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Why is poker so popular around the world?

Poker is one of the few games, which has a very long history behind them. There are many gamblers who love the rewards, which usually come with this game. And as time goes by, its popularity only seems to go up. Let’s be entirely honest here, there is no way of stopping it!

Our platform offers its users one of the most diverse poker catalogs, available on the market today. There are many different versions of the game, waiting for you on we believe that we offer some of the best live poker in New Zealand!

Poker is just one of those games, which can be enjoyed by anyone. It is not as hard as you might think! What is the greatest thing about it? Once you get familiar with the rules, you will understand the relevant moves and different techniques, used by other players. Things will become a lot easier, in no time.

When it comes to online platforms, we see those live casinos are particularly popular. Especially, if we are talking about different types of gamblers worldwide. They offer something, which is very hard to deny: the real-life experience, which is loved by so many players!

What is Spinia and did you develop your games?

Our casino was founded by gaming pros, who love gambling with deep passion. We believe that we know exactly what you are looking for, in an online platform. Make no mistake: this is why we look at everything from your point of view!

Every single page on our platform was designed for easier access. You can find everything that you need, without any trouble. Are you looking for your favorite game? We have worked very hard on all of the details. Nothing will get in your way, while you enjoy some of the best online casino games, like live dealer Texas Holdem poker. This is our guarantee!

We have continuously worked with the top game developers, in the entire gambling industry. The result is self-evident: we have managed to create some of the greatest games, available on the market right now. And we continue to make our catalog more diverse and widely appealing, almost on a daily basis!

The companies that we have worked with, in order to develop these amazing games include the likes of NetEnt, Authentic Gaming, Microgaming, Endorphina, Evolution Gaming, Habanero, Pragmatic Play, Booming Games, Thunderkick, Play'n GO and Yggdrasil. Remember, they are just a handful of examples.

All of these developers are leading companies in their respective fields. They are creating some of the greatest games on the market, exclusively for Spinia’s users. We firmly believe that by working with these amazing providers, we can make your experience a lot more fun and enjoyable!

In addition to some of the best video poker casino games, we also grant you unlimited access to the greatest bonus and promotion systems, seen on the internet today. We are constantly creating new opportunities for every type of player. They include newcomers, as well as those who have been playing with us for a long time now! Virtually everyone can find something, which they can actively enjoy on our platform.

How was Spinia created?

Spinia is a platform, which was created by professional gamblers. We love the thrill of the game and online casinos, in general! We have worked very hard to ensure that we can create a platform that offers a wide variety of games. To everyone, without an exception. You just need to share our passion for gambling.

There are many different opportunities, which you can take advantage of at We come up with fresh ideas every day. Right now, we are particularly proud of our poker online live dealer games. We have worked on them with some of the best developers, active in this field. Why did we put all of these efforts into one type of game? Just to offer something new to our users. The truth is that we like to spoil you, every now and then.

On our platform, you can always find something that you will enjoy. We made sure that among the many games that we have created, you could also find your own all-time favorite releases. That is why we have worked on poker so hard: we wanted to respect its past, all while creating something new and unique.

As gamblers ourselves, we have been continuously looking for a platform, which could offer something new. Our search went on for a very long time. Sadly, we were not able to find the “one”, anywhere on the internet. This is precisely why we have decided to create and launch a platform of our own!

How does Spinia stand out from other online casinos, which offer live poker games?

Are you looking to play live poker in New Zealand? We think that Spinia is a perfect choice, which you can make today. We have been working to develop our platform very hard: we have managed to create a place, which is full of different types of rewards. See all of the opportunities, which are available for gamblers from all around the world.

We have worked with the top 20 developers on the market, with one set goal: to create some of the greatest online games, including live poker. Today, there are more than 2,000 games, readily available on our platform. The number is getting bigger every day: it is very easy to lose count, of all the new additions pouring in.

