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Aurora Blackjack Taurus

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Boom City

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XXXTreme Lightning Roulette

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Sweet Bonanza Candyland

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Live Casino Lobby

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Lightning Dice

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Classic Speed Blackjack 1

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Why should I play casino live online with After all, there are many other providers.

HLet’s be honest: the internet is full of different online casinos! We are aware of this fact: this is why we have prepared something special, just for you. What are we talking about? Try out, one of the top live casinos online! You will not be disappointed by the premium in-play options, which come with live broadcasts. Why not put a lucky spin right now? This might be your chance of winning millions of dollars.

What have we got in store for you? Thousands of exclusive releases, all from some of the best providers worldwide: Authentic Gaming, BetSoft Gaming, Evolution Gaming, as well as Pragmatic Play Live. We have something for every type and profile of an online gambler. What kind of a player are you? Do you prefer card or table games? We would like to invite you for a round of baccarat, blackjack, or poker. What else have we got on the “menu”? Our live French roulette will take your breath away. Have you heard of live slots online?

You see, Spinia offers a real wealth of options. Our catalog or portfolio of online casino releases includes more than 2,000 games! It is true: not all of these releases are actually live games. But you will surely find something, which appeals to you. This is our pledge. We have built one of the best live online casinos, on the assumption that you are looking for variety. You will never see the same range, anywhere else on the market. How did we do it? None of this would have been possible, without our active and trusted partners.

We have already mentioned some of the big names above. They all have a slightly different take on the live casino. But there is one thing, which you can expect – without an exception. What defines them is cutting-edge technology. We only offer top quality live online casino real money games. This is the “cornerstone” of our operations. A core belief, which we have never abandoned. You will see that our software is really second to none. We are proud to give you the best user experience, across the board!

When you make an account on, the best New Zealand live casino you will get VIP treatment, right from day one. What do we mean? Just read on, in order to find out. What we do is so much more than just hosting online casino live games.

I am just a beginner: is a real live casino online. Is it really a good option for me?

Accessibility is an important issue, for everyone working on We believe in premium service: in our opinion, it translates into one thing. Providing the best possible experience for everyone, who pays a visit to our online casino platform! It should not really matter: are you “just” a beginner? We will guide you through the magic world of casino releases. There is no shame in asking questions or seeking support. Remember, you are here to enjoy yourself! Your enjoyment is what matters to us, as an operator. It is our mission, to get you there. After all, you are in the best live New Zealand casino online. Chin up!

We have to live up to our reputation. Once upon a time, the casino belonged to a certain elite class. But with the rise of online platforms, this is no longer the case. These days are definitely over! You do not have to dress up or drive for miles, just to get to your nearest gambling venue. You have the entire range of casino games, at the palm of your hands. This is how we managed to open up the casino to the wider public. Now, what really opened the “gates” was the introduction of live dealer casino games. How? They are special, almost in every respect.

For the first time, online users got to experience their charm. All thanks to direct, live broadcasts from top venues! Do you still hold your doubts? You can join millions of other players, who put their trust in the online casino. You will not regret it: you just need to put on that first bet. Remember, the live casino welcome bonus is waiting for you. If this is your first time on, you are eligible to receive a 100% extra – right on top of your first deposit. Hold on and we will get to explain the details. Buckle up, as this is just the beginning.

Our advice is actually fairly simple. Use the bonus to build up your confidence. It will come eventually: embrace trial and error. No one will judge you for your mistakes. You will see that the online gaming community is really open to newcomers. Do not let that distract you from the game!

I trawled through the internet for the best live casino games. Why should I settle for

There is one thing, which we focused on until now. This is the variety of online casino games, available through live broadcasts. But this is just the start. There are plenty of other reasons, which will keep you glued to What else have we prepared for you?

