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Online gambling is extremely popular right now. With the help of the internet, there are now significantly more people playing gambling games: it is much easier or more convenient to play online. With such high demand and popularity, it is no wonder that there are now hundreds of online casinos out there. With such a large number of online casinos, where you can play slots online Canada, what makes Spinia “special” enough for you to choose to play here?

This is definitely a great question and we will try our best to answer it! In our opinion, the difference between great casinos and mediocre ones is how well they are able to satisfy multiple criteria of what makes a great online casino. As an example, it is very common to see a casino that will excel at one specific thing but completely lack in some other important aspects.

What makes us different from these types of casinos is that we make sure that we provide a product that is well-rounded. Overall, we aim to provide the best possible service by combining some of the most important features that any casino just needs to have. Here at Spinia, not only will you have access to some of the best online slots out there, but you will also have great promotional deals that are available all of the time.

Next to this, you will also enjoy a convenient and accessible payment system that allows you to deposit and withdraw your money, your way! Basically, our primary means of achieving success as a casino is becoming the best possible version of ourselves: all, to ensure that you as a customer are getting the best possible product.

To top it all off, as a casino that aims to provide the highest standard of security, you can enjoy all the benefits listed above safely. Safety is our primary concern and we are willing to prove it to you, so you can play all the Canadian online slots on our website with peace of mind.

There are tons of slot games here at Spinia.com. No matter what kind of taste you have for games, you can find at least a dozen games to keep you busy, for quite a while!

There are some games that are, at certain times, more popular than others. This can depend on many different factors. For example, a slot game may surge in popularity if there is a promotion available. Or if a new slot gets released and it becomes an instant hit. The point is popular slots are interchangeable, depending on what people like to play at the time.

However, there are many slots that are always popular, all year round. This includes classic slot games like Book of Dead that have been on the market for decades now. Their popularity has not dropped by a bit! In any case, popular slot games are always displayed right after you visit the games lobby.

Just make sure to keep an eye out for what people are playing!

Absolutely. In fact, we like to think that Spinia is one of the safest and most secure online casinos to play Canadian real money casino slots. What makes us think that we are eligible to make this statement?

Well, to start off, let’s talk about our license. Spinia is owned and operated by N1 Interactive Ltd, which is a Malta-based company, licensed under the number C 81457, with the registered address at 206 Wisely House, Old Bakery Street, La Valletta VLT451, Malta.

This means that this website is under the regulatory lens of the Maltese government. For those who are unaware, Malta is one of the most effective and well-known regulatory environments in the world. There are so many successful and world-renowned online casinos in Malta, that it is even known as the “iGaming capital of the world”.

The reason Malta has achieved this title is because of how effective and efficient they have been in regulating companies that are registered there. They are always creating the best possible conditions, not only for the companies to prosper but to ensure that all the players are protected and their safety is guaranteed. When playing at Spinia.com, you can be sure that your casino is being supervised by the most competent and trustworthy regulatory authorities.

Beyond this, you get the added reassurance that the very games that you are playing at Spinia are from trusted and reliable sources. All of the payment processes are fully optimized to ensure your security. Are there any additional concerns or questions that you may have? Do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will be happy to talk to you!

We are very glad that you asked this question. In our opinion, it is one of the most overlooked, yet at the same time the most important details. Especially when it comes to online casino gambling! Think about it: if you were looking for a video game to play on your console, you would first check who the developers of the games are. If you were looking for an online payment service, you would first check who the operators are. Why? Just to see if it is safe and reliable.

Why would online gambling be any different? We certainly cannot think of any reasons. Irony aside, If you are one of those people who are looking to ensure their safety and well-being when playing online slots Canada, it is vitally important to make sure that the games you are playing are reliable and trustworthy. Go with the games only from established and acclaimed developers.

Here at Spinia, we have made it our utmost priority to carefully examine and vet any and all possible games that we would host on our website. As a result, we have a large library of games from some of the best developers on the market.

We chose these developers based on their track record of providing not only some of the most entertaining, playable, and well-performing games but the games that have shown to be very reliable and secure. Insofar, as they follow all the industry standards when it comes to maintaining security and safety of the players. Let’s quickly go over some of the developers who supply top online casino slots to Spinia:

1. NetEnt:
NetEnt is one of the most successful and highly-respected online casino game developers in the world. Over the years, they have managed to win the hearts of thousands of gamblers by creating some of the most successful, iconic, and absolute best slot machines to play in the world.

