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Aurora Blackjack Taurus

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Blackjack Lobby

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ONE Blackjack

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Blackjack A

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Unlimited Blackjack

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Blackjack Fortune VIP

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Blackjack Gold 6

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Blackjack Silver A

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Blackjack Diamond VIP

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Blackjack Gold 1

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Blackjack Platinum VIP

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Blackjack 6 - Azure

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VIP Diamond Blackjack

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Blackjack 7 - Azure

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Blackjack VIP A

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ONE Blackjack 2 - Ruby

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Blackjack VIP S

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Blackjack 9 - Azure

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Blackjack 10 - Azure

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Blackjack 8 - Azure

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Blackjack 14

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Blackjack 15

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Amber Blackjack

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Where can I find the best online blackjack in New Zealand? Why should I even consider

Are you a fan of different live card games? Get yourself ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, brought to you from real-life casino venues, based all around the world. This is not just an empty promise: with, dreams become reality.

We have something right up your alley! Would you like to play a round of premium blackjack? As we speak, we have tens, if not hundreds of live releases, which might appeal to you. Have you ever competed against the dealer, teaming up with other players? We would like to present you with some of the best live blackjack online! You might know the game under different names or variations: twenty-one, pontoon, and vingt-et-un. They are all historic or regional variants of the same game, blackjack. Would you like to give it a go?

There is no one stopping you: sign up to our online casino platform now. If you come from New Zealand, you just need to be over 18. Make that first deposit and receive an extra 100% on top of your first bonus. You just need to place up to $150 New Zealand dollars on your user account. This is all courtesy of Spinia: we like to give you a little bit extra, as a gesture of goodwill. If you are a fan of blackjack online gambling, you will fit right in! You will feel right at home with Spinia, in absolutely no time.

There are many more attractions, waiting for you on our live platform. Read on, as we go into details. Of course, blackjack is only part of the “story”. As you probably know, we also offer other great card games: baccarat or poker, for example. But blackjack is unique, in so many different ways. It is a game with a real soul and history. Did you know that historians trace the game back to 17th century Spain? Over the centuries, it has steadily evolved into what we know it today. One thing is certain: blackjack casino live is its latest reincarnation!

We already gave you a few teasers, of what you might expect in our live casino. We would like to add that none of this is possible without our trust partners. What are some of the big names, who put their weight behind our premium platform? You will see that most of our New Zealand online blackjack is powered by Evolution Gaming. But we also got others involved: you will see releases by BetSoft Gaming or Pragmatic Play Live. We believe that giving you a wider choice of games is a good thing for you, as a player!

Why should I start with online casino blackjack? What are the popular options on

Are you having some trouble in picking up the right casino blackjack online?

You should not worry: we will come to your rescue. Why not have a quick browse on our platform? We have put tremendous effort into making all of its features user-friendly. Did you know that we now offer live blackjack mobile games? It does not matter if you log in through your smartphone or tablet. You no longer need desktop access to get to our live casino! This is one of our priorities, as an online operator: to improve overall accessibility, in giving you the widest possible choice. Expect the same quality, whatever device you use.

You will just need to have a reliable or stable internet connection. If you are planning to use your mobile data, you should probably opt for 4G or higher. This is really the only precondition, which you will need to keep in mind. We cannot vouch for your internet network, but we have really reduced the number of glitches or interruptions to a minimum. Did we manage to tempt you to switch to live blackjack mobile games? This is just a suggestion, knowing that you are here for the very first time. Why not try something new, which will surprise you?

Live dealer blackjack online really captures the essence of the real casino. This is down to the interaction, which comes with the dealer. They will hand over the deck, presenting each card one-by-one. Give them a sign: are you ready to take the risk? Feel the thrill, which comes with every moment of suspense. Are you able to get a better score, than any of the other players? This is not necessarily a game, which relies on showing off. It is about keeping cool: being persistent and calculating each and every step you take.