We like to boast about live casino games online. We have poured our heart and soul into some of the best releases, available on the market today. What live games are we referring to? For starters, we have a premium selection of live roulette. Thanks to our collaboration with Evolution Gaming, we now provide Auto, Immersive, Lightening, as well as Speed roulette on our platform. Are you up for a quick spin? This is a perfect way of starting your day on Test your luck and find out if you are “hungry” for more!

Of course, these are not the only options. You can also play your regular roulette, which you will see in every casino. What is more, BetSoft has recently launched an irresistible rendition of European roulette! When you play with Spinia, you simply know that you are in the best company. We have worked hard to ensure that you are able to access some of the latest releases in the industry. Are you in for the best online casino New Zealand live dealer games? We will now guide you through our top card games. Are you ready?

Spinia is the best live casino New Zealand has ever seen! You do not have to take our word for it: just listen to our critics. Read some of our customer reviews and you will know that we have never failed to deliver. Most of our live card releases come from Evolution Gaming: again, here you have a whole myriad of options. You will see the classics, starting from baccarat, blackjack, and poker. Have you ever heard of Squeeze baccarat? In some cases, Evolution Gaming has added new features to classic games. Why?

They like to spice things up! Are you into poker? You will see that they do not only offer classic poker, such as Texas holdem. They have reinvented the game: you might as well choose from one of the newer releases. There is also Caribbean stud poker or three-card poker, particularly if you are running short on time. If you came to for poker, you will not be disappointed. Have you tried BetSoft’s Joker poker? You will be astounded by bonuses, which pour in with every new card. This is the true spirit of real live casino online!

Then, there are games, which do not fit a particular category. Sometimes, it is difficult to pigeon-hole them into one particular genre. Some of them are well-known classics, such as cramps or dice. Others are entirely new: did you know that you can play live Monopoly on our online casino platform? We like to surprise our loyal users, every now and then!

How are online casino dealer games “different” from everything else on

We are glad that you have asked this question. You will just have to enter our online casino platform to find out: our live lobby is waiting for you! When we are talking about live games, we are referring to games, which are played out in real-time. They are happening through a live-stream connection, brought to you through one of our trusted partners.

This is where providers, such as Evolution Gaming or BetSoft come in. They are in charge of broadcasting live games, from top casino venues worldwide. Have you heard of Casino de Spa, for example? This is a historic venue, which opened in 1763, in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. It has literally seen the evolution of casino games, throughout the centuries. In its time, it has welcomed its share of powerful and wealthy: heads of states, kings, princes, and high nobility. What is its connection with the best live casino online?

Back in 2015, Evolution Gaming started to run a live studio on its premises. This allows players to experience Casino de Spa, without leaving their own homes. They can use their own internet connection to place their bets. It allows them to participate in real-time: why not join them now? You will be getting a premium experience, guaranteed. Watch the dealer, shake up that deck of cards. Tell the croupier, what you want to do next. Real live casino online is just a few clicks away. It is the closest thing you will get, to playing in a brick-and-mortar venue.

Casino live games online have never been so easily accessible. Plus, they never came with premium quality, which you can enjoy today. When you log in to, you will see that all releases come in HD: high-quality definition. Let’s put it this way: all these “pixels” or blurry images belong to the past. Experience the live casino for all the buzz and sounds, which will make your game more even realistic. These direct, live broadcasts rely on the latest state-of-the-art technology. One thing is certain: you will not regret, putting your bet in real-time.

Thanks to our active partnership, with different providers we earned our well-deserved title: “the best live dealer online casino New Zealand”. It comes across as a huge honor, for everyone involved. This includes not only our team, which put together, our award-winning online casino platform. But also extends to our online community: without you, dear players none of this would have been possible. When you choose Spinia, you go for an option, which has been approved by thousands, if not hundreds of users online.

Make no mistake: we are the top live dealer casino New Zealand has come across! We have all of the credentials to prove it. If you are still skeptical, set yourself an account. Give it a go, in order to make up your own mind. You are going to be blown away by the live casino options: we are a market leader, particularly when it comes to Australasia and Asia-Pacific.

