Lightning Baccarat

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Baccarat A

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Baccarat Lobby

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Golden Baccarat

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Fortune Baccarat

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Baccarat 1

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VIP Fortune Baccarat

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Baccarat B

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Baccarat 2

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Speed Fortune Baccarat

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Baccarat C

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Baccarat 3

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Dragon Tiger

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Baccarat Controlled Squeeze

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Baccarat 5

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Baccarat Squeeze

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Baccarat 6

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Baccarat 7

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Baccarat 8

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Baccarat Lobby

Baccarat Lobby game tileBaccarat Lobby game tile
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Golden Wealth Baccarat

Golden Wealth Baccarat game tileGolden Wealth Baccarat game tile

Fortune 6 Baccarat

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Mega Baccarat

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No Comm Speed Baccarat A

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I want to find an online casino, which offers real money baccarat. What makes Spinia so special?

Baccarat, also frequently referred to as “baccara”, is one of the oldest games in the world of gambling. It has been very popular among gamblers for a very long time. Today, we only see its popularity increasing! All thanks to the online casino.

While working on different versions of the game, we wanted to create something which appreciates its heritage and rich past. At the same time, we needed to add a modern touch: after all, we want to attract new users to our online casino platform. We hope that we finally found the perfect balance! Try out now: do you agree?

Over the years, we were able to develop a platform, which can offer something new and exciting to each and every type of gambler. In fact, there are many people who love playing baccara online: this is the target group that we were aiming for. We wanted to give them something, which is special and unique.

Right from the very start, we intended to create a website, which is very easy and simple to use. Spinia is a user-friendly platform, where you can find yourself right away. How? We have put together different pages, for different types of games. It makes finding your favorite online casino game incredibly straightforward: just type what you are looking for, in the search bar. Alternatively, follow the signs. Many of them are color-coded: are you looking for premium baccara online?

Of course, you can use our search engine: it will guide you to the online casino game, which you love the most. The pages are distributed in a way, which will help you to identify each category right away. What is more, we created certain “badges” for our newest or most popular releases. You can tell them apart by writing, in bold capital letters: “HOT” and “NEW, right in the top left corner of each game.

What else do we offer? We worked very hard to come up with different types of promotions or bonuses. We want to make sure that everyone who visits our online casino platform is eligible for some kind of benefit! All of these bonuses were created, with a single thought in mind. That there is something for all types of players: newcomers, as well as veteran users, who have been betting with us for quite some time already.

What else do you need to know, when you opt for our online casino platform? When you bet with Spinia, you can be sure that you are playing in total comfort! But more on that later.

What are the different versions of Baccarat live games, offered by Spinia?

Baccarat is one of those games, which inherently comes with many different versions. Undoubtedly, it is what makes it a very popular choice, among many gamblers. Our team has worked very hard with the 20 top developers, active in the industry to develop a unique catalog of online casino games. We also managed to factor in the long and successful history of baccarat, while being able to create something that is creative, innovative and its own way, unique.

What is the end result of our fruitful collaboration? We have created many different versions of this very popular card game. Now, this is the great thing about it: you will never be bored, while playing with Spinia. What are the different varieties, which we have in mind? Hold on and we will expand on them, in greater detail.

One of the most popular versions of baccarat is widely known as “Punto Banco”, especially in some English-speaking countries. What makes it special? It is basically the North American baccarat, which is played in the United States. Do you think you stand a chance? The goal of punto banco is to gamble until the banker or indeed, another player gets a combined score of nine. Who is the closest one to winning?

Every hand's score is determined by counting the cards’ individual values. Cards one to nine are ordered according to their face value. Then, things get a little complicated: the queen is worth zero points, while the jack or king are ten points each! If the total sum is greater than nine, the total points are subtracted by ten. The final result is the sum of all cards, which you were given at the beginning of the round.

No more than 12 players can take part in one game, at any given time. The game consists of the banker and players: remember, the outcome can be a tie! Once the cards have been dealt, they are then turned over and the caller counts each player's points. Did you manage to land a win?