Is casino blackjack online a suitable option for beginners? We would say yes: it is a game, which will give an adrenaline rush, right from the start. Of course, you might want to work on your strategy first. You will need at least a couple of rounds, in order to get the hang of it. But you should not get discouraged: the rules are actually relatively simple. There is no shame, in making mistakes in an online casino. You can always restart the game. In all likelihood, you will be paired with an entirely new dealer.

Learn to take risks! We feel that this is the first lesson, which comes with any card game: baccarat, blackjack, or poker. Without making a move, you will not be able to succeed. We suggest that you try all of the blackjack 21 online, available on You will eventually find a blackjack release, which will appeal to you, personally. Why not stick with it?

Why is live blackjack online casino so different? What are its defining features on

Are you looking for a decent blackjack card game online?

You must know that the blackjack games, which you see on our live platform are a result of collaboration. What do we mean? We have teamed up with the best providers online, in order to give you live broadcasts. This is the secret behind the live online casino: the game actually takes place in real-life, in front of the cameras. We have joined forces with developer studios, such as BetSoft Gaming, Evolution Gaming, and Pragmatic Play Live to give some of the hottest games, happening in physical casinos right now.

How is that not exciting? When you join a round of New Zealand live casino blackjack, all of the attention is on the game. After all, you are surrounded by professionals: the dealer, croupier, or other casino staff, which here to make your experience unforgettable. Did you know that Evolution Gaming has actually fitted their recording studios into real-life, historic venues dotted around Europe? One of them is the legendary Casino de Spa, located in the Belgian Ardennes. Why not join a game of blackjack and teleport yourself to a different world?

This is the promise of the live online casino. In a nutshell, this is what makes it so different from any other option, available on We have tried to make our platform unique in almost every respect. But the live online casino is the only place where the game really comes to life. No animation can substitute interaction or human contact, which comes with the online blackjack dealer games. We could easily go on and give you more examples. But why keep on talking, when you can feel it all for yourself?

This is the deal, which you get with online blackjack live casino. It is an all-rounded, multi-sensorial experience. Which you will not get anywhere else, with the exception of the real-life casino itself! This is also what defines our live casino platform. A high appreciation for the beauty of the game and an immersive environment, where you can readily play it. Right now, we offer a whole array of different blackjack games. Each one of them comes with their own set of individual features or quirks. It is virtually impossible to put a pin on all of them!

What are you waiting for? Follow your instincts and place that first bet today.

Why should I play online blackjack with real dealers? What is its special appeal on

We already shared our “subjective” opinion, in reference to other topics. Would you like us to tell you once more? We are always happy to expand on our passions: real money black jack.

How shall we put it? There is a certain magic, which comes with blackjack online gambling live. Have you ever been to a real-life casino? This is the miracle of modern technology: thanks to these direct broadcasts, you can experience any premium game for yourself. You do not even have to move very far! Just get closer to your internet router and click on a blackjack release, which grabs your immediate attention. Take a deep breath and you are now ready to go! You will enjoy every minute of it.

Not too long ago, the casino stood as a symbol of unattainable status. It reminded people of where they belong in society. Luckily, these days are now over. What do we mean? Nowadays, every registered player has access to top venues worldwide. These direct broadcasts or live streams have radically changed the market. Are you interested in competing in a blackjack game online? Go ahead, the coast is clear: as long as you have an age-verified account, no one will stop you. No need to drag out that tuxedo out of your closest! You are literally a few clicks or taps away from a live game, happening in real-time.

Remember, you can always play live in the comfort of your own home. Now, this is what we call the ultimate luxury! The only prerequisite is a trustworthy internet connection. Did we mention that you can also log in through your mobile device? You can easily join the other players, by accessing our platform through a smartphone or tablet. You call the shots: the decision of when or how you want to play belongs to you. And you! Now, what brings you to online blackjack gambling?