Among their catalog of games are the classic games like Dead or Alive, Starburst, and Book of Dead, all of which are still played to this day by thousands of people. Their games are not only one of the most fun but the most secure and robust in the form of their software. You will see tons of games by NetEnt, here at Spinia.

2. Microgaming:
Microgaming is the most experienced software developer in this field. They were the company to write the first online casino software for the first-ever online casino called The Gaming Club back in 1994. Needless to say, their experience is unmatched even by the best in the industry.

Throughout the years, they have managed to release some of the best classic slot games that are loved by thousands of players around the world. You can enjoy many of Microgaming’s slot games at Spinia.

These were just two examples of the developers and their games at Spinia. You can find tons of more games from many different developers here and we all hold them to the same standard. We take the safety of our players very seriously and that is why all the games here are simply top-notch!

If you have played a lot of slot machines at brick-and-mortar casinos but have never played online slots, do not be alarmed: there is not much difference between the two. In fact, technically, they are almost the same. Aside from the obvious point that one is played offline and in person and one is played online, they follow the same rules.

In terms of functionality like game features, structure, symbols, and other gameplay aspects like graphics and soundtrack, online slots are usually identical to their “physical” counterparts, meaning the casino slot machines. The only difference that you have to keep in mind, which can also be regarded as an advantage, is that online slots are completely software-based: there are no physical components to them.

With the regular slot machines, there is always the lingering possibility of some kind of physical malfunction that may negatively affect your gameplay. Beyond that, you could also say that online slots have more opportunities for free promotional offers, as they are most common in online casinos.

Jackpots are one of the most iconic and symbolic parts of casino gaming, in general. Everyone knows what a jackpot means: everyone has probably dreamed of winning a jackpot at least once in their lifetime. In fact, the possibility of winning a jackpot is often the main reason why people play slots online in the first place.

If you are one of those people who are very excited at the thought of winning a jackpot, you will be happy to find out how many jackpot games we have here at Spinia.com! In fact, we have a whole actual section, dedicated to jackpot games. You can find it in the games lobby.

The mere mention of the word “jackpot” can be mouth-watering for most people. The prospect of making a win that can completely change your life forever can definitely be something that would entice many people to play.

However, what many people do not know is that there is another type of jackpot out there, called a “progressive jackpot”. When people are talking about these gigantic, life-changing slot machine wins, they are most likely talking about progressive jackpot wins. So what are these progressive jackpots and how do they work?

The best way to explain what progressive jackpots mean is by drawing a comparison with regular jackpots. Regular jackpots come as a predetermined, fixed amount that was set by the developers of the slot itself. In contrast, progressive jackpots, as their name would suggest, go up in their amount over time.

The way it works is that each and every time someone makes a bet in the slot, a small percentage of this bet will go towards the progressive jackpot amount. After the jackpot is won, it resets back to the slot’s “original” jackpot amount. This all means that the slot grows with every game that someone plays and with each and every time a slot wheel is spun.

The fact that these progressive slot games can be played by thousands of people every single day and be taken to these high amounts is, in our opinion, one of the main advantages of online slots over Canadian slot machines. Needless to say, you will find many games here at Spinia: quite a few of them offer progressive jackpots.

If you are looking to make some huge wins, do not waste time and start playing right away!

Many people are confused by the idea of playing slots for no money, incorrectly assuming that without money, there is no point. In reality, there can be many reasons why one may want to play slots for free.

Despite the fact that it does not take much technical knowledge to play slot games, you may still want to spend some time getting comfortable with the slot itself. Before you play for real money: this is completely understandable and there are a lot of people who do this first.

Playing online casino slots Canada for free is a great thing: money is simply taken out of the equation. You can still enjoy the games for their own sake, as opposed to just being stressed out over waiting for the next big win.

Whatever your reasons may be, you can feel free to enjoy all of our slot games for free. Simply click on the “Play for Fun” button, when you hover over a game in the lobby. It will allow you to play the free version.

The main beauty of online slots Canada real money is their simplicity. This is one of the main reasons why slot games are particularly popular among new players. Realistically speaking, there is not much required from the player besides making the bet, pressing a button, and seeing what happens.

The main thing to keep in mind if you are coming up with a strategy on how to win is that you need to strategize on things like your budget, mindset, and the actual slots that you are going to play. As an example, it is up to you to choose if you want to play high-volatility slot games, where huge wins or huge losses can happen in a matter of minutes, or if you want to go for more stable games with lower volatility. Put it this way, you call the shots.

One very important thing to consider when playing real money online slots Canada is to always know your limits and set up a budget in advance. When you have certain predetermined amounts of how much budget you have to play with, how much loss you are willing to tolerate and how much time you are willing to spend playing, it all becomes much more manageable. You will find that you are much more likely to make it all a much more positive experience.