Our team is busy developing different types of ideas and games, each and every single day. Live poker online is just one example, out of many! Since poker is one of the well-known card games in the world, we have done our best to ensure that we could deliver the best poker experience possible. This is the promise, which we have made to our users.

We wanted to respect the long history of this great game, all while focusing on the uniqueness of its different local or regional versions, which are popular around the world. Did we manage to do a good job? We are a team of gamblers, who are working very hard to deliver the best experience for other players. If you like to play live poker real money, our platform has a lot to offer you. Find out for yourself today, by creating a user account.

We believe that our live games are a great way to enjoy a real-life casino experience, without having to leave your home! We wanted to create a premium platform, which is full of opportunities for New Zealand gamblers. This is why we have created many different versions of popular games, just to ensure that you can have all of the fun, in one place.

In addition to a great selection of games, there are many different types of promotions or bonuses available for everyone. All you need to do is to visit our platform! Everyone can find something that they can enjoy on our platform. In other words, if you pay us a visit, you will not be disappointed.

What stands behind the huge popularity of live poker in New Zealand?

Poker is undoubtedly one of the most popular games in the world of gambling. As we have mentioned earlier, it has a very long and illustrious history. Even today, the game offers one of the greatest gambling experiences, which you could ever ask for. It has all of the necessary elements, which guarantee an amazing time. And as a casino game, it just keeps on growing, with new additions or trends popping up everywhere.

Poker is well-represented in popular culture: there are tens of thousands of different popular games, which merely reference poker. This makes poker even more popular around the world. When thinking about gambling, it is definitely one of the top games, which come to mind first.

We must also remember that there are many international poker tournaments, held on an annual basis. There are hundreds of people who actively take part in these tournaments. Not to mention all of the spectators and people, following the live broadcasts online. The great thing about poker is that it is one of the few games, where you can actually control the game. This really adds a bit of a show to the whole game.
It is not a pure game of luck: there might be some strategies or tactics, which the player can use to their advantage. The amount of money, which you win often comes down to your own personal style. Are you a risk-taker, for example?

This makes poker a very exciting or interesting game for many gamblers, based around the world. The game has been steadily developing for a very long time now. We are very proud to offer you many different versions of real money video poker online games, which are exclusive to our registered users. We are constantly working very hard to develop them further.

When and how was poker invented?

It is very hard to say when poker was actually invented: there are many other, similar games which have been popular for centuries. We see them across different civilizations, so it is impossible to talk about a certain root or single origin of the game. Some say it goes back a 1,000 years ago, having traveled from China.

In fact, many scholars say that poker is actually based on a domino game, first played by a Chinese emperor in the 10th century. Meanwhile, others suggest that this very popular game is a direct descendant of the Persian "As Nas" card game, which dates from the 16th century. There is no clear consensus, on where it all started.

Poker's nearest counterpart in Europe is “Poque”, a 17th-century game that was played in France. Poque itself is actually based on the Spanish game of Primero, which is traced to the 16th century. It usually features three cards, which are given to each player. The main part of this game revolves around bluffing.

We wanted to make a platform, which acknowledges and pays tribute to the great history of poker. At the same time, we wanted to focus on the innovation or uniqueness of each game, which we offer. To reach our goal, we have teamed up with some of the top game developers in the industry. Finally, we were able to create some of the best internet video poker games, available on the market. Today, we offer some of the best versions of the game, seen anywhere online. No matter what you are looking for: live poker, video poker, or even Texas holdem, you can surely find it on our platform!

What are the best poker games, offered by Spinia? How does it compare to other, rival platforms?

We have worked very hard to ensure that we have a wide variety of “offerings”, which are exclusive to our registered users.

Today, our catalog includes many different versions of poker. You will see some popular releases, which include: Side Bet City, Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker or Three Card Poker. For those who love video poker machines, we offer games like Bonus Poker, Jacks or Better 4 Play Power Poker, and many, many others! It is impossible to mention all of them, in one breath. Most of these games developed together with our trusted partners, such as Evolution Gaming or NetEnt. They are some of the biggest names in the industry today.