Our players have different reasons to play blackjack game online. We are all guided by our own motivation: are you here to make money or have a good time? You might be feeling a little adventurous, yearning for something new. All of these perfectly valid justifications for playing in a live casino online. This is why we pulled our acts together, in creating our unique platform. We thought it was the right time to embrace diversity. The “one size fits all” approach is no longer good enough for the fierce or cut-throat casino market today.

The live casino fills in an important niche: it is another way of giving you an opportunity to enjoy yourself online. After all, gambling is inherently linked with social entertainment. Right from the start of times! We recognize that players in New Zealand, as well as in other countries worldwide are looking for new experiences. In this context, how is online blackjack for money any special? It ties all of these factors together, making it into a complete package.

Try it once and you will not be disappointed!

What are some of the developer studios, behind the top live video blackjack on

We already gave you a few giveaways, in some of the earlier sections. But in case it escaped you: at Spinia, we work with three major partners. Most of the real money online blackjack releases are powered by one provider, Evolution Gaming. But this is no reason to ignore all of the others. We will now turn to tell you why, in the text directly below.

For starters, each of them has a slightly different take on the game. Evolution Gaming definitely offers the widest range of live releases. If you look into their offer, you will see that you do not have to stick to classic variations of blackjack. We highly recommend their VIP live blackjack, especially if you are feeling like a high roller! With this particular provider, the sky is the limit. They really drive innovation forward, while staying faithful to the game’s true roots. Are you really looking for a premium online blackjack gambling experience?

Then you will not walk away, in regret or disappointment. Evolution Gaming is one of the market leaders, for a number of very good reasons. Innovation is just one of them. We should also mention their relentless commitment to top quality: you will see that their real blackjack broadcasts are simply flawless. Together with our own in-house developers, we really made sure that they are fully synced and integrated into our platform. This means that none of it will be lost through the lines: you can also expect high resolution on your own private screen.

Who are the other kids on the block? When it comes to live blackjack online real money releases, we also rely on broadcasts from two other providers. Who are we referring to? Their trading names are BetSoft Gambling and Pragmatic Play Live. You might know them already, especially if you managed to trawl through our back catalog of online casino releases. Did you know that we pulled almost 2,000 games, in making our online casino platform? These two names come up all the time, in other contexts on

They are our trusted partners, who help us grow. Thanks to our fruitful collaborations, we succeeded in reaching out to global audiences. Right now, Spinia has hundreds of loyal followers, which stretch far and wide from our European base. Recently, we have been voted one of the best “New Zealand live casino blackjack” sites. It is a real honor to see that our premium offer speaks to players in other countries. We aim to increase our presence in New Zealand: this is why so many promotions apply exclusively to you, kiwis!

Are you having a hard time, choosing between different providers? If you want to go for variety: do not think twice, go for Evolution Gaming. They include all-time favorites and classics, as well as more innovative options, all of which focus on online casino blackjack. Pragmatic Play Live does well, especially when it comes to classic versions of blackjack. Are you an old-school, veteran player? Then, this is a suitable choice for you! What can you expect from BetSoft? Right now, they are tempting our registered users with European and single deck blackjack.

Are any of these options appealing to you?

Where do I sign up for Is it possible to use my welcome bonus on real blackjack?

Signing up to, our online platform has never been easier! But you do not have to take our word for it: you can do it yourself. Most players go through the entire process in no more than 10 minutes. We might have to ask you a few verification questions. But once you go through it, you will be allowed to play blackjack online for money, with no further delay! We can guarantee that you will be able to place your first bet today.

Do you need the link, which will get you to the sign-up form? You can get to the registration, from any point on our website, You can click on any of the roll-up or roll-down menus, which are located in either corner of your screen. If you still have not registered, you can click on any of the games, which you see in front of you. You will be prompted to give in your username and password. This usually shows up as a pop-up window: it will also come with a separate link for registration. Does it sound easy? Play live blackjack online, with no hassle.

