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Did you know that Spinia.com is home to almost 2,000 online casino releases? When we started work on our online casino platform, we had a clear goal: to provide you with the biggest selection of new releases, found on the market today.

Most players will know Spinia for its award-winning live games: baccarat, blackjack, poker or roulette. Over the last few years, we teamed up with some of the best developer studios, based in different parts of the world. The final result is stunning: today, we are able to give you access to premium online games, happening in casino venues in real-time. We have already mentioned that our offer goes beyond traditional card or table games. Did you try our live craps game? This is a relatively simple game, which will put you in the right mood. Guaranteed!

Roll the dice and watch them go across the table. This is one of many premium live releases, powered by Evolution Gaming. The quality of live broadcasts offered by the provider is simply outstanding. The experience is really uncanny: you will feel as if you are seated in a physical venue, complete with a croupier and dealer. You will be mesmerized by the sounds of the real casino! Make sure to turn up the brightness of your screen and increase the volume. If you get bored, you can always turn to a live keno game.

Are you a fan of lottery games? In that case, you might want to give it a go at live keno online! Watch the rows of numbers and try to find your luck. Who knows, maybe today is your lucky day? We recommend that you try the game as a quick warm-up, just before you move to some of the high roller games. When you log into our live casino portal, you will also have a chance to spin a wheel of fortune, play a round of jacks or bet on a particular card, in a live game called “Top Card”.

This is just a “taster” of all the other games, which you might expect from Spinia, our premium online casino! Did we manage to get you on board?

Do you want to play live keno online on our online casino platform? Not a problem: filter your search results or click on the right icon. We will just walk you through the basics, which will help you find the game you are really looking for.

In a classic game of keno, you have to select a range of numbers. You have to pay attention: the numbers usually stretch from one to 80. In most cases, the dealer will then draw 20 numbers at random. Did you manage to get any of them? You might get a decent payout, especially if you manage to bag multiple numbers. The so-called “paytables” will vary from casino to casino, from game to game. This is also true for our live keno game: it depends on the variant, which you decided to play.

If you play live keno online, you will see that the game is pretty self-explanatory. You will not need to study rocket science or employ any strategy, in order to generate a bigger payout or win. This is a traditional game, which has a mass following in different corners of the world. While it was traditionally associated with European traders, it is now a popular option in Asia-Pacific. We have to be honest: it has a certain charm, it is not as fast-paced as other live games. Plus, you might still get a very nice cash reward, at the end of it all!

Why is live keno online so successful, in this day and age? You have to understand that the live online casino is a source of social entertainment. It is not necessarily about high rollers, making their stride. It is also about connecting with other people, in real-time. Especially if they share your passion for classic casino games! Those are just a handful of reasons, which make it really worthwhile. Try out for yourself, in order to reach your own conclusion. Are you willing to play live keno online?

Did you know that you can try your luck in live dealer craps online? This is probably one of the oldest gambling games, which are still with us today. It has evolved through centuries, gaining a foothold in Louisiana, particularly in the city of New Orleans. This is where it got its current name from.

Do you want to play live casino craps? You should probably look for “Lightening Dice”, which is a more modern version of the game, adapted by Evolution Gaming. Evolution Gaming is also responsible for the live broadcasts, which are happening simultaneously in different casino venues. Even though some of the rules might be relatively new, you will be taken by surprise. In the most positive sense of the word, of course! If you take any new live casino release from Evolution Gaming, you can always expect quite a “ride” from the provider.

What are we trying to say? If you choose any craps online live, you know that you will not regret it! Evolution Gaming has really brought the best of the game, without sacrificing any of its original, unique features. It has succeeded to create a captivating version of craps, which is faster and more suited to today’s players. We urge you to try it. Craps was always meant to be played in good company: this is guaranteed, as you will join players from all around the globe. What are you waiting for? Put in your bet and it is time to roll!
In short, live casino craps preserve the original beauty of the game. What is more, they add an exciting new element, which comes with social interaction. Compete against players, who regularly join our live broadcasts. Get that adrenaline rush, which comes from playing with real money. Do you still have your doubts or reservations?