One final tip is to know your slot games very well. As mentioned before, not much technical knowledge is required to play slot games, being familiar with your favorite slot game and knowing how it works inside-out will put you in a much better position to win. This may not make sense at first, but if you ask any experienced player, they will definitely agree. Plus, you have the option to play all the available best Canadian slots online at Spinia absolutely for free, so feel free to take your time mastering all your favorite slots.

One of the main comparison criteria for people when they are choosing from online casinos to play, is how good the casino’s promotions and bonuses are. If all else is equal, it is usually how much benefit each one provides that becomes the deciding factor.

This is definitely understandable, as with so much money, time, and energy that people are investing into playing online casino slots for real money, the least that the casinos could do is provide some great promotions as an incentive. We are fully aware of this and that is why we have made some great efforts to come up with a great bonus system that would be of great benefit to our customers.

One of the main differences between the bonuses at Spinia and bonuses at most other casinos is the very approach that we have in regard to the bonus structures. Whether you are a beginner or a long-time returning player here, you will have access to not only some of the best and most generous bonuses but some of the most diverse and entertaining bonuses as well!

Our approach to bonuses and promotions is to make it well-balanced, so they are of great benefit to all types of players on our website! Let’s look at some of them in detail below:

1. Welcome bonuses:
One of the most common and popular promotions on our website is the welcome bonus, which is available to all the new players who join our platform. After making your first deposit, you will get a 100% matching bonus on top, for the maximum amount of $150. Also, you will be getting 25 free spins as well, which you can use in our real online slots Canada.

These bonuses are a great help to beginners, as it helps them become more comfortable and confident in their beginning phases. Having that extra budget as a cushioning for a possible loss can make all that much difference in your beginning stages.

Aside from beginners, experienced players are also very fond of this promotion, as it is common for people who have been doing this for years to be always looking for better and better platforms. This kind of bonus is a great incentive for them to check out the platform. Besides, any bonus amount, no matter how small, has the potential to turn into a lot of money in the right hands of experienced players.

2. Re-deposit bonuses:
Promotions hardly end on the first deposits! We aim to reward our returning players as much as possible, so you’ll find a lot of recurring bonuses here at Spinia. Here are some of the examples:

  • Second deposit bonus: For your second deposit, there is another bonus you can get, which is a 50% matching bonus for the max amount of $200. As is the case with the welcome bonus, you get 25 free spins here too.
  • Wednesday free spins: This one is especially great for people who love to play casino slots online. Every Wednesday, you can get 50 free spins for a minimum deposit of $60. The spins will be given in two installments of 25 each, with intervals of 24 hours.
  • Sunday reload bonuses: Every Sunday, you can get a nice little bonus of 50% for the maximum amount of up to $350, along with 25 free spins.

These are some of the bonuses that are currently available at Spinia. As we are constantly looking at what the players like more, we are always making sure to keep up the variety and add new bonuses as often as possible. As such, for the bonus codes that you can redeem, please go over to our promotions section, and check all of them out there.

Also, please note that all the bonuses have their specific terms and conditions that are very important to be aware of. For your own safety, please make sure to spend a few extra minutes to fully familiarize yourself with these bonuses, so as to make sure that there are no misunderstandings.

With so much fraud happening online on a daily basis, it is understandable that one may be a bit apprehensive about providing their credit card information on various websites. Practicing caution is great, and we encourage you to keep doing this when it comes to paying for stuff online, whether that be shopping or paying to play slots online for real money, here on Spinia.com.

With that being said, we would like to point out that your card info is completely safe with Spinia. We have invested a lot of time, money and energy into optimizing our charging process as much as possible for safety. The whole process of exchanging card info is encrypted with the industry-standard SSL encryption and your card info will not be subject to falling into the wrong hands.

Beyond this, your card info is saved in a way that not a single person in the world will have access to, as all the information is encrypted, and there is no way for us, meaning any Spinia employee, to access those details.

If you would still like to refrain from using your card, we completely understand. While you may understand that it is fully safe to use your card to play online casino slots real money at Spinia, you may have your own personal reasons for still choosing not to use your card.

While cards are the most commonly used payment methods, here at Spinia we have many other payment methods that you can use. You can see the list of available banking options at the deposit and withdrawal section. Before you go ahead with any of the payment options, please make sure to familiarize yourself with them. See how they work, in order to avoid any possible confusion.