We really believe that we stand out from the crowd. Why? First of all, we are gamblers ourselves. We know exactly what you are looking for, in an online gaming platform. We have created our website for gamblers, who love different types of games. Are you willing to try new things? Then Spinia is your perfect match!

By developing some of the best live poker real money online games, we made sure that our users get to have the most fun. Right now, our extensive catalog includes more than 2,000 online casino releases. In many cases, they include updated or very popular versions of already existing games. Diversity is very important for us, as an online casino platform. For this reason, we are always trying to come up with new or unique ideas.

Now, this is what makes our platform one of the best on the market! In addition to different versions of poker, we offer our users some of the best bonuses or promotions out there. It is our way of showing our gratitude to our users: we actually care about your experience and the time, which you spend on our platform. In other words, our bonuses and promotions are just another way of saying “thank you” for your continued trust and support.

I am still not sure about what games to play. Can I try live holdem poker pro for free on Spinia?

We are proud to offer you a great opportunity to play our games for free! Our team has worked very hard to make sure that our platform is accessible to everyone. This is what prompted the idea to offer our games with no advance payment. This is an option, which is open to everyone who visits our platform: we call it “Play for Fun”.

Right now, we are letting everyone enjoy most of the games that we have developed for absolutely free! We believe that this is a great opportunity to see what the platform offers, giving you a real chance to work on your strategies. This way, you can learn more about different games, including poker. Why not try it out now?

With these “insights”, you can find your favorite games, without having to spend real money. Once you have found your favorites, you can actually start gambling. If you want to access the games for free, just click the “Play for Fun” button. If it is available, you will see it together with the logo of the game. In most cases, it does not apply to live games, however!

Are there any bonuses available at Spinia?

In addition to some of the best live pokers online real money games, it is very important to offer great benefits or promotions. This is our conviction: it is the only way for a casino platform to stay on top of its business! To ensure that everyone can find something that they love, we developed different types of promotions or bonus systems. They can be enjoyed by all players: newcomers and those, who have been gambling with Spinia for quite some time now!

For those who are just starting to enjoy Spinia’s live poker games online, we have created our first and second deposit bonus. They are very popular among newcomers. Partially, because they can be enjoyed very easily. We will walk you through the entire process now.

To take advantage of your first deposit bonus, all you need to do is to use the right promo code: “PINACOLADA”. You will be asked to make your first deposit, which can go up to NZ$150. With this promotion, you will be able to receive 100% of your payment. This is a gift from our team! In addition, you will also receive 25 free spins for Hotline, a slot game, popular with many of our registered players.

After you have enjoyed your first deposit bonus and did a few rounds of the best poker online live games, it is time to move on. Take advantage of your second deposit bonus! It works in a fairly similar way. You will be able to receive 50% of your payment, as a gift from Spinia. Remember, you can put up to NZ$200, in order to be eligible for this promo. In addition, you will also be given 25 free spins for Turn Your Fortune. To enjoy this bonus, use the promo code: “MOJITO”, while making your second deposit. This is it!

What about all of the other players, who are already active on the platform? We have created a “Wednesday Free Spins” promotion, to liven up your week. Now, everyone who loves to play live poker games has the ability to receive 50 free spins for Lost Clerics. Are you interested in a quick spin on the slot machines? This is your chance to make a little extra. This bonus is applied automatically, once you have made a payment of at least NZ$65.

To make your weekends even more fun, we have come up with another great promotion! It is called the “Reload Bonus” and applies to deposits, made on Sundays. This promotion can be enjoyed by everyone, who puts in NZ$350 on their user account. Remember, the deposit must fall on a Sunday! You will also need to use a special code: “AFTERPARTY”, when placing your money. With this bonus, you will be able to enjoy 50% of your initial payment as a gift, courtesy of the team.