We worked very hard to develop our own premium baccarat punto banco: we believe that we can offer something new and amazing to all of our registered players! We relied on our creativity, in order to create a catalog, which caters to every type of user, who stumbles on

Now, have you heard of “Baccarat Chemin de Fer”, affectively known as “Chemmy”? Again, it is a very popular version of baccarat, among many veteran card players. This is the oldest documented version of baccarat: according to historical research, it dates back to Napoleonic-era France.

It also comes under the guise of another popular French variant, “Banque Baccarat”. It caught France by storm and quickly spread in Europe, eventually crossing the Atlantic into the Americas. Even today, it is very popular among gamblers, in different parts of the globe. It is a regional version of baccarat, which is typically enjoyed in real-life casinos.

Now, what is the biggest difference between a game of chemin de fer and other classic variants of baccarat? In chemmy, players compete against each other. What do you need to remember, when you decide to play baccarat? Baccarat is a banker player card game. It might be a little bit old-fashioned to begin with but you will soon see its appeal: its value lies in its history and interaction with other players!

What should I know, in order to become the best online baccarat player on

First of all, baccarat has a very long history: this has not prevented us from uploading many different versions of this well-loved classic card game. Even though there are some clear differences between specific variants, the principle is always pretty much the same.

What should you know about baccarat, in general? There can be three types of outcomes, when you play online casino baccarat: a player win, a banker win, or in some cases, a tie. You do not need to do anything special, in order to play baccarat. There are no steps or actions, which are required from the player. Put it this way: most of the work is actually done by the dealer.

All the number cards “carry” their corresponding face value: a two of hearts is always two points, for example. Now, there are some subtle differences, when it comes to the jack, queen or king. Which variant of baccarat, did you choose to play? Maybe none of these cards have any value. Remember, you must not go over nine points: otherwise, your score will drop by ten points. If you manage to get 16 points, the total is “just” six. This is how it rolls!

Do you want to enjoy different versions of baccarat online? Log in to Spinia and check what we offer today. A great way of “navigating” through different releases is to use the “Play For Fun” function. This is your chance to play most of our games for free! You can really get to understand what they are all about: work on your technique and develop strategies, adapting your abilities to new games.

If you want to play baccarat online in New Zealand, our platform is one of the best choices on the market! For the last few years, we have been working with some of the top developers, just to create something special, which fills us with a sense of pride.

What is the history of baccarat?

The history of this very popular card game can be traced back to medieval Italy. For many centuries, the game remained in the hands of royalty and princely courts. It is thanks to online casinos that it became accessible for everyone, regardless of where they live in the world.

Historians believe that baccarat was created in what is modern-day Italy, around the 15th century. The game was given the name “baccara”, which translates to “zero”. The explanation is simple: back then, any card above ten had no value or equalled zero.

From Italy, the game steadily managed to spread to France and England: this time earning a new name, “Chemin de Fer”. It is a well-known fact that this game was very popular in France. Now, even king Charles VIII himself enjoyed playing baccarat cards games! The game also found its top fans among the French aristocracy, who ruled the country back in the day.

The same could be said about England, where it never really went out of fashion. In modern times, the Brits baptised the game: “James Bond”, after one fictional player. The game continued to find its new aficionados, across the entire globe. It followed European sailors, wherever they went.

Now, this is how baccarat “landed” in the Americas. The game became particularly popular in the island state of Cuba: here it is known as the “Punto Banco”. It was soon adopted by locals, who incorporated baccarat into their usual repertoire of card games. This really gave baccarat a new lease of life, contributing to its relentless popularity.

Baccarat is among the most sought-after online casino games, even in this day and age. Many people routinely enjoy its amazing rewards. One thing is certain: online baccarat gambling is very popular around the whole globe. There are hundreds of platforms, which offer many different versions of the same game. How to tell them apart, from one another?

We believe that we can offer you something, which no other online casinos can. This is the premium experience, which you get as a registered player on Now, we are former gamblers ourselves. We are determined to create a perfect platform for all of the other players out there! By working with some of the best developers in the world, we were able to create a place that can satisfy everyone’s needs or wants. Especially as far as online gambling is concerned!

We wanted to ensure that we offer a real-life casino experience: this is why we have put together different live baccarat dealer games, which will automatically leave you craving for more! We have worked very hard to stay true to the main principle of the game. We managed to respect the key aspects of baccarat, while adding something new to the game. If you are looking for the perfect place to play live baccarat in New Zealand, our platform is ready to deliver an unforgettable experience! Did you still have your doubts?