What are the developer studios, which work with Is it really a top new live casino?

We have already spilled the beans on this one. You already know that most of our live releases are powered by Evolution Gaming. But they are not the only renowned provider, present on our platform. There is also Authentic Gaming, BetSoft Gaming, as well as Pragmatic Play Live. They mostly focus on either classic or virtual releases. But it is still worth going through them!

Especially, if this is your first time in our live New Zealand casino online. They all have something to add, in making our platform richer. We believe that by contracting different providers, we are able to give you a wider choice. All of these games are all slightly different in character: you will have to browse through them, to get past these subtle differences. If you are an old-school player, you will probably like BetSoft’s releases: they largely focus on classic casino games. But this is just one suggestion. Remember, you do not need to take it to heart.

Find something, which suits your likes or preferences! This is the beauty of giving you a wide range of options: you have the ultimate freedom to decide. Are you a roulette player? We have covered the game in some detail, in one of the earlier sections. Did you know that you can also play premium roulette games with Authentic Gaming or Pragmatic Play Live? Before we go any further, why did you come to our New Zealand livecasino online? We need to know your motivation, in joining our online casino platform.

Speed roulette is a great way of settling in, just before you decide to go for bigger stakes. Are you a veteran player, used to traditional games? There is a whole range of classic roulette games, available through Authentic Gaming, one of our trusted partners. Why not give them a chance? They will give an authentic casino experience, which you will not forget. In most cases, we are talking about exclusive options, which you will not come across anywhere else. This is the time for Spinia, one of the new live casinos New Zealand is craving for!

Excuse our lack of modesty, but we really are the best live casino New Zealand has been waiting for, for such a long time! We are glad that we can now present New Zealanders with our premium offer, which has been honed for the last few years. Evolution Gaming is still the top supplier of our live games, but you should also give others a try, especially if you are into classic releases. Perhaps a quick round of poker or a spin at the roulette table, anyone?

What are some of the top cash incentives if I choose to play live casino games on

How did we earn the title of “the best online live casino New Zealand”? Our range of releases definitely played a key part, in the final selection process. But in reality, there is so much more to running a premium live online casino. What has really set us apart, from all the fierce competition?

There are two vital elements to our success. A+ customer support is one of them. But this is not what we will focus on. At least right now, we will “park” it for later. The time has come for the real golden nugget: cash incentives, rewards, and prizes. First of all, did you make an account with You will need to be a registered and fully verified player, just before you can qualify for an exclusive live dealer casino bonus. Of any kind! This is why we urge you to register, prior to taking any steps on our online casino platform.

Let’s take things step-by-step, shall we? For starters, there is the welcome bonus: did you know that you can get an additional 100%, on top of your first deposit? And this is just the beginning. You will get another 50%, right when you transfer your money for the second time. Remember, you will have to respect the limits. The bonus is capped at a certain amount: we recommend you check the terms and conditions first. This where you will get the most up-to-date information, relating to rules on casino live games online.

Did you come here for New Zealand live dealer games? In this case, you might find it irrelevant: the welcome bonus package also comes with 50 free spins, applicable to selected slot machine games. Just a little gesture of goodwill, courtesy of Spinia! You do not have to feel obligated to spend it. But you never know: maybe it will give you some an extra buck, which you can then spend in the live casino? You should never underestimate our online releases. Over the years, they have turned some ordinary folks into real millionaires.

Our online casino platform is brimming with different cash incentives. When you scroll our homepage, you will see many challenges, tournaments, or races. Unfortunately, in most cases, they apply to exclusively slot games, not even live slots. You can still wager your luck for five-digit figures, but they rarely involve live casino games. Did you know that our jackpot pool is on course to $4,000,000? What promotions apply to live casino games then? Our VIP loyalty scheme, but more on that later. It deserves a whole section, on its own right.

What is the best live casino bonus, available on What do I qualify for?