What is more, you will also receive 25 free spins for Cazino Zeppelin, another slot popular game. We also have several other bonuses or promotions, including the VIP club. Plus, we offer many daily races, which you can enjoy at any given time!

What is the VIP status and how do I join your loyalty program?

When we were working on our bonuses, we wanted to ensure that everyone could actively benefit from our promotional offer. The VIP loyalty program is just one of them: we are very proud of this component, which is integral to our platform. Initially, we came up with a radical idea. We believe that everyone should automatically become part of the VIP club. Now, we have turned it into reality. All you need to do is to start gambling with real money and place your first bet!

Do you want to enjoy the best live poker New Zealand has got to offer? Start gambling with Spinia now, in order to become a VIP member. The VIP scheme is a great opportunity for everyone: you will be able to compete for cash prizes, as you move through each level. There are several different layers to this promotion. The principle is simple: the more points you get, the better your rewards become!

Having the best live poker for money is just not enough. This is why we are working very hard to develop new and different ideas, in order to make your experience even more fun!

The different levels of our VIP loyalty program include: “Rookie”, “Beginner”, “Skilled”, “Lodger”, “Gambler”, “Hero”, “Master”, “Gold VIP”, “Diamond VIP”, and finally, “Elite”. The prizes, tagged to each level are different. This is the great thing about them: they are getting better with each and every step, which you make.

We are extremely proud to offer this great opportunity to our gamblers. We believe that by creating such a great and varied promotional offer, we can ensure that our users can have the most fun on our platform! Today, we are working with the top developers, just to come up with fresh ideas on how to boost your experience. Let’s put it this way: we hope that you will not leave Spinia disappointed.

How can I know that Spinia is a trustworthy platform?

We pride ourselves on being one of the best casinos for video poker, available on the market today. But how do you know that you can trust our offer? To make sure that everyone who visits our platform is safe, we have now implemented a set of different safety measures. What do you need to know?

First of all, our company is operated by N1 Interactive Ltd, who is the legal entity behind all of our operations. This company is under control of the laws of Malta: the registration number is C 81457. Our official address is 27 Triq Torri Wejter, Birkirkara, Malta.

Now, our platform is fully licensed and regulated by the Gaming Authority of Malta. Our license was first issued in 2018. What is more, the games that are provided by NetEnt are licensed by MGA, under NetEnt Malta Ltd. All of the other games are actually licensed by the Government of Curacao, which comes under Dutch jurisdiction.

What is “Responsible Gambling” and how can I control my gambling habits?

Our platform offers some of the greatest online video poker gambling games, found on the market today. But how do you “reclaim” the ability to control your gaming habits on our platform? This is a question, which we get surprisingly often.

Gambling should be a form of entertainment: we do our best, in order to ensure that you can have the most fun on This means that you should have the total ability to control your deposits, losses, and any other financial commitments, which you make on the platform. To make sure that you have a good control over your gambling habits, we offer you the option to set certain limits. What do they apply to? Again, deposits, losses, how much you wager and the number of sessions, which you start on our platform.

If you think that setting limits is not enough for you, you can always take some time off. One of the things that you could do is to apply a “Cooling-Off” period to your account. This option can be tagged to a period of one week, one month, three months, or even half a year. What matters is that you are in control.

In this time, you will not be able to deposit any money on your account. What is more, you will not receive any type of promotional offers from our team. However, you can still withdraw the remaining funds from your account. This limit will be applied to your account immediately. Once the time has expired, your account will be automatically reactivated. Do you still have any doubts? Contact our customer support team, for further details.

There is another step, which you can take. If you need even more time, you can opt for self-exclusion. You will essentially bar yourself from our platform for six months, nine months or even a whole year. Once you have taken your decision, your account will be disabled. This means one thing: you will not be able to access your account in any way. We will make sure that you are not in receipt of any type of new promotional material, which comes from our platform. Again, if you run into any problems, you can always reach out to our customer support team.