Why are live dealer baccarat online casino games so popular?

Live casinos have started to become very popular, especially in the last few years. The truth is that gamblers are now able to access the real-life casino experience, without having to leave their own homes. What is better than gambling, in the comfort of your own living room? We take it on ourselves: it is hard to beat that claim.

Live casinos offer gamblers a great deal of comfort, wherever they are. Plus, they are becoming ever more and more popular, as time goes by. Undoubtedly, modern technology has played a huge role in the development of the online casino. But the real star of the show is the live casino: this is a real game changer, which has revolutionized the industry forever.

Baccarat is one of those games, which is just so much better when played live with a real dealer. This is why Spinia has the best online baccarat live New Zealand games! We wanted to make sure that everyone who loves different casino games can get an authentic experience. Are you into card games? You will definitely find baccarat online quite compelling: we can guarantee that you will not regret putting your bet on.

We are very proud of all the things, which we have created for our users. Our platform is developing every day: there is always something new, waiting to be discovered. Our online live casino is something that we wanted to elaborate on, ever since the very beginning of our existence. Today, we have really managed to create the best live baccarat online casino! Try it out for yourself: you do not have to take our word for it.

What can we offer you apart from a great selection of games, which we have created together with our partners? We would like to tempt you with some of the best promotions or bonuses, available on the market today. With some exceptions, everyone who visits our platform is actually able to play our games for free! This gives them the ability to find and identify their favorite games. It is your chance to see what online casino releases work for you: this is also your opportunity to learn more about the platform, in general.

It is very important to be able to try something out, before you actually commit and start spending money. The same rule applies to online casino games. That is why we worked so hard on extending our free options: we wanted our users to get a taste of the games, which they might like in the future. We really think that you should have the ability to hone your skills, strategies and tactics, before you set out to gamble! This is your time to train and get better.

What is more, we have many different bonuses: they were developed so that everyone can find a little something, which they actively enjoy on our platform. No matter if they have just started gambling or whether they have been with Spinia for quite some time now.

How can I get support on

We are very proud to offer some of the greatest live baccarat online New Zealand games. But we are well-aware that this is simply not enough. Right now, we aim to become one of the best casino developers, active on the market. We have joined forces with others to make sure that you will get both maximum fun and security, all while playing on our platform. What brings these two things together?

A professional customer support team is always a good to place to start! We have been working with some of the greatest people in the industry, just so that we could provide you with much-needed help or support. At any given time of the day! Spinia works around the clock, regardless of your time-zone. Whenever you have any kind of problem, you can scroll far down. Now, click on the “Support” button.

This is all it takes, to reach out to a customer support representative! You will be automatically redirected to a special page. It was created, especially for our troubled users. Here is where you can receive all of the much-needed information. This is your gateway to professional help, at any given time.

Now, just fill out the contact form. All you need to do is to fill out the required fields. Can you describe your problem and give out your contact details? You should enter your email, together with a brief explanation. Once you have submitted your message, press enter: our team will take a look at it right now. We will surely get back to you as fast as possible!

We really have tried our best to make this process easy and simple. We have cut down on any unnecessary bureaucracy. Remember, you can use this as a chance to voice any other problems. Here at Spinia, we are always happy to listen to your feedback. This is our way of providing a better service. Our customer support team is a “mediator” between our platform and loyal players, just like you.

We really hope that we can deliver the best user experience, each and every time you interact with! For this reason, we have contacted some of the best professionals in the field to create a platform, which is unique. Today, we are a well-established provider, which offers something to every kind of player.

As gamblers, we believe that every online platform should be able to offer help. At each stage of the game, if necessary. After all, no one wants to be left stranded or on their own, especially when it comes to problems. We have been looking for the perfect place to gamble, for a very long time now. We were not able to find one: this motivated us to start our own venture, which eventually grew to become Did we succeed in launching our own project?

We are gamblers who are working very hard to create a place, which offers a lot of fun for other folks online! We are very proud of our platform: it is full of rewards or opportunities, which are equally enjoyable, for each type of player.