Are you interested in the top New Zealand live casino promotions, available for players on Would you like to know more about various bonus options, found on our online casino platform? We already dropped a few hints, right in the section above. Indeed, many if not, most take the form of real money or cash incentives.

Think of them as additional funds and spend them on our live dealer casino games! Why are we saying this? Because some cash incentives might come with immediate withdrawal restrictions. It really depends on the promotions: which is why you should consult the terms and conditions, just before making any further moves. In any case, where can you find the full list, which will give you access to different bonuses? We have prepared a separate page, which is devoted just to this particular topic.

You see, at we like to be transparent. We believe that secrecy is not necessarily a good thing: in our mind, everyone should have the same or equal access to premium casino games. This makes us different from some of our competition: it is our way of putting the player and online community first. We do not think it is fair to penalize players for their real-life status or experience. At least, not in this day and age! You should be able to find the casino live games online promotions, in a nick of time. Just put what you are looking for, right in the search bar.

You might not believe it at first, but this is all that it takes. You will then see all of the options, which will come up right on your screen. They should take you to the right page or subsection of our website, Are you specifically interested in playing live online casino real money games? If that is the case, then look at the list of our bonuses. We have arranged them in different titles, explaining the bare basics of each and every promotion. Which one of them applies to the live casino?

A great deal of these bonuses is time-sensitive. This means that they are only valid for a given period or amount of time. You might have to hurry up, in order to make use of them! Some of them are applied automatically on your account: in many cases, you just have to meet certain conditions or select a particular game. Others will come with a particular bonus promo code: it is usually spelled out in big, bold capital letters. Watch out for those codes! You might be asked to write them down. What promotions can you use to play live casino for real money?

Look well into each promo: it will spell out its eligibility criteria. If not, it will take you to its set of terms and conditions. Remember, these might change! And another word of warning: you will see that most bonuses do not actually apply to live casino games, perhaps with the exception of the live slot machines. But that should not discourage you. You can still earn or gain VIP loyalty points and enjoy yourself in our award-winning online casino. This is the real big deal!

Is it possible to earn VIP points when I play online casino live games on

Are you interested in real live casino games, available on our premium platform? Be our guest: enjoy our vast catalog of live releases, which is growing with each and every single day. Did you know you automatically join our VIP loyalty scheme, when you sign up to If you enjoy live casino games, you can make a little extra on top! How? We present you the crown jewel of our award-winning casino platform: the VIP loyalty program.

We say a “little extra”: we actually mean five-digit figures or thousands of dollars! This is how much you can expect to get, by taking an active interest in our VIP scheme. Start collecting VIP points today, by wagering with real money. This is literally how you accrue your points: the more you play, the more points you will get, in return. In the last couple of years, we have gained a reputation for our generosity. In all honesty, we just want our players to have a good time, especially when they play real live casino games.

Do you know how you join our VIP loyalty program? You do not need to do anything special, aside from signing up. You will be enrolled in the program, right away. The process is fully automatic: if you are in doubt, just head to your user account. You barely need to lift a finger, in order to start claiming your reward. What should you do next? You will be awarded one point, for every $34 New Zealand dollars. You simply need to spend this money, playing on the platform. Place your bet and feel right at home with, one of the top live casinos!

This has been always our intention: to become the best live casino New Zealand has got to offer. With our top selection of live games and an awe-inspiring VIP loyalty program, we can really say that we have achieved our ultimate objective. We are proud of our offer: think of Spinia as an immersive experience, which will set you up right from the start. When you become part of our VIP loyalty scheme, you will start at the bottom. This is not meant as an insult to your abilities or skills: you will first begin as a “Rookie”. What comes next?