What are casino online video poker games and why should I trust Spinia as my provider?

Video poker is a very popular casino game, which is based on five-card draw poker. In most cases, it is played on a computer console that is quite similar to a slot machine. It has become relatively widespread, with the development of modern technology. There are many people who enjoy a good round of video poker!

Do you love to play video poker online for real money, as much as we do? In that case, do not hesitate to gamble with us now! We have been working very hard, together with some of the top developers on the market. Why? We want to provide you with some of the best video poker games, which you will not see anywhere else.

This variant of poker was first introduced to the gamblers in the mid-1970s. Back then, they were quite different and relatively primitive, compared to the wide offer you can enjoy today. Video poker became popular with the rise of online casinos. With the advent of modern technology and computing, developers started to incorporate many new features into the game. Today, we believe that Spinia offers some of the best video poker games, available on the internet.

Many think that video poker is too similar to slots. However, there are some major differences between the two games. Let’s take a brief look at them. One of the biggest distinctions is that video poker actually has an element of skill or strategy, unlike slots. Slot games are fully based on your luck. Now, the great thing about video poker is that it offers odds, which can challenge any table game.

New video poker games are becoming more and more popular every day. Are looking for a platform, where you can enjoy great rewards? Do not hesitate to start gambling and play video poker for real money with Spinia right now. You will not regret your decision: we are a top provider, which has really set the standard, across the entire industry.

How can I get help from Spinia, in case of an emergency?

We believe that a premium customer service is an indispensable element, to any online gambling platform that operates in today’s competitive and user-oriented market. We have worked very hard to make sure that we can offer you the help and support of real professionals, at any time of the day!

Our support service is available 24/7: we are ready to help you any given time. In other words, our professionals will assist you at any time of the day or night. All of them are working around the clock, just to deliver the best customer service experience possible. You might want to contact them via the live chat option: get quick answers and replies, in absolutely no time. We always wanted to simplify the procedure and it cut down to the basics.

If you want to contact our team, just scroll down on any page. Once you get to the footer, click on the “Support” button. You will be redirected to a special page, where you will need to provide your email address and specify your concern. One of our representatives will contact you as soon as they are ready with processing your inquiry.

This is our top priority: get any type of help, which you might need very easily. We understand that time is key, in resolving many issues. This is why we have put all of our efforts into making the whole procedure hassle-free.

Our team is made up of real professionals, willing to help whenever you need something. The customer support team works every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

I love real-life casinos a lot! Does Spinia offer any live dealer poker online games?

By developing the best live poker games with real money, we really made sure that our users can enjoy some of the most life-like gambling experiences, available on the market today! Have you tried putting a bet in our live casino?

Live casinos are very popular, among many gamblers. Right from the start, we wanted to create something that is equally unique and special. With the help of top developers, we were able to put together some amazing live casino games. We are all very proud of them.

Poker is a game, which requires a combination of different skills. Without a doubt, they include both luck and experience. This is one of the few games, where you can actually control the outcome and how much you want to win. There are many people who love poker: it often comes with great rewards and the experience is simply thrilling. When you play live poker games you are in for a one-a-kind, unforgettable experience!

There are many different versions of live poker real money games, available on our platform. Playing poker against real players is something that many people enjoy. Be smart about your strategies or tactics, without showing off too much! One thing is certain: you can do a lot, when it comes to online live poker real money games. Are you ready for your next challenge? See who you are up against, when you join a round of live poker.

What else can I play on, in addition to the best casino video poker games?

There are many amazing games, which are readily available on our platform.

Everyone is able to find something that they like on our platform! How did we manage to pull it off? We have certainly put in a lot of work, collaborating with some of the world’s top developers. This is how we created a platform, which offers so many different opportunities. Today, we give our users a wide range of games, which stretch from baccarat to blackjack, roulette, slots and many others.