When we have adapted our award-winning online platform to New Zealand, we wanted to make it special and full of unique offers. We know just how much you love gambling and what it means to you. This is why we have decided to step it up a little: Spinia promises you genuine fun, no matter which game you play.

What are the different baccarat gambling games, offered by Spinia right now?

You might have gathered this, from some of the earlier sections. We reached out to the best developers, active on the market: our goal is to provide premium baccarat, which is enjoyed by everyone. We realize that the “one size fits all” approach does not work in this case. This is why we ended up with different versions of this very popular game. The final product makes us incredibly proud: today, we boast a huge and diverse catalogue of online casino releases, which is available to users worldwide.

Let’s be honest: classic baccarat is just one of those card games, which usually comes with different versions. This gave us ample field for manoeuvre or innovation. We ended up creating something, which can be enjoyed and appreciated by all types of gamblers. Do you share our passion for online casino games?

There is a list, which lays out all of the different versions of baccarat. What is available on our online live casino platform? First of all, we have regular baccarat, powered by Evolution Gaming. Have you ever played one of their live releases? If not, you are in for quite a treat: Evolution Gaming is undoubtedly one of the top developers, present on the market today. What else can you expect in their portfolio? We also host their branded releases: Baccarat A, Speed Baccarat A, Speed Baccarat B, Baccarat Squeeze, and Salon Privé Baccarat.

If you are ever bored or just looking for something different, you can always turn to premium baccarat, developed by iSoftBet. This is another top developer studio, which has really redefined the game over the years.

By developing many versions of baccarat, we were able to ensure that you can really find something for yourself. This is a unique selling point, as far as our live online casino platform is concerned. Are you looking for the best baccarat online? You can probably find it here, at Spinia. Why not give it a go today?

Our platform has made it firmly to the top: we are among the best rated providers, active on overseas markets. Especially if we consider the sheer variety of available games! Thousands of gamblers online have already given us their seal of approval. Now, it is your turn: our platform is completely unique, particularly in terms of what it offers. You are unlikely to find anything similar, no matter where you look on the internet.

I love to play baccarat online live. But is there a way of setting a spending limit on

This might sound a little earnest, but we actually care about our customers’ well-being. Our mission is quite simple: we always try to give you the best player experience online. We just want to make it as fun as possible! We understand that you might run into some problems. The best way to deal with them is prevention. As with everything else that we do, like to put the player back in control. This is why we came up with an exhaustive list of ideas, which might help you to put a limit on your spending. They extend to the time you spend on our platform or the amount, which you wager on live casino releases. Do you think you might find them useful? These are just a handful of examples. Do you suspect that you might have a problem? Keep a track of your gambling habits: this way, you will be able to address your issues in an effective manner. Today, responsible gambling is part of any reputable online casino platform. In this respect, Spinia is no exception. We want you to have fun: when it stops, you should turn to professional help. You can put a limit on your deposits. This is a sensible first step, which will help you to see how much you spend on our platform. You can also control your losses, how much you wager or the time, which you devote to gambling online. You can time each session, right to every minute. These restrictions will remain in place for some time: they usually apply to a week, month or even slightly longer, provided that they are really necessary. If you think that it is not enough, you can use a cooling-off limit. Again, it is usually set for a certain period of time: one week, one month or three months. It can last up to six months or half a year in total. How does it work? It will put a block on your user account, for a given amount of time. During the cooling-off period, you will not be able to deposit money. You will also be excluded from all of the promotional offers, normally available through Spinia. However, you can still withdraw any remaining funds, which you might have on your account. As the last resort, you can use the self-exclusion limit. It can be set for six months, nine months or even an entire year. As soon as you make the decision, your account will be disabled. To put it bluntly, you will lose access to the platform: you will be prevented from making any deposits or withdrawals. What is more, you will stop receiving any promotional materials, addressed to your name. Now, we worked hard to earn our title: today, we are one of the best providers of live dealer baccarat New Zealand has ever seen! But we also wanted to make sure that you are really having fun. Your safety and well-being is paramount. We are constantly trying our best to maintain the safety of our gamblers online. Is there anything, which you would like to report? Remember, you can always turn to our customer support team for answers.

Why is online baccarat real money so popular around the world?