One of the most important details of any good online casino is how good their payment system is. It is very common to find a casino that does almost everything correctly: has lots of games, a clean and well-performing website, good promotions and much more, but they may be absolute failures when it comes to their payment system.

We can say with pride that Spinia has one of the best payment systems on the market right now. No matter what kind of a preference you have in regards to paying, you can be sure that with us, you will find something that works for you. Here is a quick overview of some of the ways you can pay to play slots at Spinia:

1. Card Payments:
As many would have expected, cards are the most popular method of payment at Spinia. Due to their simplicity, speed, and ease-of-use, cards remain the most popular payment method for pretty much any purpose. Spinia is no exception here: it is the number one user preference.

You can fill up your Spinia balance either with your Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card. On top of this, you can be sure that your information is handled with the utmost care and safety protocols, with our SSL encryption and many other security measures that were implemented by the top experts on our website.

2. Skrill:
Skrill is an online payment service that is used by millions of people around the world and handles billions of dollars worth of transactions every year. It has been significantly gaining in popularity in the last few years, mainly due to how easy, convenient, and fast it is. If you want to pay without providing your card details, Skrill is a great way to pay, and has a very similar payment process to using your card.

3. Neteller:
Neteller, like Skrill, is an online payment service that is used by thousands upon thousands of people around the world. It is very similar to Skrill, in that it is very fast, easy to use, and convenient. For frequent users of Neteller, they can even get a Neteller prepaid Mastercard, which can be used to quickly top up your account.

There are tons of other payment options available at Spinia and all of them are great in their own specific scenarios, depending on many different factors. We encourage you to go ahead and check all the payment options that are available and get familiar with how they work before you choose one.

Customer support is one of the most important things to pay attention to, especially when you are choosing a new online casino, as it is one of the things that provides safety to you. It puts you in a much better position to enjoy gambling and makes it a more constructive experience.

We fully understand this and that is why we spend a lot of time or energy in coming up with the best customer service system that we possibly could! If you need help with anything, whether that be related to the deposits or withdrawals, any of the casino online slots Canada on our website or indeed anything else, please reach out to our customer support.

You can do so either via the online chat feature or by sending us an email. We are always looking for your feedback on how to improve: we are always curious to know your opinion. We actively use it, in order to make changes to our service. It will guide us in making any further decisions, in this respect.

We all know how fun online real money slots Canada can be and that is one of the main reasons why we love them so much. However, some of us may love them a tad bit too much and we may play to the point where it can be detrimental to our well-being.

As such, it is our goal to help every one of our players, who may be having these issues. If you feel that you need assistance with controlling how much you are playing, please make sure to reach out to our customer support. We will be glad to help you with this problem, in accordance with our responsible gaming policies.

Slot games can be a ton of fun on their own. With how creative the games themselves can get, especially the newer ones with so many features, it can definitely be a fun experience. However, with the repetitive nature of the online casino slots Canada in general, it can sometimes get really boring, especially for the experienced players who have been doing it for many years now.

In moments like these, a small spark of competition can make a world of difference. This is exactly why we came up with our amazing tournament system, which can make gambling even more fun on our website! What is this tournament system, and exactly how does it work?

Tournaments are very easy to get into, as you actually participate in them automatically from the very first game that you play. As you keep playing more games and keep winning more, you gain more points and advance through the rankings. In the context of online gambling slots games specifically, tournaments are called the “Slot Races”, where you compete against other players who also play.

Again, the rules are simple, as all that is required of you is to just keep playing.

Of course we do! We believe that a loyal customer is an invaluable asset of any online casino, and it's the casino's job to make sure that they show appreciation. As such, we are proud to say that we have one of the best VIP programs on the market. How is our VIP program different?

The way our VIP program works is that we allow anyone to participate, no matter if they have played thousands of Canadian real money slots online on our website or if they just got started a week ago! We believe that each one of our customers should get a chance to partake in the VIP benefits that we have to offer.

However, the more you play, the rewards are significantly higher. This is where the word “VIP” really gains its meaning, as the players with the highest VIP rank can get some truly amazing rewards. These rewards are given out based on your rank. There are many different ranks, starting off with “Rookie” and progressing through many different ranks such as “VIP Gold” and eventually ending with “Elite”, which takes true dedication to achieve.

To advance through the ranks, there is nothing special required. All you have to do is to just keep enjoying our best online real money slots Canada and you will get more and more points! You can check out what rank your amount of points correspond to in the VIP section.

Wagering requirements are one of the most important details to understand for anyone who wants to take advantage of casino promotions. At the same time, it is one of the topics that almost no one understands fully, which is rather unfortunate, as it may lead to a lot of confusion and misunderstandings. Understanding wagering requirements and how they work can save you a lot of pain and frustration down the road.