Once you get a user account, the doors to the online live blackjack casino will open! Remember, you only get one player account for the entire platform. You do not have to register twice: all your information is kept in one place, under the careful auspices of Spinia’s IT department. In fact, any duplicate accounts will be deleted straight away. Why? They go against our terms and conditions, as they might give you an unfair advantage. Quite a few of our bonuses apply only once, for example.

Do you have an account on any of the Social Media platforms? In most cases, it takes only a couple of minutes to create a profile from scratch. The questions are relatively non-invasive and cover the bare minimum, needed to confirm your age and legal identity. The same is true when you open an account with Spinia. You do not need to give us all the information, right away. Some details can wait for later. The most important part is the verification: it helps us to exclude any minors from blackjack online gambling.

What about the welcome bonus, we hear you ask. This is one of the juiciest promotions, available in our online live blackjack casino. What can you expect, from putting your first bet on Spinia? The bonus is actually made up of three distinct parts. First up, you will be granted 100% of your first deposit: just do not exceed or go more than $150 New Zealand dollars. But this is just the start. Your second deposit also qualifies for a “little” extra. You will get another 50% on top, courtesy of Spinia. This time, the amount is capped at $200 New Zealand dollars.

What about the third part or element, which we mentioned? The welcome bonus also comes with an additional 50 free spins. Unfortunately, you will not be able to trade them in any online blackjack live dealer real money games. They solely apply to selected slot machine games, exclusive to Think of them as an incentive: they give you a chance to win in a game you would try otherwise. Which is not strictly a bad deal either!

Where can I see all the cash prizes, available on What applies to live blackjack games?

Would you like to play blackjack for real money? Are you wondering how you can make your game a little more profitable? Over the last few years, we have really made our “name” in the industry. Across the board, we are known for the sheer generosity of our cash incentives. No matter if you choose blackjack or poker, we will hand over the prize in full. There is nothing like the promise of real money rewards! You do not need to explain it to us: this is what makes every casino a big deal.

What is the first step, which you should take? We recommend that you check the page, where we list all of our available bonuses. You see, at Spinia we do things a little differently. Our business model departs from the classic casino, in more than a few ways. First of all, we do not believe in secrecy: we like to lay your options flat in front of you. Why should we keep our promos away from you? We have nothing to conceal or hide. We really believe that online live blackjack real money options should be open to every player, who visits

Regardless if you got here by chance or through a recommendation of a trusted friend! The important thing is that you have joined one of the best live blackjack sites, open to players from all over New Zealand. We are mistrustful of any elitism or snobbery. What really matters is that you are here, our dear player. At Spinia, we try hard to change the industry from within, by taking a more transparent approach to online gambling. Why? We think that this will allow everyone to enjoy the online casino experience more.

Did you find the bonuses, which we are referring to? You will see them lined up, in a tile configuration. If you are having any trouble finding the right section, you can always use the search field. Narrow down your results and you should get there without any problems. Alternatively, you can also contact our customer support team. A dedicated member of staff or representative will be with you, in no time whatsoever. Tell them what you are looking for exactly: they will be able to redirect you to online blackjack live dealer real money options.

It is a good idea to have a pen and piece of paper, right by your side. Why are we saying this? We are not trying to confuse you. You will see that many of our bonuses come with a unique code. How do they work? When you access a promotional release, you might have to enter the code in full, This will qualify you for a particular prize or promotion. Do you know what you are looking for? Our promo codes are usually a combination of words and numbers, written out in bold capital letters. Whenever you can, use them to play blackjack for real money.

In all likelihood, they will allow you to make a little extra. Right on top of your winnings! As we said earlier, we believe that a decent cash incentive is what drives the live online casino. Obviously, not all prizes apply to online blackjack for money: check the terms and conditions before, in order to avoid disappointment. We have a whole myriad of options, in case you decide to venture out. You will see that we run a number of challenges, tournaments, and races. Unfortunately, they largely apply to select slot game releases.

Did we mention that our jackpot is on a steady course to eight-figure sum? But here is the golden nugget: our VIP loyalty program, which applies to online blackjack for money.