After you manage to get your first 50 VIP points, you will climb up the ladder. You will automatically become a “Beginner”, with a small cash prize to cheer you up. Play live casino online and spend more on the platform: there are many more levels, waiting ahead of you. Wager with real money to get these VIP points and become “Lodger”, “Gambler”, and “Master”. Discover amazing cash rewards, as you progress and claim each level. What is at the top? The “Elite” level, with a prize of roughly $90,000 New Zealand dollars.

The follow-up prizes are not bad either: you should look out for the “Gold VIP” and “Diamond VIP” level. Both will get you “sorted” right away, with rewards that amount to thousands of dollars. Are you excited to join our online casino platform?

Why should I trust What is there to show me that I am safe on the platform?

We understand why you might be concerned. After all, we are talking about live slots real money and other options, which require prepayment. We would like to make a confession: we would never play with your safety or well-being. This is something, which we would never put on the line. Especially for a quick buck or profit.

We are grateful to each and every player, who put their hard-earned dollar on Spinia. This is so much more than money. In fact, it is a question of trust. It is really moving to have the support of thousands of registered users worldwide. Your regular custom means a lot to everyone, here at Spinia. It is a living testimony that the New Zealand live casino online real money is more than just a dream. Now, it is a fully realized project, with its loyal fan base. On behalf of the team, we would like to thank each one of your continued support.

Despite operating in these turbulent times, we have managed to grow tenfold in the last few years. We started out in 2018, back when we were granted our first online casino license. Since then, we have succeeded in attracting players not only in New Zealand but on every continent: from Canada to Norway, from South Africa to Russia. Despite starting out in Malta, we have managed to expand our horizons and find markets outside Europe. We have “weathered” fierce competition and stringent legal requirements. Just for you to play live casino online!

We say it with a pinch of salt: it has been a pleasure, to give you all the chance to compete in a live casino. We would not think twice about doing it again! You see, the online casino has a certain allure or force of attraction. It is quite difficult to pinpoint what it is: once you will start playing, you will know exactly what we mean. The point is that we are a live casino provider, which is on the market out of a real passion for the game. It might sound earnest, but this is the hard truth. Now, is anyone interested in New Zealand live casino games real money?

This is what we want to focus on: giving you a safe environment to play live casino games. Nothing less, nothing more. We believe that safety and security are a part of the premium features, which should come with every online casino. Sadly, this is often not the case. This is why we would like to change things in the industry. When you play live casino for real money, you are betting with a fully licensed and regulated provider.

Did you know that Spinia is registered with the MGA: Malta Gambling Authority? You can always scroll down, right to the bottom of each page. There, you will see a footer. It contains all the details, regarding our license, including the full number. We have enclosed these credentials for everyone to see: feel safe, playing online with

What should I know about payment options on How do they apply to casino online live?

We just went on about why safety is paramount, to everyone working on We simply do not accept any half-baked solutions, which will put your well-being at risk. Especially online! Leaving you exposed to hackers might have grave consequences. This is why we invested in the latest security protocol, to keep all these threats at a distance. The good news is it also covers our payment methods. Are you looking for a New Zealand live casino online real money options? We can handle your transactions, in a safe and secure manner.

Let’s start by saying that we are an accredited merchant, recognized by all of the major card issuers: VISA, MasterCard, as well as Maestro. Most of the digital transactions today still go through the traditional banking system. In all honesty, the banks made a huge leap, in improving the accessibility of their payment options. At least, in the last five years. As with the best live casinos online, you can make a deposit using your credit card, on! Has it got a CVV number at the back? You should not have a problem, putting your real money bet.

But we equally recognize that you might want to look for an alternative: this is why we are now offering a range of e-wallet options. This is a handy way of dividing your money streams. Do you share your bank statements with anyone else? You are scared of revealing your gambling habits to your clerk or bank agent? You should not be worrying, especially when you are playing in a casino online live. When you bet with Spinia, we want you to have total tranquility and peace of mind. Have you ever heard of or come across Neteller or Skrill?