There are many reasons behind baccarat’s tremendous popularity, which is seen across the globe. Have you tried playing the game yourself? Perhaps it all comes down to great opportunities, offered to gamblers? The unstoppable rise of the live online casino has a lot to answer for! One thing is certain: it is one of the easiest games, which still gives you a premium casino experience. Why not test your luck and see if you can beat the banker?

Undeniably, baccarat is firmly rooted in a centuries-old tradition of gambling and card games. It is really what powers the game through to this day. There are many distinct versions of this very popular game, available worldwide. It is what makes the game so enjoyable, especially in the long run. There is just so much variety: take pleasure in playing baccarat and prepare yourself for generous rewards, lined up at

Baccarat is one of just those games, where everything comes down to your luck. Are you interested in playing baccarat online for real money? You might be in for a big win, especially if you think of the odds! Baccarat has been consistently named the world’s best gambling card game by many experts. We can only agree: we have really enhanced the game, bringing an entirely new level to the whole casino experience.

Baccarat is well-represented in popular culture. Its reputation has definitely made it popular among gamblers, looking for a quick thrill. Today, baccarat is widely associated with Her Majesty’s most famous secret agent: James Bond. The fictional character was created by Sir Ian Fleming, who laid down the scenario for the timeless movie franchise. Bond plays baccarat in many of Fleming’s novels, including the 1953 “Casino Royale”.

These fictional “re-enactments” of baccarat have undoubtedly helped to cement the popularity of the game! Especially if we are talking about global audiences: maybe you can recognize baccarat from the Hollywood blockbusters? In any case, if you are looking for the perfect place to play baccarat online for money, Spinia is the way to go! We can guarantee one thing: you will not be disappointed.

What are some of the other games, offered by Spinia?

Today, we offer our registered players almost 2,000 online casino releases, which go far and beyond baccarat. Our extensive catalog includes games like blackjack, poker, roulette, slots, and many others. We have tried to make them as unique and diverse as possible: this your chance to try your luck in the live online casino!

Now, we put a lot of work into our live baccarat online New Zealand options. But we have also developed dozens of different games, which are all distributed on separate pages. You can find them easily: they will appear listed in our homepage. Alternatively, you can use the search field or just follow your instincts. Are you lost or unsure of what to do next? You can always turn to customer support for guidance.

Our team is working very hard to make the platform as user-friendly as possible. There is something new added to our platform, almost on a daily basis. This is how we deliver excitement or fun: as you can see, there is no magic formula.!We just aim to stay relevant and listen to what you have got to say. We focus on each and every small little detail and embrace new trends or innovations, which appear online.

I love to play baccarat for real money. Could I try it out for free first?

You might have heard about “Play for Fun”: we developed the concept, in order to let you try any game for free! This is a handy little way of ensuring that you can get a “taster” first. Unfortunately, this feature rarely applies to our live online casino releases. But why not try it out elsewhere, on our award-winning platform?

This is your way of taking a sneak peek into Spinia’s fantasy world. Use it to develop your tactics and strategies, which you can apply later in the game. Are you not sure about gambling for real money? “Play for Fun” will allow you to build that confidence, right from scratch. Test our premium online casino releases and see what appeals to you, personally. We are sure that you will find your favorite game, in absolutely no time.

There are many games, offered for free on our platform. To access them, you simply need to click on the “Play for Fun” button. We really believe that we host some of the best online baccarat New Zealand has to offer! Why not whizz through our platform and learn more about the card game, which has taken over the world by storm?

Who can enjoy Spinia’s premium offer?

We believe that the safety and security should be the top priority for any online casino platform. Here at Spinia, we take these two words extremely seriously. This is why we are committed to cutting down on under-aged gambling and other illicit activities. Remember, you need to have attained legal age, in order to gamble and play with Spinia. Are you 18 or over?

We might ask you for a proof of identity, which will contain your age or date of birth. This is usually part of the verification process, which comes after you register your account on You have been warned: you might get some follow-up questions!

There is another important point, which you should keep in mind. We do not accept payments made by third parties. What does that mean, in practice? The card or e-wallet, which you use must be registered in your name. This will allow the transaction to go through.

How can I make payments, while I enjoy some of the best live baccarat New Zealand options?