But what does our platform give you, as a player? We have already mentioned some of the top benefits, which you might expect. You can access many different versions of popular games, like poker. No matter if you like live Texas holdem or video poker, there are many things that we can offer you. Do you need any more examples? Take slots, for instance. We have developed dozens of different versions, which are very popular online.

They include classic slots, jackpot slots, video slots and many others. The same goes for blackjack and every other game, which is offered on our platform. We are constantly working with our trusted partners, coming up with different ideas for our games. Just so you can enjoy them, at any time of the day!

How can I deposit funds on my Spinia account, in order to enjoy online live poker real money?

Many payment methods, which you can use: especially, when you make your first deposit. We put all the efforts to ensure that you feel comfortable, while making the transfer or settling any outstanding transactions.

Today, we offer many different payment options, to all of our registered users. For deposits, you are welcome to use: Visa, Mastercard, Paysafecard, EcoPayz, Neosurf, Maestro, Skrill, and Neteller. No matter which method you choose, we have stripped any additional fees, normally applied to your payments. The good news is that the money, which you pay in, will be on your account instantly. In other words, we cut the processing time down to minimum.

However, there still are some differences between specific providers. This applies to both credit cards and e-wallets. For example, with Visa, Mastercard, and Neosurft, you will only be able to deposit between NZ$10 and NZ$6,000. If you decide to make payments with EcoPayz or Neteller, the least you can pay in is €20. Here, the maximum is capped at €4,000. In the case of Paysafecard, the minimum is €20, while the biggest amount is €1,000. For Skrill users, you can pay anything between NZ$10 and NZ$12,000.

Once you have made your first deposit and enjoyed the best real money live poker, it is time for you to collect your winnings. To withdraw money, you can use several different payment methods, such as Visa, Paysafecard, EcoPayz, Skrill, Neteller, or traditional bank transfers. Again, we have put all the efforts to remove any extra fees, usually applied at the point when you withdraw your funds. However, you should be wary of different processing times: in the case of bank transfers, the transaction can take up to five banking days.

How can I create a Spinia account?

Creating a Spinia account is a very simple procedure and it only takes a few minutes. Have decided to play the best online video poker games? All you need to do is to register your account and go through the verification process. Remember, you might get some security questions: we only accept players, who are 18 or older.

We are glad that you have decided to join our circle. We are one of the best video poker games online providers, active on the internet today. We have a website, which has an exceptionally user-friendly interface: you will find your way in no time. We hope that you will love all our online casino releases and special features, which we have in store for you.

What devices can I use to play live poker for money?

We have worked very hard to ensure that our users are able to access our platform from many different devices. By collaborating with our trusted partners, we have successfully managed to adjust our platform to the users, who primarily log in through smartphones or tablets.

You will see that most of our games are actually available on smartphones and tablets. This means that you can enjoy playing live holdem poker, wherever you are. We have really poured in our heart and soul into making the mobile platform,as user-friendly and interactive as possible. We hope that you will get to enjoy it: it offers a great break of distraction, from the daily routine.

Why is Spinia the best choice for live casino holdem?

There are many people who enjoy specific games, like live holdem pro. But by creating Spinia, we tried to address every type of user. This does not mean that we compromised on specialist releases. Quite on the contrary: we have created more than 2,000 games, which are very popular in the online gambling community in New Zealand and elsewhere, in the world.

We believe that one of the main reasons why we are the best New Zealand live poker casino is that we are a team of gamblers. Our motivation comes from a place of passion for online casino games. We are people who are just like you: we share your deep love for gambling. A few years back, we were looking for a perfect place to gamble. At this point, we realized it was not easy to find a reliable or trustworthy provider, which offered a good variety of casino games.

Today, we offer the best live casino poker New Zealand has ever seen. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it on Remember, this is a platform that was created specifically for gamblers, by gamblers!


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