They are some of the most popular options, especially when it comes to e-wallets today. Make a virtual account, directly on their website. Start by transferring your money. In most cases, there are no fees related to these third-party transactions. If you are ever in doubt, you can always double-check by looking into the terms and conditions. Regardless of wherever you are planning to play real live casino slots or any of the card games, we have mentioned e-wallets are a great alternative for online gamblers!

Especially if you are after enhanced privacy or confidentiality. In terms of safety and security, e-wallets follow the same water-tight protocol as credit cards. This means that they are in no way less secure than credit card transactions. It is just as if you were paying with your bank-issued VISA or MasterCard. Take our word for it: these options are here, to make your life easier. Why not take advantage of them?

What are the terms and conditions, linked to the new live casino online, available on

You remember that we are a fully recognized operator, overseen by the Malta Gambling Authority. As a registered and licensed online casino, Spinia has to abide by certain regulations. This is where our terms and conditions come in. We are legally obligated to meet some standards, which are imposed by the industry, our national legislation and European Union guidelines, which affect online gambling activities.

One thing is certain: giving you access to live casino slot games or other top releases is a priority. But this has to happen within a framework, which is largely outside our control. This is why we have to play by the rules. We do not make them up ourselves. We can try to interpret them in one way or another. In some cases, we can adjust and give you a range of options, which will address any immediate problems. But sometimes these limitations are in place, for a number of very good reasons. Do we need to give you any examples?

Take under-aged gambling, for instance. We are committed to cutting down on any illegal activities, no matter where or when they take place. To put it bluntly: we see that they are detrimental to our community. This is why we have adopted a zero-tolerance policy on any activities, which might be initiated by a minor. If you are under 18, you will be instantly banned from our platform. You see, age verification is an integral part of our new live casino registration. We want to prevent these incidents from happening, right in the first place.

If we have any suspicions, we reserve the right to suspend your account. Any winnings might be confiscated, under further notice. You see, we take any fraudulent actions extremely seriously. We want to make our platform a safe place for everyone. Usually signing up takes between 5-10 minutes. But if we have doubts about your identity, you might have to upload an additional document, confirming your legal status. But this should not put you off our new live casino! Make no mistake: these measures are simply to protect your well-being online.

There is also a “side note”, which applies specifically to our new live casino online. When you log on to our platform, you should switch to our New Zealand site. We will explain how to do it, further down below. But you should know that some of our live releases are subject to a special copyright regime. In exceptional cases, some live broadcasts might be limited in your country. is the best New Zealand live casino right now. How do I switch to my local site?

Your IP address is usually picked up by your browser. But what if it is not? You might come to through our global site. It is always a good idea to switch to your local site, whatever your intentions. Why? This will mean that you will see the most up-to-date offers, which include New Zealand live casino promotions. As you already know, our operations stretch far and wide. We have different local sites, which are all in English: they include our Canada and New Zealand versions, for example.

Switching to your local site is not difficult. You can do it yourself, in less than half a second. Just find the roll down-roll up menu, which is located in the top left corner. Just click on it: you will see a whole range of options, which will appear on your screen. Now, if you have to follow the menu right to the bottom. You will see a flag, together with “TERMS AND CONDITIONS”, marked in heavy, bold lettering. If you are looking for New Zealand liver dealer games, you should select the New Zealand flag! Does it sound easy enough?

Changing the settings is not rocket science! We have put all of the efforts into improving our layout and design of In case you are lost, you can always contact our friendly customer support team. Do you know how to get in touch with a live representative? You should see if the chat option comes up in your user account area. If not, you can always fill in the details in the contact form. Someone will be with you right away, just to guide you to the live casino slots online or any other game, New Zealand is going crazy for!

At this point, we should also mention that we are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All of our customer support representatives are at your disposal, around the clock! This is another hallmark and a clear sign that we really care, as an online casino provider. Find the options, which apply to New Zealand now. If you are facing any technical problems, we will be more than happy to help. We will not send you away, without having solved your trouble. Put it simply, this is why people call Spinia the best New Zealand live casino!