There are many payment methods, readily available on our platform! These include some of the most popular ways of settling online transactions right now. Have you heard of e-wallets, for example? If you have not got an e-wallet yet, you can always opt for a traditional credit card payment, which will be credited via your bank. Not a problem!

Our users can deposit their funds, through the following providers: Visa, Mastercard, Paysafecard, EcoPayz, Neosurf, Maestro, Skrill, and Neteller. We wanted to include innovative and traditional ways of paying, to suit all types of online players. In the process, we banished any additional handling fees from our platform. We also cut down on processing time, which is applied to deposits. Unless there is a problem, you should get your funds immediately.

However, there still are some subtle differences between payment methods. For example, when you pay with Visa, the maximum that you can deposit is capped at NZ$6,000. If you decide to pay with Skrill, the limit is significantly higher: NZ$12,000.

When it comes to withdrawals, you can use Visa, Paysafecard, EcoPayz, Skrill, Netteler, or traditional bank transfers. The main or key differences boil down to waiting times: they can really vary, so check if your provider first. If we are talking about bank transfers, they can stretch up to five working days. For Visa, for example, they are usually shorter: the average waiting time is normally three days. The good news is that there are no fees applied on any sum, which you choose to withdraw.

I am enjoying the best baccarat online New Zealand, but what are Spinia’s best promos right now?

While working on our platform, we were able to create many different bonus systems. This is the key to our long-lasting success: they apply to both newcomers, as well as those who have gambled with us, right from the start! What are the bonuses and promotions, which you can expect when you log in to your user account?

We should begin with our first and second deposit bonus: this is an exclusive promo, which is given to any newly-registered player on To enjoy your first deposit bonus, use the promo code: “PINACOLADA”, when making your first payment. You will automatically receive 100% of what you put in. The amount is capped at NZ$150. Treat it as a gift from our team! In addition, you will also receive 25 free spins for Hotline, a popular slot machine game.

Spinia is one of the best baccarat casinos online: use your bonus to make the most of it! Now, enjoy your second deposit bonus. It works in the same way: expect to receive 50% of your initial payment. You cannot go over NZ$200: what is more, you will get 25 free spins for Turn Your Fortune. What is the promo code, which applies to this bonus? Type in “MOJITO”, right as you make your second deposit.

There are many gamblers, who have been playing baccarat casino game for years now! We know that they are expecting something extra: this is why we decided to make Wednesday into a special day on our online casino platform. Have you heard of our “Wednesday Free Spins” bonus? It automatically applies to any deposits, which exceed NZ$65. You will not need a special bonus code. When you make the deposit, you will get 25 free spins right away.

The second lot of 25 free spins will be delivered to your account in 24 hours. What does it come down to? In total, you will get 50 free spins for a premium release, such as Lost Relics. Check the terms and conditions for more details.

Do you simply love to play baccarat games? Or do you want to make your weekends more fun? Then, you have come to the right place. Enjoy our “Reload Bonus”, which will make your weekend unforgettable. Make your deposit on a Sunday, using the following promo code: “AFTERPARTY”. You will get 50%, right on top of what you put in. How much are we talking about? Your deposit should not go over NZ$350. Moreover, you will get 25 free spins for the Cazino Zeppelin slot!

Do you know what it takes to become part of our VIP club? You just need to place your first bet with real money. There are no formalities: you will be enrolled automatically. What can you expect from our VIP program? Our VIP loyalty scheme has many different bonuses, attached to each level. The higher your level, the better your rewards! Sit back and simply enjoy some of the best live baccarat online New Zealand has got to offer. Things just got better, thanks to our VIP scheme.

Why should I choose Spinia, in order to play baccarat online real money

Are you interested in the best baccara casino for real money? In that case, we would like to welcome you to Spinia: this is your chance to get a little more, on top of what you win. Our benefits are simply stunning. Did you manage to familiarize yourself with all of the promos, which are available to new players today?

We have developed more than 2,000 popular games, just for your benefit and pure fun. We complemented our offer with generous bonuses and promotions. What is in store for you? We really made sure that we address each and every type of player. This is what makes our platform special. Spinia has launched a challenge to the entire industry. We have changed the game for the better. Now, why not go for a round of baccarat?

You will be amazed by our live online casino options, powered by some of the world’s top developer studios.


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