When I play blackjack online for real money, can I still earn VIP points on

Here at Spinia, we always like to reward our players. In fact, we made it our trademark.

This is why we decided to open up our VIP loyalty scheme to New Zealand online blackjack players. How do you join the club? We threw out all of these old assumptions, right out of the window. Is there anything you need to sign? We already told you that we do things a little differently, here on Our VIP loyalty program is a prime example: we have allowed anyone to join in. You just have to register on our platform. Once your user account has been verified, you are automatically in. Other than that, you do not need to lift a finger.

We always try to make things easy for you. This is so that you can focus on the things that matter: New Zealand live casino blackjack. Why should you waste your time, trying to figure out all of the details? We have really put our faith in user-guided design and tried to come up with a layout, which will explain every step in plain English. Have we actually succeeded? We trust you to make your own decision. We believe that our online casino is a form of premium social entertainment. Our VIP loyalty program is just another one of its off-shoots.

The VIP loyalty scheme is fully integrated into the rest of the platform. What are we trying to say? You can expect to gain those juicy VIP loyalty points, every time you play our blackjack casino live. The more you play, the more you gain. This the operating principle, behind our VIP loyalty program. It does not matter if we are talking about baccarat or blackjack! The rules are exactly the same: you will get one VIP loyalty point for every $34 New Zealand dollars spent or wagered on the platform.

To answer your original question: yes, you can play online blackjack in New Zealand and get your VIP loyalty points, on top of what you put in. Players in New Zealand are fully eligible to take part in the scheme, no matter which region you live in. The terms and conditions apply in the same way, across all 16 administrative divisions. Is this what you wanted to know? We have saved the last bit of news for the last part. Here is the real deal: if you get 1,500,000 VIP points, you will receive an equivalent of $90,000 New Zealand dollars, in cash prizes.

This is at the pinnacle of our VIP “pyramid”. You see, our VIP loyalty program is divided into different levels. You start as a “Rookie”. You move up gradually, depending on how many VIP points you acquire. The prize, we have just mentioned, belongs to the “Elite” player. This is the highest level, you can aspire to on On the way, you will have to pass through each level: “Rookie”, “Beginner”, Skilled”, “Lodger”, “Gamber”, “Hero”, “Master”, “Gold VIP”, and “Diamond VIP”. Remember, each of these milestones with their own real money rewards.

Spend it by playing online black jack! The more you put in, the more you earn.

How can I find the best blackjack casino games online on Any hot tips?

When we came up with the concept for, we decided to focus on accessibility.

We have never abandoned this thought. We still see that many online black jack live casinos lack many basic features. Spinia is supposed to be a credible alternative, which will help you to make the right choice. We believe in you making a conscious decision, especially when you select or pick an online live casino game. After all, you are playing with your own hard-earned buck. This is why you should never settle for the “second best”. When you decide to go live, choose a game of blackjack, which really speaks to you.

Of course, you need to get there first. Do you have your favorite black jack game? If this is the case, you can just enter the full name straight away. Where? You will see a search bar, just under one of the first panels. Start typing the name: you will see the letters come up, right as you put in the text. Press “search” or “enter” and you should have a whole list of results, right in front of you. If you are lucky, you might get a few related releases. These might be handy suggestions, in case you get bored later. Keep them in mind!

If that does not work for you, you can always search by provider or category. Enter “live online blackjack New Zealand” and see what comes up. Have you found anything particularly interesting? In addition, you can filter your results. How? You will see a small funnel icon, just by the right-hand side. Once you click on it, you will see a pop-up menu. Here you can tick or untick each box, matching each provider: BetSoft Gaming, Evolution Gaming, or Pragmatic Play Live. This will give you more of a visual hint or cue. Is there anything that immediately catches your attention? As a last resort, you can try type or category.