To explain in simple terms, wagering requirements are a form of terms and conditions that come with bonuses and promotions. In general, almost all the promotions of any given casino will have some kind of a wagering requirement. As an example, if a Canadian slots casino offers a bonus that has a wagering requirement of 25x, this means that whatever bonus amount you get from the promotion will need to be put through 25 times as much playthrough before you’re able to withdraw this bonus from your account.

Wagering requirements are an important practice to prevent any kind of abuse or exploitation of bonuses. Our approach to wagering requirements as a company, and what we mainly aim to get out of them, is to ensure that we find the mutual ground between us and the player. We aim to find the “golden middle” which would ensure that the players are getting as much benefit from the bonuses as possible, while simultaneously ensuring that they are given out in a sustainable way that prevents them from being in a fraudulent or malicious manner.

When it comes to slots Canada online bonuses, or any other bonus for that matter, one of our main goals is to ensure that all the important information like wagering requirements and other relevant terms and conditions are fully transparent and readily available to be read. We kindly ask you to always make sure that you get familiar with these terms and conditions, to ensure that we’re always on the same page and that there are no misunderstandings taking place when it comes to how these bonuses work.

Some of us love slot games so much that time flies, in an instant when we are playing! Sometimes, that can be a great issue though, as you sit down for a quick game and the next thing you know, a few hours have passed.

For many, this can actually be a big issue, as it may prove to be very distracting from their work or any other obligations that they may have in life. In situations like these, it is very important to take a break and give yourself some much-needed time and space.

For those of you who need a break from Canadian real slots online, you can opt for a cool-off period, which is a dedicated feature of our website specifically for cases like these. When you are in the cool-off period, your account is deactivated, meaning you will be able to make any deposits. At the same time, you also opt out of any ongoing promotions newsletters that may prompt you to want to play more.

Cool-off periods are a great feature that can help you to put yourself in a much better position to control how much you are playing and is something that many of our customers have greatly benefitted from in the past. Therefore, if you feel that you need it, please reach out to our customer support and they will be glad to help!

As we have mentioned before, it is very common for players to have problems with controlling and maintaining a healthy level of gaming. For many people, it is common for them to play so much as to cause themselves harm, speaking financially and emotionally.

In situations like these, it is up to the casino to step in and do whatever is necessary to help their players out with controlling compulsive gambling. Casinos do this by creating responsible gaming policies, which can be a lifesaver for people who need it. What does responsible gaming mean, exactly?

Responsible gaming is a set of practices and rules that casinos implement to help their players control how much they are gambling and to keep it on healthy levels. Let’s say that you play real money slots Canada for too long and you find out that it is taking too much of your time, distracting you from your work or other obligations. Or perhaps, your issue may be that you are making too many deposits, for too much money and you are losing it all.

Whatever it may possibly be, if you believe that you really need to limit your gaming amount and if you believe that you need our assistance with it, we are more than happy to help you out with everything we can. We have worked very hard to come up with effective responsible gaming policies to provide as much help to players as they need. What do these responsible gaming policies look like, and how exactly do they work?

Setting up limits
One of the best responsible gaming practices that have proven to be very successful is imposing various limits on one’s account. Setting up these limits helps you control and prevent the majority of the issues causing most of the harm from excessive gambling. What are some of the examples of these limits in practice?

  • Time limits: If the reason that you want to limit how much Canadian online slots real money you are playing is because it is taking too much of your time and distracting you from your important work and obligations, then this can be an ideal solution for you. You can set up a limit of how much time you spend playing monthly, weekly, or even daily. This allows you to be the one who determines what is the maximum possible amount of time you are allocating to this.
  • Deposit limits: Deposit limits are a great way to control the exact volume and amount of money that you are playing with. If you find yourself getting carried away too often and constantly drifting between winning and losing a lot of money, you can control it this way.
  • Loss limits: If you need assistance because you are losing too much money playing, then this is a more direct approach to the issue. By determining the exact number on how much loss you are willing to tolerate while you play Canadian real money slot machines, you can be more in control of the whole situation.

Individual approach
Limits are a great way of controlling any possible damage that may result from too much gambling, but it is only a small part of it. In reality, responsible gaming is a huge topic in and of itself and covers a very large spectrum of possible actions that can be taken. The best approach is determined individually by each and every client. As such, if at any point you feel that you need assistance with controlling your gameplay, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via chat or email and we will be happy to come up with a solution together with you.

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