without using your card details.

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