On one of the horizontal panels, you will see a list of icons. They are vivid representations of different casino paraphernalia: a deck of cards, poker chip, or spinning wheel. Each icon is hyper-linked to a particular type of game. For instance, roulette is understandably a wheel. The chips stand for a round of live poker. So what should you click on, in case you want to play black jack online? The game is represented by a hand of cards, with an ace of hearts facing up. Press on the icon at any given time, to get you right back to full results.

There is one last tip, which is linked to choosing the right game of black jack 21. Did you know that many of Spinia’s releases are color-coded? If you look up closely, many of our live games have a dot. What does it all mean? You might see it, just by the right top corner. Rest assured: there is a message, behind all of this. The turquoise, minty green dot stands for new releases. Orange indicates the most popular games, found on our live online casino platform. In fact, if you get closer, you will see that it spells out “HOT” in capital letters.

Why should I trust, the online blackjack live casino? Do you have anything to show me?

This is a question, which we get all of the time. What is there to show, when it comes to our credentials?
We wholly understand where you are coming from: when you play blackjack for real money, you want to feel safe online. This is a worry, which we can all relate to. After all, we are also players, who share the same passion for classic casino games. We would never put your safety or well-being at risk. This is why we abide by some of the strictest regulations, found across the entire industry. What do we actually mean?

For starters, we are an authorized and regulated online casino platform. We are not like any other provider: we hold a full license, issued by the MGA. Have you ever heard of the Malta Gambling Authority? They are our national regulatory body, responsible for overseeing gambling operations in Malta. As you may know, Malta is a real hotspot for real blackjack online casinos. Over the years, our small island state has become an important hub for the gambling industry, bringing in creativity, talent, and most importantly, a stable legal environment.

Holding a license from the MGA has one key implication: we are accountable to Maltese and European Union legislation, which governs gambling operations. This means that all of our releases have to meet the highest standards, just before they are “presented” to the wider public. In other words, what you see on the market today has been vigorously tried and tested! One thing is certain: our live blackjack New Zealand offer passed some of the most stringent controls in the industry. With Spinia, you know that your money is in safe hands.

Do you have any follow-up questions, connected to our black jack casino license? If you are actually in doubt, you can track it down on our website. You will see it on almost every page, especially if you scroll down right to the bottom. When you reach the footer, you should reach a short disclaimer, with the MGA’s logo: a Maltese cross. Here you will find all the necessary basic legal information, linked to Spinia’s trading. You will see not only our full license number and date of issue. There is much more to it.

You will also see our office address in La Valletta, Malta, as well as the legal entity, responsible for N1 Interactive Ltd. This information is readily available online, whenever you load any of our main pages. We really think that it is important to be transparent: we want to inspire trust and make the internet a safer place, for all types of gamblers. Without an exception! This is why we firmly believe that we all need to do it in unison, within the law and existing regulation. Now, has that made you feel better about your next round of casino black jack?

What are the different banking options when I play blackjack online for money on

We already discussed that safety is paramount, to everyone at This is not something, which we will ever compromise on. Providing a secure online space for casino-style gambling is one of the key motivations, which has brought this project forward. It is one of the core principles, which we took to heart. It also applies to the different banking or payment methods, available on our platform today. Play blackjack online in New Zealand, knowing that your money is fully secure. This is the pact or promise we make, with each and every player.

There are several ways of moving your money. Particularly if you choose live online blackjack New Zealand options! We might not be ready for cryptocurrency just yet, but we accept leading e-wallets and credit cards: VISA, MasterCard and Maestro, as valid forms of payment. Together, they make up a lion share of all digital transactions made on the internet today. We made sure that you have a range of options, readily available at your fingertips. Today, you do not need to go out of your way, to transfer your first buck.

Let’s face it. Despite all this talk of innovation, most transactions still go through the banking system. It is true: the banks have made giant leaps, especially in the last few years. They have fully embraced digital, as a way of going forward. They should be applauded for their move. But it is going far enough? We leave this as a question, for others to debate. The good news is that you can use your bank-issued card to settle any transactions on our live video blackjack platform. Has it got a CVV code, right at the back? It should go through with no problems.