Are you not a resident in New Zealand or have come here by mistake? You can always switch to your local or global site, just by following the same instructions. If you click on the UK flag or “Union Jack”, you will be automatically diverted to Spinia's global operations. Did you find what you are looking for? You are welcome!

Where can I find online live casino games on How do I “navigate” the website?

We already said that we will never try to catch you out.

If anything, we will do everything to improve your user experience. We tried to keep all of the options as easy to navigate as possible. We have tested them out, in all of the countries where we operate, as an online casino. In short, our website is tried and tested: moving around is not difficult at all! Just give it a go and you get the hang of it, right away. Play live casino for real money, with minimal obstacles. We put all of the effort to keep to these words, hiring the best developers in the IT industry.

Are you looking for a particular live casino game? You can type in the name in the search bar, which appears half-way through the page. You can go by the actual name, brand, or category, such as “live slots”. Press enter: you will surely see a number of different options. Did you manage to get what you are after? If not there, there is also a way of filtering your results. Just click on the funnel, located towards the right-hand side. You will be able to preselect different providers or developer studios. Alternatively, you can click on one of the symbols.

What are they? You will see all of the famous live releases, lined up for you. Blackjack is represented by a hand of cards, with the hearts facing up. Roulette is a spinning wheel, whereas baccarat is a deck of cards. Poker is a casino chip, facing up. All the “other” games are symbolized by a bust or person icon. You should see them all, in a single file: they are located right by the search bar. They are some of the best online casino live games, we have to offer at Click on any of these icons to see each individual selection.

We hope that these tips are useful. Remember, you can always tell apart our new or popular releases by different markings. What are we referring to? Look out for any bright dots, placed on the right-hand side of each game. They are color-coded. Any new releases are marked in turquoise or mint-green. On the other hand, our popular games have an orange label, which spells out “HOT” in capital letters. Are you still looking for live dealer casino games? Thanks to this advice, you will find them in no time.

To sum up, you can easily search through our vast catalog: use different tools, in order to filter or narrow down the results. If this is taking you nowhere, you can always click on one of the hyperlinked symbols. Last but not least, you can use our color-coding to find the most successful live casino games on our platform. Get to know these “tricks”!

Do you have any last words of advice? What should I know before I place my first bet on

Are you looking for online casino live games? There are many options, available online. We cannot blame you: it is easy to get lost, among all the competition. Many hope to become the best live New Zealand casino online. Sadly, few actually live up to the expectations. Not because of their online releases or games, they all offer. Most fail to address the basic needs, which come from the community. When you opt to play with Spinia, you get the whole package: a great selection of games, generous cash incentives and premium customer support.

What else do you need from a new live casino online? We urge you to take the next step now: why not put a spin on our live roulette? Try our poker: have you always dreamed of playing Texas holdem in a real-life casino venue? Now, it is your chance. This is your moment. Remember, online gambling is premium social entertainment. This is why live games have taken the internet by storm. This is your opportunity to shine, in front of others. It is not just about big wins: it is about an interactive experience, which you will not forget.

We are a global online casino provider, which attracts players from all over the world. We are glad to be present in New Zealand: we really tailored our live offer to the local market. No wonder we have already won the title of the “best New Zealand live casino”. New Zealanders were quick to notice the potential in our live casino options. Join thousands of registered users and our trusted partners: Authentic Gaming, BetSoft Gaming, Evolution Gaming, and Pragmatic Play Live. You will not regret it! Take our word for it.

To rehash some of the earlier information: there is an additional 100%, which will be applied on top of your first deposit. Why not use that extra money to discover everything that Spinia’s live online casino has got to offer? Start earning those VIP points and see how far you can go. Are you ready to accept the challenge? We have really brought in a new quality into the market. Did you know: our mobile live casino is on par with what you get on your desktop! No matter how wide your screen is. Why settle for anything less than “premium”?


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