Some players come across Spinia.com through our providers or the premium range of online releases. Others know us from a completely different side: the cash or real money rewards, which are available for our registered users. Have you heard about our online casino welcome bonus?

This is just one incentive, which we offer to our new registered or verified players. In fact, our platform is bursting with different monetary rewards. You just need to login, from time to time. This is the best way of staying on top of our promotional offers. There are quite a few and some come with bonus codes: you might want to grab a pen and piece of paper! Now, this is a piece of good news. Most, if not all apply to anyone who puts a bet on a live craps game. You heard it correctly, start playing your favorite game and get a little extra, courtesy of Spinia.com.

Are you more into live keno online? This is not a problem either. Just place that first deposit, after you through the verification process. We will give an extra 100%, on top of what you put in. Do we need to give a little more detail? Remember, our promotion is “capped” at 100 EUR (€) or USD ($), depending on currency. In practical terms, it means that you will receive an additional 100, as a gesture of goodwill! It will make you feel right at home. Plus, things do not stop there: will give you 50%, right on top of your second deposit.

Here, the maximum is 150 EUR (€) or USD ($). Again, this is only an “invitation” to play. You are eligible to receive much more, as part of seasonal or time-sensitive promotions. There are different challenges, tournaments or races on Spinia.com. Why not check what is on today? You might be in for a five-digit cash prize. You can also start collecting those VIP points: if you can single-handedly receive up to 50,000 EUR (€), as a real money reward. All you have to do is to start wagering with your own funds! You can start with live casino craps.

But this is worthy of another thread or topic. Our message is simple: “familiarize” yourself with the platform. Take some time out, in order to play new online live casino releases. You will surely get the hang of it, in absolutely no time. You will then see the whole breadth of our exclusive promotions! We have just given you an introduction.

This is a subject, which keeps on coming back. We understand that you do not want to put yourself at risk. We will go through the details, which will hopefully give you more confidence in placing your real money bet online.

What is the first thing, you should know? We are a fully licensed operator from La Valletta, Malta. Spinia has been on the market since 2018, the moment when we got our online casino license. Who oversees our live keno online? No one other than the MGA: “Malta Gambling Authority”, our national gambling authority. It has the powers to intervene, on behalf of the Maltese state. In the world of online casinos, it is like a certificate of excellence. The MGA is responsible for regulating the leading global platforms, which you see on the internet today.

We also put all the efforts in giving you a secure platform. You will see that we invested heavily in the latest security protocols, which prevent any leaks or interference from hackers. We would never want to compromise on your safety or well-being. This is partially why we only allow fully verified payment options, either via your credit card provider or e-wallets. When you play a live craps game, we want you to concentrate on the game. Nothing else should be on your mind when you enter our online casino platform.

Last but not least, let’s go back to the “bare” bones of our activities. What are we trying to say? Most online casino platforms are judged on their range of releases. Whether you are here to play poker or live casino craps, we strived to give you the widest spectrum of online casino games. We did not limit ourselves to card or table games, which you might find somewhere else. We understand that the online gambling community is diverse, with many different needs or expectations.

Do not get us wrong: we all love the classic releases, found in the online casino. We would never say “no” to a good round of baccarat, blackjack or poker. But have you ever played jacks? Often, we are talking about some lighter games, which are just as entertaining! Take the live keno game, for example. Many of them have a fascinating tradition, which goes back to centuries. What is interesting, many still have an audience, in many different parts of the world. Spin the wheel of fortune now, in order to know what we are talking about!

Where you are looking for craps, keno or any fortune game, we are here for you. You can browse through our award-winning catalog, at any given time. Are you looking for any non-standardized online casino games? We are always glad to receive feedback. Maybe we can even point you in the right direction?

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