Have you ever heard of e-wallets before? They are a useful way of dividing your money streams. Are you worried that someone else might see your transactions? That concern disappears, once you set yourself with Skrill or Neteller. What are they? Neteller and Skrill are just two widely-used providers of e-wallet services, which are accepted on See our entire list of e-wallets, which you can use as a real money online blackjack player from New Zealand. Where should you find it? Just turn to our terms and conditions.

Remember, you will have to approach one of these services directly. E-wallets are essentially a form of digital transactions: you will have a virtual account, where you can deposit your funds. From there, you can transfer them to your player account, which you created on Easy? This is basically the fool-proof mechanism, which will allow you to tighten your privacy or keep your real blackjack money safe and sound.

What is all this buzz about the best live dealer blackjack on Why should I give it a go?

Do you still hold your reservations against our live platform? is widely acclaimed as the best online blackjack casino, a fact which has been confirmed by thousands of players from New Zealand. In the last few sections, we explained why we are a trustworthy operator. What else do you need to know?

There are not many sites, which offer anything remotely close to Spinia’s New Zealand blackjack online. We have totally knocked the competition out, especially in terms of our general live offer. You will not see anything like it, anywhere else on a New Zealand VPN connection. And we are not even talking about the latest live releases, powered by Evolution Gaming! They have just started coming through. All of this has put us at a competitive advantage, over other providers in New Zealand and the wider Asia-Pacific region.

Let’s get things straight. Are you into classic casino blackjack online? Or perhaps you would like to try something new, like BetSoft’s European blackjack? You see, you will find something for every taste on This is what launched our platform into stardom. This is why we managed to grow at an astounding, finding a cult following in far-flung places like Canada, South Africa, or indeed, New Zealand. There is not much to our philosophy: we offer an honest game of live blackjack, coupled with some generous cash prizes and premium service.

Are you in? We just gave you our recipe for success. This is not a lie: we really value accessibility and transparency. We take these two principles extremely seriously. They are a sort of operation guidelines, which are present at every stage of decision-making. This is the brief, which we presented to our designers, for example. The result is the sleek blackjack casino live platform, with clear divisions and an eye-pleasing color scheme. You never really get lost on switching between one game and another is seamlessly easy.

The answer is actually pretty simple: yes, you should give it a go! We can guarantee that you will be satisfied. If your experience is anyhow different from what we had promised, you are welcome to contact our customer support. You will be seen straight away: now, what is your inquiry about? Spill the beans, in giving us your honest opinion. We are always glad to receive frank feedback: it helps us to make our service better in the future. Now, play blackjack for real money in total tranquility and peace. Concentrate on the game, not worry about some detail.

Are there any areas for concern, which I should keep in mind? Any limits on blackjack card game?

Thanks for reading on, getting on this far. At Spinia, we like to deliver good news: this is why you will always see all the latest promotions, right on the first page. But there are also some ground rules, which we all need to honor or respect.

There is one important area, which we have not really touched on: terms and conditions. What should you know, just before you place your first bet on our platform? Remember, we do not make some of the rules. In many cases, they stem from national legislation: this is something we all just need to accept. After all, breaching the law is outside our remit, especially as a licensed or regulated online casino. There are a few “red lines”, which you should be aware of. Even if you are just here to play a quick round of online blackjack with real dealers.

First of all, we do not condone any illegal activities, which might be happening on our platform. This naturally includes under-aged gambling: are you under 18? If this is the case, you will be barred from our online live blackjack casino, with immediate effect. We want to make the internet a better place for everyone. This is why we put all of these online safety measures in place. Some of them are drastic, but concerned parents will understand why a zero-tolerance policy is a necessity, in this instance.

The second point is about the offer, which you see when you play online blackjack in New Zealand. We need to respect the laws of each country, where we actively operate. What do we actually mean? You will see some slight variation, in comparison to what you see on our Canadian site, for example. This should come across as a “revelation”: rules, which affect gambling are often radically different, depending on the country.


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